Charlie N. Vance Cemetery

The Charlie N. Vance Cemetery is located above road and be side the home of Charlie Vance Jr. at Rockridge, WV. Information was obtained by Nancy Wimmer Payne and Geneva Dawson Steele, on Saturday, November 6, 1999, with the help of Charlie Vance Jr.

Contributor: Geneva Steele

Name Birth Death
Charlie N. Vance March 2, 1915 June 23, 1998 Double-Stone
Lucinda Vance Nov. 20, 1915 May 19, 1998 Married 7/4/1937
David Lee Payne 1940 October, 1999

Jim Vance Cemetery

About a hundred yards to the right of the Charlie N. Vance Cemetery is another cemetery called the Jim Vance Cemetery. This Cemetery has 24 unmarked graves. Only one has a fieldstone as a marker. Charlie Vance Jr. said these people were buried here between 1845 and 1900 and were distantly related to him.

Contributor: Geneva Steele

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