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Jeff Crouse Tue Dec 31 17:01:11 1996
I am researching several families from the Mason Co. area. The primary names are: Crouse, Soulsby and Gilpin. I am also a descendent of Anne Bailey but I doubt any new information has been found concerning her family. In 1850, there was a Crouse family (spelled Krouse) in Mason county. By 1860 they had moved to Gallia Co. and many were not found on any census in the years following. I visited the library and found some info. But have never found any death, marriage, or birth dates or even cemetaries where any of these persons were buried. If you can help or know someone who can, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your help.

Sandy McSpadden Mon Dec 30 06:57:42 1996
I would like to know the parents of Rachel WOODRUFF, b/1800 in NJ. She married Jacob STARCHER in Mason Co.,WV. There is a David WOODRUFF who was in a Jackson Co. census, and would be the age to be her brother. Very little WOODRUFF info can be found in either Mason, Jackson or Roane Cos.

Cynthia Kuszmaul Wed Dec 25 21:17:59 1996
Looking for parents of John YEAGER. Born in Mason Co. Aug 8, 1828. Member of the Baptist Church at Racine, Meigs Co. Ohio. On Aprl 4 1850 he married Susanna SAYER. They had two children, Serena and Samuel. In 1855 they moved to Clark Co. Missouri. Served in the Civil War from Aug. 29, 1863 to Feb. 3, 1966.

Pat Adkins Tue Dec 17 11:20:04 1996
I am looking for information about the early RUSSELLS of Kanawha Co. JANE RUSSELL appears on the 1810 and 1820 Census of Kanawha Co. as head of the household. Who were her children and who was her husband? Is she in someway related by marriage to PEYTON RUSSELL? On the 1830 Census of Kanawha there is a ELIZABETH RUSSELL who is head of the household who was her husband and who were her children? My g g g grandfather was SAMUEL RUSSELL who was born @1820 and died 1883. He was married at least 2 times SERENA TURLEY 1848 and NANCY BROWDWN COBB in 1864. There is an ESTATE settlement in Kanawha Co. in 1848 for a SAMUEL RUSSELL was this the father of the SAMUEL RUSSELL who died in 1883. Also SAMUEL RUSSELL in 1870/80 is listed as a MD. Can someone please help me with this family? I believe the TURLEYS FINLEYS intermarry into the RUSSELLS but how? Thank you.

Tom Foreman Mon Dec 16 11:47:29 1996
Imilda Jane Gamble: married James Benjamin Kerr 1859 in Hancock Co WV. Later lived in Mason Co and then died in Cincinnait OH. Looking for any information including parents of Imilda Jane Gamble.

Mike Prows Sun Dec 15 23:45:15 1996
I am looking for the final resting place of Thomas Prowse, or Prows. He was b. 3 Oct. 1759 @ Portsmouth, N.H. and fought for the 3rd N.H. Regt. in the Revolutionary War. He married Anna (Lowell) Torry in Newburyport, Mass. 15 March 1778. Does anyone have info on the family of Anna nee Lowell or the final resting place of Thomas Prows, it is reported to be an "area cemetery" in Mason Co.

Kenneth Patterson Thu Dec 12 14:58:14 1996
Looking for info. on Obediah Baxter Patterson 1876 Mason Co. Also Hannah Kathayn Gillespie 1893 Mason, Co.

Tom Foreman Thu Dec 12 11:46:35 1996
I'm looking for information on Hugh and Nancy (Williams) Daigh who liven in Mason Co abt 1836-1854.

Mary Campbell Tue Dec 10 10:46:01 1996
Looking for someone that might know some of these people.They were from Mason W.V. George Fadely m. Elizabeth "Bette" Robinson, second wife Rosetta B. Tucker 11-12-1891. Isaac Fadely m. Elizabeth "Betsy" Slack. Joshua Fadely m. Minerva Daigh 1-24-1856, Jessie Anna Fadely m. John King 9-13-1885 Franklin Warren Fadely m.Della McNealey Francis "Van" Fadely m.Ann Cornelius 4-29-1898, second wife Gladys Oldacre. Rebecca Mae Fadely m. John Potts Robert E.Lee Fadely m. Sarah Jane Call Ethel Fadely m. Will Nelson Moore Lydia Fadely m. James "Jim"Ellis 10-17-1861 Jacob Fadely m. Elizabeth Jane Pearson 7-23-1866 Elijah "Eli" Fadely m. Delana Tucker These are some of the names I have for the Fadely family. There are different spellings for this name.There are also alot of surnames that go with this family. These people are the relatives of John Fadely and Rebecca Frances Foltz m 5-4-1826 in Shenandoah co. Mason County was created from part of Kanawha ,Virginia. 1-2-1804. Which is now know as Mason W.V. Can anyone help!

