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If you want to locate birth or death certificates for persons who were born or died in West Virginia, here are two great resources:

The WV Archives - The WV Archives is putting many birth, death and marriage certificates online.
If available, they are free. This is a great resource for genealogists.

The WV Health Statistics Center also has birth and death certificates for persons who were born or died in West Virginia. There is a fee (currently $12.00).

You are always welcome to store your family birth and death certificates here, where they can be easily shared with family, friends, and genealogists for years to come. Click on the name below to see the certificates or right click to download them.

Contributors: Dianna and Cherryl

Luther Clyde Adams Son of Dave Adams and Tillda Higgenbotham (sp?). Born in Wise County, VA. on April 13, 1924 and died March 25, 1926 (buried in Lomax Cemetery)
Crocket L Addair Son of WIlliam Addair and Sarah Short. Approximately 18 years old (Birth date unknown) but died March 1, 1925.
Belvia A Beavers Wife of Augustus Beavers; father Jack Allen; mother Rachel Lambert Allen. Birthdate unknown, but lived about 75 years, died Feb 7, 1936. Buried in Lomax Cemetery
Dock William Beavers Husband of Lillie M Turmell(SP?). Son of Preston Beavers and Ellen Blankenship Beavers. Birth date unknown, but he was about 50 years old when he died. Died Feb 24, 1937. buried in Lomax Cemetery.
George Beavers Husband of Rosie Asburry Beavers, born June 1899, died Oct 20, 1935. buried in Lomax Cemetery.
James Vernon Beavers Son of J. V. Beavers and Carie Wheeler Beavers. Born April 18, 1936 and died April 19, 1936. buried in Lomax Cemetery.
John Wallace Blankenship Son of Tice Blankenship and Louise Deskings Blankenship. Born April 1885, Died Sept 27, 1951. Husband of Rosie Asburry Beavers, born June 1899, died Oct 20, 1935. buried in Lomax Cemetery.
Cynthia Christian Born in Yukon, WV about 1866. Died in Mcdowell County, WV, June 14, 1916. buried in Lomax Cemetery.
GEORGE R CHRISTIAN Son of Mathies Christian. Born Sept 18, 1862, died May 24, 1946. buried in Lomax Cemetery.
Baby Hockett Son of Sam Hockett and Naida Allison Hockett. Aug 28, 1934 - Aug. 28-1934. buried in Lomax Cemetery.
JOE HUGHES Son of Clarence Hughes and Fannie Dumford Hughes. Born May 17, 1926 and died May 17, 1926. buried in Lomax Cemetery.
Rickie Raymond Mitchem Son of Dewey Anderson Mitchem and Agnes Franklin Mitchem, buried in Appomatox Cemetery, Hopewell, Va.
Bennie Gerald Rudisill Son of I. Rudisill and Lucille Wheatly Rudisill. Born Sept 24, 1935, Died May 11, 1936. buried in Lomax Cemetery.
Lara Della Sparks Wife of Earnest Sparks . Father Noah McCoy. Mother Mary Mays McCoy. Born Sept 8, 1883, died Oct 11, 1936. Buried in Lomax Cemetery.

Babley Gene Spears

Son of George SPears and Laura Harman Spears. bORN jUNE 30, 1935, DIED DEC. 15, 1955. buried in Lomax Cemetery.
Hettie F. Hamilton Spears
(1865 -1933)    
Mother of William Elliott Spears & Wife of John Morgan Spears
(buried in Lomax Cemetery)
John Morgan Spears
(1865 -1954)         
Father of William Elliott Spears and Husband to Hattie F. Hamilton Spears
(buried in Lomax Cemetery)
William Elliott Spears
(1889 -1946)          
Son of John Morgan Spears and Hettie Spears. buried in Lomax Cemetery.
C W Steel           Son of Wallace Steele and Bessie Miller Steele. Born APril 14, 1914, died Aug. 30, 1936. buried in Lomax Cemetery.
John Robert Vest Husband of Fanny Vest. About 87 years old. Died Mar 4, 1943. Father WIlliam Vest, mother Mary Watson Vest. buried in Lomax Cemetery.

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