Dave Estep Cemetery

Contributor: Brenda Wolford

Name Birth Death Comments
Dave Estep 09-15-1884 12-10-1969 son of William R Estep & Barbara Dotson Estep
Martilia Blanketship 01-01-1884 07-27-1942 wife of Dave Estep & daughter of Lewis and Elizbeth Bailey Estep
Nicodemus Estep 12-18-1915 01-05-1968 son of Dave & Martilia Estep
William Everette Estep 09-29-1911   son of Dave & Martilia Estep
Laura Estep Estep 05-05-1917   daughter of Lidge and Missour Estep
Delmas Keen 08-17-1940 02-08-1998 husband of Violet Estep Keen
Fred Hamilton 06-18-1913 11-12-1986 husband of Fannie Estep Hamilton


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