Dry Branch Cemetery

Mile Branch, McDowell Co WV.
Dry Branch Cemetery is located at Mile Branch, WV, coming from Iaeger. A bridge is located on the left. Ask any one, and they can show you. Railroad tracks to the left, cross over tracks and walk up the hill.

Dry Branch
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Contributed by: Frances Ward Brammer Seltz

Name Birth Death Comments
Noah William Wheeler 4/2/1932 2/20/1992 Wife: June Patricia Haywood Wheeler
Son: Barry D. Wheeler
June Patricia Haywood Wheeler 6/08/1932 07/20/2006

Additional photo
Wife of Noah Wheeler (above)

Waldo Harlon Haywood 02/14/1935 03/01/1987 Married to Evelyn Ruth Ferrel, Feb 28, 1956
Evelyn Ruth Ferrel Haywood 06/30/1933 2/19/2002 Wife of Waldo Harlon Haywood
Price Haywood 06/30/1933 02/19/2002 Grandson of Isaih Beethoven Haywood
Isaih Beethoven Haywood 02/15/1896 09/19/1971 Husband of Vistie Belle Auville (buried in High Knob Cemetery) and Virginia P Haywood
Virginia Prater Haywood 04/18/1915 04/18/1974 Second wife of Isaih B. Haywood
Mary Ann Roberts 06/09/42 03/16/44

Died at 19 months old.
Parents: Clarence and Rosie Roberts

James Jervis 07/08/1917 Husband of Margaret Jervis
Margaret Jervis 08/09/1926 Wife of James Jervis
Debbie Browning 11/07/1963 11/07/1963
Ellsworth Browning 10/1960 12/07/1962
Hamilton Claude Collins 1884 02/11/1953 Second wife of Isaih B. Haywood
Jessie Wilma Shannon Collins 10/01/1941 07/20/1963
John Henry Mitchem 04/23/1886 09/23/1964
Allen Payne 01/26/1959 02/11/1959
George Payne 01/17/1913 06/21/1959
Frank Rose 1927 01/05/1947
Lisa Marie Stinson 08/04/1962 01/03/1963
Drema Dale Haywood Stinson 08/04/1962 01/03/1963

Mile Branch Community Church
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