Big Creek Cemetery III: Brewster/Click

The approximate latitude and longitude for this cemetery are 37 degrees 17.935 min. N. / 81 degrees 38.768 min. W. This cemetery is located 1/2 mile up Big Creek Road from its intersection with Rt. 16 in McDowell County, WV. The cemetery is accessed by a private driveway and bridge across Big Creek. Cemetery reading by Phyllis and Ed Griffith on 11/13/1998.

Contributor: Ed and Phyllis Griffith

Brewster, P.J.L. 4-1-1869 2-21(27?)-1940  
Brewster, Carrie 10-22-1906 2-22-1967  
Brewster, Cecil C. 10-20-1923 4-18-1959 (West Virginia PFC 1852 SVC COMD Unit, Bronze Star with Oak Leaf and Purple Heart)
Brewster, Helen L. 8-8-1928 2-12-1961  
Brewster, Mary Maglthe     (No dates)
Unmarked Field Stone      
Homemade stone     no inscription
Homemade stone     no inscription (Had a glass inset but faded)
Brewster, M.M. 1-16-1873 5-12-1948 ("Our Mother" inscribed on stone)
Hicks, Francis 4-16-1916 1-24-1985  
Unmarked Field Stone      
Handshoe, Anna May 19-- 1950 (Was born in 1912, died July 4, 1950. Was the daughter of Floyd and Mary Dillon Bailey. Was wife of Vester Handshoe)
Unmarked Field Stone      
Unmarked Field Stone      
Unmarked Field Stone      
Unmarked Field Stone      
Field Stone marked W B     (One readable date: 1919)
Brewster, James Morgan 5-18-1880 3-28-1933  
Mitchell, Hila Mae 2-6-1898 6-18-1983 (Daughter of Patton Brewster)
Baker, Herley Clarence 2-15-1937 12-24-1996 (SGT US Army Vietnam)
Baker, Sharon A. 1946 1995  
Barret, George 4-22-1913 4-20-1990  
Barret, Henry 3-23-1934 2-17-1992  
Barrett     (Fieldstone)
Barrett     (Fieldstone)
Barrett     (Fieldstone)
Fane, Brenda     (Stillborn)
Barrett, Brenda     (One date 1957)
Baker, Ira Ellis 6-19-1912 2-15-1980 (Double stone with Hattie Mae)
Baker, Hattie Mae 1-18-1917 2-14-1977 (Double stone with Ira Ellis)
Click, Alania Charity 5-27-1970 10-25-1972 (Infant daughter of Curtis and Jewell Click)
Pierce, Buster E. 1925 1976  
Pierce, Madre L. 1925 1963  
Unmarked field stone      
Unmarked field stone      
Baker, Mandy 6-30-1895 4-29-1981 (Double stone with Glen Baker, Daughter of John and Princy B. Hicks)
Baker, Glen 5-2-1881 6-9-1962 (Double stone with Mandy, Son of Demon Baker)
Pierce, Madre B. 1-11-1925 6-10-1963 (This person seems to be the same as the Madre L. named on the stone with Buster Pierce. This stone and grave is about 20 feet from the double stone with Buster and Madre L.)
Baker, Earl 1927 1980  
B.E.B.     (Nothing else on stone)
Reed, Dora Lou 1-23-1938 4-8-1983  
Reed, Wade Allen 1934 1985  
Hicks, Vicie Baker 9-24-1915 3-2-1985 (Wife of Ballard Hicks. Daughter of Alex Baker)
Baker, Demon 9-8-1912 10-25-1977  
Brewster, Byrd 10-4-1917 4-13-1981  
Brewster, Ethel 11-8-1925 12-6-1927  
Brewster, Demon W. 1891 1-1963 (FHM states that he was 71 years old)
Charles, Annie Aubrianna 2-16-1995 2-18-1995 (FHM from Stanley, NC)
Charles, Joseph ?-2-1992 6-6-1992  
Brewster, Patton J 4-18-1916 7-7-1988  
Brewster, Margaret 10-18-1929 6-8-1993 (Wife of Patton J Brewster) (FHM)
Click, Herman, Rev. 6-2-1921 9-18-1993 (Son of Harve and Roseanna Hicks Click)

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