Mary Campbell Thu Dec 5 18:54:48 1996
My great grandfather Franklin Warren Fadeley father was Moses Fultz Fadeley born in Shenandoah co.,VA, BORN---12-16-1836. Married Emily Day in Mason County, VA, By Rev. W. George 12-22-1859. Emily is the daughter of Benjamin and Mary Anne Mayse Day, born in Mason co., VA., 7-21-1841. Looking for others that may know about this family. The family then show up in Mason WV after West Virgina became a state. Are buried in a family cementary in Mason West Virgina. I do have the family book on the Fadeley family.

Mary Campbell Thu Dec 5 18:49:49 1996
My great grandfather Franklin Warren Fadeley father was Moses Fultz Fadeley born in Shenandoah co.,VA, BORN---12-16-1836. Married Emily Day in Mason County, VA, By Rev. W. George 12-22-1859. Emily is the daughter of Benjamin and Mary Anne Mayse Day, born in Mason co., VA., 7-21-1841. Looking for others that may know about this family.

Mary Campbell Thu Dec 5 18:15:17 1996
My grandfather Edgar Jennings Oliver married Goldie M. Fadeley in 1925 in Mason co. WVa. Goldies' parents Franklin Warren Fadeley and Della McNealy were living there and are buried here. Looking for others that might know about this family. Others have told me that the Fadeley's had a homestead there in Mason co. WVa. A letter dated 1930 said that Fadeley family was wealthly and that the old homestead was 85 years old. I am trying to find others that might know about this family.

Robert T. Jordan Sat Nov 23 07:29:15 1996
I'm searching for information on GIDEON AUMILLER (b. 3-28-1818, m. 4-10-1834 to NANCY OLIVER). Their children: Catherine Aumiller, Hannah, Amanda, Fanny, Sarah, James, Martha, and William (b. 4-13-1835, m. Sarah Gray). This family lived in the Powell's Fort area of Mason County. Gideon's father was probably the son of JOHN or GEORGE AUMILLER, both had moved to the area in the 1790's. I have not been able to link them together with Gideon. If someone in the area has some records that might tie in I would really appreciate the help.

Suzie Crump Mon Nov 18 11:01:22 1996
I'm looking for information for anyone who has informtion about Beech Hill Methodist Church. My fahter's family was founding members of this church. I would also like to get in touch with anyone in Mason County who would have access to records of the old Pine Grove Methodist Church. Also, anyone who might be able to get the grave markings from either of these church's cemeteries. I know that Pine Grove Church was torn down a long time ago, but the cemetery is still there. I am researching the Crump and Downs famlies that would have been associated with these two churches. Thanks for any help you can give. Suzie Crump

Terry Davis Sat Nov 16 22:12:52 1996
Trying to verify Mason County as the location for the James Henry Quillen family from about 1880-1895. James married Margaret (Maggie) Biggins abt 1880 in W.VA?. The Quillen family lived in Meigs Co, OH but James moved away for a while. His wife Maggie died in 1889 and James remarried Vienna Webster abt 1890. Any info would be appreciated. Also, does Mason County have an 1890 or so census?

Mary Campbell Sat Nov 16 21:15:06 1996
My family live in Mason WV. My grandfather was Edgar Jennings Oliver married Goldie m. Fadeley on 1925. My surname are Roach, Fadeley,Faulkner. There may be more but I do not know them at this time. Also the OLIVERS I KNOW ARE EDGAR, JAMES SHERMAN, HENDERSON ,CHARLES. WOULD LIKE TO SEE IF OTHERS COULD KNOW WHO THESE MEN MENTION BROTHERS AND SISTERS WERE. PLEASE HELP!!!!

Laura McKenzie Tue Nov 12 17:25:46 1996
In Mason Co I'm looking for information on Augusta HARTFORD (b.ca1860) and married to Franklin SMITH (a Cherkee man.) Their children include Lena, Jesse, Margaret, Henrietta Louise, Chancy, Crosby, Carrie, and Matt. Henrietta Louse married Charles M Sines (born in Mason Co ) Also looking for information on SINES, SAYER,and SKILES. Charles Sines was s/o Alfred Rigor SINES and Margeret Ellen SKILES. Alfred may be the son of Henry Jackson Sines and wife Sarah Sayer. Alfred and Margaret were married in 1879. I would love to know more about the SKILES family was well as the HARTFORD family. I'm glad to share to what I have. Please e-mail me at OR laura.mckenzie@the-

Will Spaulding Tue Nov 12 22:48:34 1996
I'm beginning to research the family name in the Putnam and Kanawha County areas. Please forward any available information to me at your earliest convenience.

linda Mon Nov 11 23:03:38 1996

Looking for the father or Emanuel Roberts Charles all i know is that he came from Maryland.

