Dry Fork Cemetery


Location: Probably somewhere between Garland WV & Iaeger WV


Contributor: Dianna

Name Birth Death Comments
Crockett L Addair Unknown 3/1/1925 Son of William Addair and Sarah Short. Died at 18 years, 11 mos., of influenza.
Mickey Bani 9/9/1935 9/9/1935 Child of M and D Galloway Bani
Mary Beavers 08/15/1926 08/15/1926 Child of T.M. and Mary Collins Beavers.
Ervin L Booksha 03/27/1927 04/16/1927 Louis and Ella Edwards Booksha
Arthur Christian 06/02/1896 04/11/1930 Wife, Rose Bailey
Minnie Mae Crouse 08/14/1899 ~2/4/1950 Charles and Jane Johnson Tabor. See also Minnie Mae Crouse
Dave Driver   06/27/1929 About 40 years old. Wife, Goldie Williams
Elsie Ellis 12/28/1894 03/18/1932 Wife, Holly H Ellis
Clyde Edward Garris 05/30/1932 06/04/1933 Child of John and Rosie Farmer Garrus
William Wesley Hicks   05/17/1932 101 years, 2 months at death. Husband of Callie Baker.
Jane Ann Jones 12/24/1944 12/24/1944 Child of R. and Jackie Ann Rye Jones
Thomas Damron Maynard 07/27/1885 04/04/1931 Husband of Dove Copley
Mollie Murphy   01/23/1925 About 44 years old. Daughter of Preston and Alice B Beavers
Phyllis Jean Ploss 11/18/1928 09/23/1929 Child of Ansel and Adeline Rose Ploss
Margaret Florence Rider 02/21/1930 02/25/1930 Child of DeWitt Earl and Janice Payne Rider
Frederick Scammwell, Jr 10/09/1926 11/08/1926 Child of F. G and Catherine Morley Scannell
Myrtle Yvonne Wallace 03/19/1937 03/19/1937 Child of Carl A and Janice Sheets Wallace
Arthur Neal Whitt, Jr 02/19/1931 02/19/1931 Child of Neal Newton and Hazel Cabbell Whitt

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