Lawson & Allie M Horn Church

It was in the year nineteen twenty-three
Our Dad was loose and running free
A mountaineer truly born
Then he met a little girl named Allie Horn.
To church on horseback one Sunday he went
To court Zennie Nelson with whom some time he'd spent
There his roving eye found Allie Mae
And he knew she'd claim his heart for the rest of his day*.
Upon his horse, he did take her home
Leavng Zennie behind to cry alone.
From that day on, a courting life they led
Until June 6th when they were happily wed.
On that wedding day their life together was begun
And to this union was born five daughters and three sons.
Back through the years on memory's path we tread
Recalling little things done and said.
Their work was hard but when it was done
They always had time to join in our fun.
On cold winter evenings when the snow did fly
Dad would bring out the popcorn by and by
Raised by his own two hands with tender care
We'd listen to it snap and pop as he shook it on the fire.
Hide and Seek, Tag, Blind Man's'Buff
They played with us, regardless how rough
Remember, Mom, on one fateful day
When you broke a window trying to get away.
Fun and games, of these we had many,
Chores we learned young, teaching responsibility
Excessive material things we did not miss
Since our lives were filled with sharing and happiness.
With understanding and lore, through the years they led us
With patience, kindness and mutual trust
They tended us with care when we were sick
And disciplined us to the tune of the hickory stick.
From them we learned laughter, courage, fairness and never to lie
How to stand up and be proud and hold our heads high
That it matters not what you have but what you do
These things they taught us that we could live our lives true.
In each of our hearts, these things linger with Joy
Giving us faith and courage to face life's tolls
Fond, fond memories we have of our Mother and Dad
You can be proud, Dear Parents, of the life you have had.

Written by your daughter,
Janet Yyonne Church Cross (May 1973)

Submitted by James Easterling

.McDowell County


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