Mason County Obits 1924

Obit Book
Mason County Library, Point Pleasant, WV
Page 119

Mrs Emily Hoffman, subject of this sketch, was a native of Jackson County, W. Va. Born Oct 19, 1843, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs Andrew Miller, near Hartford City, Mason County, W. Va., Feb 20, 1924, at the age of 80 years. When 19 years of age, June 30, 1862, she united in marriage with Calvin Hoffman. Soon after marriage Mr and Mrs Hoffman moved to Graham District, Mason County, W.Va., where there were born to them three children, one son and two daughters: Namely, Mrs Taylor Bumgarner, Mrs Andrew Miller and Charles Hoffman, all of whom are well and favorably known to the people of Hartford and adjacent surroundings; and where they continued to reside, sharing the comforts and privations of life together, until some 27 years ago when Mr Hoffman died leaving her to battle alone, but not without hope. In her personal life she had sought and found that perfect love, which it pleased God to give in answer a believer's conse…Brethren Church for years …in God, true to her many friends; a kind and affectionate mother, a noble woman in every walk of life. Looking back through the more than half century of toil, imagination calls up many scenes that must have transpired; many battles which we actually know were fought, and real victories which we know were won, until the life of the deceased becomes fairly subiling. We are made to think of the many lives that have …the transforming touch of her life; of the many disparing ones her gentle voice now hushed in death, has called back to purity and home and heaven. We think of her as the wife of a Youngman, full of hope, unacquaite with grief, happy and contended with her lot. We think of her as a young mother, rocking the cradle, doing the work of the home, standing by her husband in every conflict, calm, patient, loving trustful, heroic. Then again, those who have known her in her graceful, cheerful, beautiful old age, can well imagine the inimitable delacy and tenderness with which she pressed the cup of divine consolation to lips quivering with anguish and after she herself had been called upon to mourn the loss of a companion, she received the last supreme question to be a consoler to strickened wives and mothers. "A good woman has gone from among us, to mingle with us no more", but her high spiritual attainment; her lofty moral integrity will continue a guiding star to all who knew her.
The berieved family have the sympathy of a wide circle of friends and the strength of the grace of God which was all through life the mother's comfort, the memory of which will always be a precious possession, and an inspiration toward securing that crown which fadeth not away. She lived well therefore died well, leaving to her family and to…

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