Roy and Dorothy Collins Family Cemetery

Roy and Dorothy Collins Family Cemetery is located at the top of Beartown Mountain. Take the right-hand fork towards Panther Forest, then turn right on the second right-hand road for about 1/2 mile. The cemetery is located on the left on a hill accessible by walkway or drive way on the left.

The first person buried there was our mother, Dorothy Marie Blankenship Collins, who passed away November 25, 1997. She was born April 13, 1923 and was the daughter of Preston and Matilda Estep Blankenship. Dorothy was married to Roy Lee Collins on November 10, 1940 and had 11 children, two of which are buried next to her.

Dorothy's first child, Wilma Jean Collins, was born June 29, 1941 and passed away June 2, 1942 of enlarged heart. After Dorothy died, we moved Wilma Jean next to our mother in April 1998 and the cemetery was dedicated to the Lord and in honor of our mother. Our sister, Chloe Francis "Frankie" Collins Stanton, was born on September 16, 1954 and died August 28, 1998. She was the Police Chief in Bradshaw, WV, and was killed in the line of duty.


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