Luther and Lena Broomfield


Luther Broomfield

Luther & Lena Lena with Children Lena
Luther at 5
Luther and Lena
Lena with Margaret & James
Luther Luther Luther Luther & Lena Broomfield
Lena & Luther in 1963

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Luther Jennings Bryant Broomfield, sometimes last name spelled Bromfield, was born June 23, 1898, Mayberry, McDowell County, West Virginia and died Jan 11, 1984, Corpus Christi, Texas where he retired from the coal mines of West Virginia.  His parents were James John and Sarah Ardelia Proffit Broomfield.  His parents moved to West Virginia in the late 1800's from Floyd County, Virginia.  He married Lena Estell Williams from Montgromery County, Virginia, Dec. 25, 1919. Luther and Lena had three children, Margaret, James, and Dewey. 


Lena Estel Williams was born Sep 14, 1901 in Montgomery County, Virginia and died April 20, 1976 in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Her parents were John Henry and Emma Jane Wheeling Williams.

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