General John McCausland Home

Because of the abundance of wild grapes in the area John McCausland named his home Grape Hill. Constructed of native sandstone quarried at the farm, the 19 room house was built by a local black laborer named Jesse Lewis. Stone boats, made of hickory or oak and fitted with heavy wide runners, were used to run the blocks of sandstone off the hill to the construction site. Tongs were used to lift the blocks during the erecting of the house. The basement and the two floors have the same floor plan and the walls are continuous. The front porch was built above the height of the 1884 flood. There is an elevator, operated by pulleys and rope, from the basement to the second floor. Originally the cupola on the rooftop had big windows which opened on the inside. The windows were let down after dark for ventilation.

Located on US 35 between Point Pleasant and Charleston this house was added to the National Register of Historic Homes, June 16, 1980. The General John McCauland Farm with boundary increase and additional information added July 5, 2000. This is one of four houses located on US 35 in Mason County that have the distinction of being listed on that registery. The others are Eastham House, Elm Grove and Couch-Artrip House.


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General "Tiger" John McCausland by Steven R Teeft