Mason County Obits 1923

Crump, John Henderson
Unknown Obituary Book
Mason County Library, Point Pleasant, West Virginia
Page 119

It matters not, what may be one's view of death when it come we all stand uncovered and with bated breath in its presence. There are sobs of sorrow and subdued tones of grief in every life. There is the vacant place and the broken home but it is a comforting thought to know that death is the gateway of immortality.
The Grim Reaper has taken another one of our friends over the Stygian river and our hearts are sad because another loved one is gone from our midst.
John Henderson Crump, the son of John and Ellen Crump, was born January 2, 1862, in this county; departed this life November 7, 1923; aged 61 years, 10 months, and 5 days. On the 11th day of November 1885 he was united in marriage to Sarah Elizabeth Crump and to this union were born, two sons and one daughter. His youngest son and his wife preceded him in death. His son Walter died February 1, 1920 and his wife May 23, 1923. After being separated from his wife about five months and a half they were reunited in the glory world to live together forever. He leaves a daughter Mrs Minnie Slayton, of Bucyrus, Ohio, one son, Harry Crump living on Five Mile, four sisters, Mrs Sallie Plants, Mrs Laura Hall of Henderson, W.Va., Mrs Emma Gardner and Mrs Lizzie Gardner of Medina, Ohio. He also leaves a large number of other relatives in this county.
About 35 years ago he joined the Concord church and ever since uniting with the church has lived a Christian life. One of the chief and strong characteristics of his life was his profound faith in Christ. He loved to talk about religion and many have been helped by his christian admonition and wise counsel. He lived religion in his daily life. His devotion to the Man of Galilee will always be a beautiful memory of those who knew him. Death held no terrors for him and often during his illness he said he was not afraid to die. He rather desired to die... and ones who were waiting on the other shore. Only a short time before he died he said that he had always held up the name of Christ and that he still trusted Him. Often during his illness he was heard praying and though he suffered intensely it did no keep his mind from the Faith that had sustained him all his life.
As it is known he was a regular attendant at all the services at Concord. The weather never got to bad for him to go to Sunday School or other church services.
By his interest in religions, political and social activities he was well known all over the county and had a host of friends everywhere.
He was not perfect, no man is, but he was true to his convictions and always held up for whatever he believed to be right.
He will be missed on Five Mile and the surrounding neighborhoods. For years he had been a familiar figure at every gathering and laugh happy disposition and words of good cheer to everyone is well known. We can safely and truthfully say that the world is better because he lived in it. Out lives have been benefited by being associated with him. Our purposes will be purer and our spirits more sensitive to the abiding values of life because we knew him.
About four years ago he joined the Junior Order American Mechanics at Oakland Council No. 8 and has been a loyal supporter of the noble principles of this illustrious order which teaches as one of its cardinal beliefs the doctrine of the Immortality of the soul and life after death.
He was a good neighbor and friend to every one. He was everready to do a kindness or lend a helping hand to those in need. He will be missed in the community, in the Sunday School, in the Church and the lodge and by all who knew him.
His life just lived, live on,
In memories fresh and new;
To stimulate our moral brains,
For the good that we may do.
The funeral services were held at Concord Church Sunday morning ...paid a beautiful tribute to the long christian life and the service the deceased had been in the church.
The he was held in high esteem by the people of this and the surrounding neighborhoods was demonstrated by the large crowd that attended the funeral services. It is said that it was the largest crowd that ever attended a funeral at Concord.
Members of Oakland Council Jr. OUAM had charge of the burial service. The beautiful burial rites of that order were used and the service was very impressive.
The pallbearers were chosen, three from the lodge and three from the Concord church. Those for the lodge were: Fred Crump, Emmet Grady and N C Lewis. Those for the church were: W B Stanley, Hugh Barr and Harry Childers.
The remains were laid to rest

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