Sandra Hill Michout Mon Nov 11 20:39:33 1996
I am looking for info on Jesse HILL born April 2, 1781 in North Carolina. He died in Beech Hill, Mason County, (West) Virginia on September 13,1859. I would like to find out his parents names and/or if he had any brothers or sisters. He shows up in Mason County on the 1810 census. He was married to Margaret NEWMAN or NEWELL. She shows up on records with differenct last names. Margaret was born June 15, 1787 in Virginia. They had eight children. Sarah (Sallie) b. 1808, Jonathan b. 1810, James b. 1812, Jarret b. 1815, Edmund b. 1818, Jesse b. 1820, George Washington b. 1823, and Rankin M. b. 1829. I have more info on the children I can share.

Sharon Rickerson Tue Oct 29 10:07:26 1996
I am looking for any information on a Gabriel GRAHAM, whose wife was Mary BICKLE GRAHAM, of Meigs Co., OH. Gabriel and Mary lived in Meigs Co at least through 1840 and after that they seem to have gone to Mason Co.,WV. Mary is buried in Mason Co. but can not find any information on Gabriel. Anyone with any Graham connections that might be able to help? Thanks. Sharon Bickle Rickerson

Ralph Hayes Sat Oct 19 12:55:49 1996
Seek info on the CLONCH and DOSS families of Mason County. Dennis CLONCH and Nancy BEASLEY moved from Kanawha Co., (W) VA to Mason Co., in the early 1800s. Dennis died there before 1820 and Nancy died between 1850 and 1860. Children: William m. Anna HILL and m(2) Mary DOSS, Elizabeth m. Meridath PARSONS, Sarah m. William WILLIAMS, John m. Elizabeth DOSS, Elizabeth m. William DOSS and two other sons. The Mary DOSS who married William CLONCH was the daughter of Lavina DOSS. Several of her children also moved to Mason County. Would like to exchange info. E-mail to or snail mail to Ralph Hayes, 413 Reclining Acres, Corrales, NM 87048.

Ron Duncan Wed Oct 16 08:11:11 1996
I have my genealogy back to Peter Duncan born c1822. His wife is Elizabeth J born c1825. Children include James G? (c1851), Mary S(c1863), and Matilda J (c1867).

Debby G. Fri Oct 4 04:07:19 1996
I am looking for information on the following people :? GASKIN(s)Full-blooded Shawnee woman(GreatGrandmother of John Columbus Oliver) Charles OLIVER (b.1823 VA) m. Mary ? ( 8 children )
1. John Columbus OLIVER (b.1848 VA) m. Barbara CHEESEBREW (11 Children)

2. George W. OLIVER (b.1850 VA) 3. Hannah M. OLIVER (b.1854 VA) 4. Lewis D. OLIVER (b.1857 VA) 5. Charles OLIVER (b.1860 VA) 6. James E. OLIVER (b.1864 WV) 7. Salzer S. OLIVER (b.1866 WV) 8. Mary E. OLIVER (b.1868 WV)

Also looking for :Charles Hick BENNETT (c.1859 VA) m. Ellen SPENCER They had 8 children : Edward, Charles, Albert, John, Chad, Leoda, Mary, William. All of these people from Point Pleasant or Clifton, MASON CO., VA/WV. Some family migrated to Ohio. Thanks for any information !

VALORY RIEL Mon Sep 16 13:11:15 1996
Any information on family of Matthew Clayton Russell. Born in Mason County and moved to Iowa and then return to Wood County. lived near Rockport +6!

Anthony BLANKENSHIP Sun Sep 15 17:29:06 1996
Searching BLANKENSHIP FAMILY wv., ky., va., with related names of MCCOY, WOLFORD, DAUGHERTY, BAKER, HURLEY, LOCKHART.

Jack Stewart Mon Sep 9 21:11:05 1996
Stewart families. One family originated in Bath/Augusta Co, Va., came to Mason in form of Wm Stewart (1802-1890), Col Va militia. The other came from PA in form of Wm Stewart, also born 1802, sp. Mary Parson. Seeking info on Mary's parents, Adam Parson who married Susanna Greyhouse (Greathouse) in 1804. Related names are Rev Isaac Smith (1809-1827).

Greg Bailey Sun Sep 8 09:26:48 1996
I am looking for information on the marriage and death of Cornelius 'Neal' McGucken (b. 1820 Ireland, m. Ann B. Ryan b 1833 Ireland). I believe that both Neal and Ann were members of St. Joseph's Parish in Mason during the 1850s.

