Gary #10

Our family lived at Gary #10 from 1946 until 1962. My dad, Clayton Hawks, worked at the power plant until it closed down. After that, he worked at the coal cleaning plant at Gary. My mother, Margie, lived in a leased house up Adkins hollow until she married my dad. Her maiden name was Margie Furrow. I have one sister, Dana, and two brothers, Jerry and Jimmy.

My dad took a lot of photos when we were children. Most of the photos were taken at our house or at church. Church was important in our family. My grandfather, Rev. Lewis Furrow, started the Pentecostal Holiness church at #10. Formerly, that building was a school. There are many old photos available of that building when it was a school. My dad was always the first person at the church on Sunday morning and I remember that he would ring the old school bell just before church began. The church is still there and that bell is still there.

I hope these photos will give you wonderful memories of Gary, West Virginia.

Eddie Hawks, Lakeland, FL.

#10 Pentecostal Holiness Church

#10 - our street
(about 1949)

#10 church around 1952
(judging by the automobiles
this was probably more like 1950)

#10 Sunday School with
old ball park behind (1951)

#10 after church on Easter

Jerry & Jimmy Hawks at #10
(about 1959)

kids at #10 - I am the shirtless one

#10 church
(about 1960)


Winter on our street

Eddie (E.C.) Hawks at old GHS

Main Gary
(about 1948)

Power Plant in operation
(about 1950)

abandoned power plant
(not sure - possibly early 1990's)

Power House Row
(not sure - possibly early 1990's)

GHS band
(about 1950)

Gary gas station
(about 1950)

Clayton Hawks in front of our house

GHS class of 1941

My dad

Our House

view of the old ball park from our house
(about 1955)

Gary grade school football team

Our old house in 1999

E.C. Hawks and wife

My dad, sister, and me
notice house that burned down in the background.
Several members of the Bratton family perished.

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