Names Of Early Coal Operations - McDowell County - 1950

Remember the names of some of the early coal companies operating in this area? Here are some of them:

Elkhorn Coal and Coke Company of Maybeury; Norfolk Coal and Coke Co. of Maybeury; Shamoking Coal and Coke, Maybeury; Lick Branch Coal & Coke, Maybeury; Turkey Gap Coal & Coke, Ennis; Crozer Coal & Coke, Crozer; Houston Coal & Coke, Elkhorn; Upland Coal & Coke, Elkhorn; Powhatan Coal & Coke, Powhatan; Lynchburg Coal & Coke, Kyle; Elkridge Coal & Coke Kyle; Algoma Coal & Coke, Algoma. Gilliam Coal & Coke, Gilliam; Rolfe Coal & Coke, Worth; Arlington Coal & Coke, McDowell; Roanoke Coal & Coke, Jones; Indian Ridge Coal Company, Worth; McDowell Coal & Coke, McDowell; Ashland Coal & Coke, McDowell; Greenbrier Coal & Coke, McDowell; Keystone Coal & Coke, Keystone; Pulaski Iron Company, Eckman; Eureka Coal & Coke, Eckman; Shawnee Coal & Coke, Eckman; Empire Coal & Coke, Landgraff; Peerless Coal & Coke, Vivian (Clausen); Bottom Creek Coal & Coke, Vivian. Charleston Coal & Coke, Welch; Tidewater Coal & Coke, Bottom Creek; Davy Coal Company, Davy; Big Four Coal & Coke, Big four; Big Sandy Coal & Coke, Big Sandy; Cherokee Colliery Company, Cherokee; Vaughan Coal & Coke, Roderfield; Davis-Crockett Coal & Coke, Davy; Tug River Coal & Coke, Marytown; Twin Branch Mining Company, Davy; Short Creek Coal & Coke, Davy; Antler Coal & Coke, Davy; Cletus Coal & Coke, Davy; Black Stone Mining, Davy; United States Coal & Coke, Gary; Maher Coal & Coke, Marytown; Flournoy Colliery Company, Hensley; Hensley Coal Company, Hensley; Mohawk Coal & Coke, Dotson; Oregon Coal & Coke, Welch. Zenith Coal & Coke, Lambert; Page Coal & Coke, Helena Coal Company, Davy; King Coal Company, Vivian; Pocahontas Consolidated Company, Switchback; Cirrus Coal & Coke, Maybeury; Virginia Pocahontas Coal Company, Coalwood; Jewett, Bigelow and Brooks Collieries Company, Marytown and Twin Branch; New River and Pocahontas Consolidated Coal Company (still operating); Jed Coal & Coke, Jed (Havaco); Dry Fork Mining, War; Hall Mining Company, Yukon; Premier Pocahontas Collieries Company, Flanagan (Premier); Pando Coal Company, Davy; Slick Rock Coal Company, Davy; Black Wolfe Coal Company, Davy; Herman Coal Company, War; Pocahontas Domestic Coal Company, War; War Creek Coal Company, Yukon; Solvay Collieries, Big Sandy; Flat Top Coal Mining Company, English; Atlantic Smokeless Coal Company; Fall River Pocahontas Collieries; Fordson Coal Company; Cardiff Pocahontas Coal Company; Central Pocahontas Coal Company; Kingston-Pocahontas Coal Company; Kroll-Litz Coal Company, Inc; Lake Superior Coal Company (still operating); Litz-Smith Pocahontas Coal Company; Vera Pocahontas Coal Company. Larger coal companies operating in the county today include U.S. Steel Corp., Gary; Olga Coal Company, Coalwood; Lake Superior Coal Company, Superior; Eastern Gas and Fuel Associates, Keystone; Pocahontas Fuel Company, Vivian; New River & Pocahontas Consolidated Coal Company; Island Creek Coal Company, at Bartley, Raysal, and Algoma. Scores of strip and wagon mines are also operating.

(The foregoing is from a newspaper clipping from The Welch Daily News from 1950. It was given to me by Helen Stanley in June 2003.-Sebert Toney, Jr.)


McDowell County