Lee Harden Waters Sun Sep 12 1:15:04 1996
looking for parents of Richard Tillis born jan. 16, 1809. Died Oct. 2, 1891. Married to Elizabeth Van Bibber sept. 12 1829. Both buried in the Tillis family plot at Arbuckle West Virginia. Can provide descendant info but unable to to go further back than this. Thank You

Lee Harden Tillis Waters Sun Aug 18 17:17:14 1996
am looking for parents of Richard Tillis and Elizabeth Greenlee VanBibber. Richard and Elizabeth are buried in the Tillis Cemetary at Arbuckle West Virginia. Richard (1809-1891). Can give info on descendants of Richard. Fairly complete. Lee H Tillis Waters

YVONNE W. GRAY Sat Aug 17 18:19:22 1996
I am searching for info on lost relatives by the GRAY surname. At one time, possibly the early 1920's, the lived in Point Pleasant. JAMES ANDREW GRAY and wife BONNIE (COPELAND) GRAY had a son JERRY WILLIAM GRAY b. 8/4/1921 in POINT PLEASANT. Have not been able to trace pass this point. Does anyone know of other decendants to JAMES BONNIE GRAY? Where are they?

Carolyn Gilpin Carver Sat Aug 10 11:09:45 1996
Michael Karnes had land in Mason Co in 1788 which is said to have been next to George Washington's property on the Kanawha River. Was this property originally part of Montgomery Co? Did the Karns ever live in Mason Co? Would like to correspond re this property and/or Karns and/or Gilpin surnames. George Washington's family was related to and friends with some Gilpins in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Did any Gilpins (Gilpen, etc) ever own property in Mason Co or surrounding area? Did the Gilpins ever live here? The Karns family and Gilpins are related. Did they have Mason Co info such as marriages, births, ect? John Gilpin and Mary F. Karns married about 1852/53, location unknown.

Lee Harden Tillis Waters SatAug 10 20:58:23 1996
Tillis, Richard 1809-1891 and wife Elizabeth Greenlee Van Bibber 1802-1883. Am looking for parents of Richard. Have extensive records of the descendants of Richard. Willing to share. Richard and Elizabeth are buried in the Tillis family plot at Arbuckle WV. Lee H. Waters

Anna HerbertsonSun Jul 28 16:43:50 1996
Rebecka GANDEE m. 12 Mar 1814, Gallia Co., OH, John HANDSHAW. Rebecka is believed to be the daughter of Uriah GANDY/GANDEE, Sr. There are several HENSHAW/HANSHAW marriages for Mason Co., including possible children: Frederick HANSHAW, m. 1830, Catherine Halland William HANSHAW, m. 1845, Mary McCOY. Did Rebecka and John make their home in Mason Co., and are William and Frederick their children? Any information on this family will be greatly appreciated.---Anna Herbertson

Sandy Griffith Sun Jul 28 16:49:03 1996
I have quite a bit of info on the following families in Mason co and am willing to share, Parris MEADOWS born Greenbrier 1831 died Mason 1901 m Sina WOODRUM from Monroe. Charles EDWARDS born in Ohio 1825 died in Mason 1882, m Sarah HOOPER also from Washington, Ohio. Albert KNAPP born Greenbrier 1824 died in Mason?? his wife Mary Ann Welch, their sons James KNAPP and Thomas KNAPP were in Mason by 1850, Thomas m Sarah Jane LAMBERT in Mason, other names are Rice, Riffle, Thomas, Yauger, Greenlee, Crookman, Mattox, Hoschar, Rollins - Sandy in Florida

Ralph Hayes Thu Jul 25 19:04:201996
Seek info on the LEMASTER family of Mason County, (W)VA. Richard LEMASTER was b. in 1810 in VA, m. Barbara NEWELL on 31 Dec 1840 in Mason County, and d. on 31 Aug 1881 in Mason County. Their children included: Lucretia m. Benjamin RHODES; Elizabeth m. Wm. WOODS; Rebecca m. Alexander CLONCH; Nancy Ann m. Austin NEVILLE; Mary Ellen m. Alexander CLONCH as well as his brother John William CLONCH; Druzilla m. Sauel RHODES; Barbara Alice;and another child. Ralph Hayes, 413 Reclining Acres, Corrales, NM 87048

Ralph Hayes Thu Jul 25 19:06:14 1996
Seek info on the NEWELL family of Mason County, (W)VA. John NEWELL was b. c1788/89 in VA, m. Elizabeth _____ and died 1855-1860, probably in Mason Co., (W) VA. Children included Margaret m.Benjamin LONGANACKER, Drisilla m. Jno. MONROE, Barbara m. Richard LEMASTER, another dau, Willis S. m. Nancy HIGGENBOTHAM, Elijah Franklin m. Sarah MORRISON, and another son. John was a farmer. Ralph Hayes, 413 Reclining ACRES, Corrales, NM 87048 or e-mail

Sandra Griffith Tue Jul 23 21:59:54 1996
Any information on Abraham KNAPP bc1801 in G'brier Co. He married Jeanette B. Taylor 1821 in Monroe, but children born in G'brier are Albert, Caleb and James. Al and Jms. Moved to Mason about 1850. Must be more children... thanks, Sandy in Fla

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