Collins Cemetery - Transcription 1

Contributor: Brenda Collins Dillon

Victoria Luvina (Powell) Collins: 1881 (first person buried there; first wife of Lewis Collin) Amanda (Asbury) Collins: 1883 (first wife of Anderson Collins) Lewis Collins: June 1924 Judy Collins: (second wife of Lewis Collins) Larnce Collins, s/o Lewis Collins Visla Collins, d/o Lewis Collins, w/her stillborn baby Ann Collin (Ruth Brown's grandfather) Armenda b. 1874 d, 1947 (Ruth Brown's grandmother; second wife of Ann Collins) Arthur Dean Collins: 1885-1995 Frank Collins: 1898-1919 Willie Collins: d. 1921 Robert Collins: 1908-1936 Harvey Collins: 1904-1930 Audie Collins: 1912-1982 Riley Estep: 1893-1983 Florence Estep: 1900-1967 Willie Estep: 1927-1981 Flossie E. Robiette: 1925-1994 Tom Robiette Sally Robiette Clevland Robiette Margaret (Bailey) Robiette Addason Robiette Barbara Robiette Cline Matthew Cline Dennis Cline Mathew Cline Jr. Bill Runyun female Runyun male Runyun Sherman Simpson Ella Simpson Delpha Simpson Mr. Simpson Ray Justice Ralph Justice Roger Teasley Mary Alice Kennedy Clerance Estep Ella Estep Harless Estep Hilda Collins Scott Taylor Ellen Taylor Female baby Taylor Blain Lambert Robert Lambert Baby Walker Baby Walker Baby Wolford Baby Roberson Shelin Robiette Syaluna Steele Robiette Ed Henderson Daryl Henderson Baby Hyte Baby Collins Baby Collins Baby Collins Baby Collins Babath Ellen Street Charles Williams Stella Roberts Collins Justice Robert Taylor Flora Collins Baby Collins James Sites Lucy Sites Luther Bluens Myra Shirley Vickie Collins Bailey

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