Evans Cemetery

Originally contributed by: Geneva Steele

Current update and photos provided by: Roten Cooper
(May 2010)

Evans Cemetery was originally located on Rt. 80 between the mouth of Oosley Creek and Bradshaw on the big curve above the football field. It was moved about 1/2 mile in May 2006, due to the Ruver View High School project. Evans Cemetery is currently located adjacent to the Woods Cemetery in Oosley Holler, near Bradshaw.

Geneva Steele originally catalogued the people who were buried here in 1993. She noted, "It is in very bad condition. It has been awhile since anyone has been buried there. I was there in 1993 with Joshua Harrison, who was looking for his Great-great Grandfather, Dr. John Crockett. This list does not cover all who are buried there. It was so overgrown with trees and brush that I know I didn't find all of the graves."

Roten Cooper photographed the gravesites in the cemetery in May 2010. In addition to the gravesites below, there are 107 unmarked graves that were also relocated to the current location. We have included only one of these grave markers.


Evans Family

William Ferrell Evans

John Henry Robinson

John D. Kennedy

Thomas Kennedy

Darling Nelhe Waldran

Walter and Rosa Kennedy

Albert W Day

Arch "Buck" Muncy

Shade Day

Frank Muncy
U.S. Army

Gertrude Muncy Payne

Gertrude M Worthington

Gertrude and Ferrell Evans

William L Rader

Elizabeth Evans

E M Evans

Bakah Evans

John Bunyon Evans

William Brammer Jr.

Darling Virgina Waldran

Victoria Evans

William Kelly Evans

Becky Jane Robinson

1 of 107 Unknown grave markers

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