Goodman Cemetery

Current update and photos provided by: Roten Cooper
(May 2010)

Goodman Cemetery located in Buckeye Hollow,Jolo,Wv.


Draxie Kennedy
John W Kennedy

Ida Kennedy
Richard Kennedy

Minnie Kennedy
James Kennedy

Claude Mullins
Sidmey Mullins

Clara E (Hagerman) Cooper
Walter E Cooper

Clara E (Hagerman) Cooper
Walter E Cooper

Patsy Riffe
/James H Riffe

Steven Okey Hagerman

Daniel Hobert Hagerman

Margaret Hagerman
John P Hagerman

John Pershing Hagerman
U.S. Army WWII

Pershing C Hagerman
U.S. Army Vietnam

Mary Eloise Chandley

David R Hagerman

Zola Hagerman
William R Hagerman (son)

William R Hagerman
U.S. Army WWII

Charles SHerman Hagerman

Dale L Hagerman

Brenda Sue Hagerman

William H Kennedy

Clara Rebecca


Mose Kennedy

Caroline Hagerman
John D Hagerman

Callie Kennedy
Randolph Kennedy

John (JD) Kennedy

Virginia R Kennedy

John (J.D.)
11/23/33 to 2/11/06

Winonia Hagerman Pruitt
3/1921 to 11/2002

Vernia L Hagerman & John Bales
Vernia: 10/4/1924 to 12/11/2002
John: 11/1/1913 to 1/11/2003

John Bales
Tec 5 US Army

John & Vernia Bales

John Pete Hagerman
US Army
1/18/1929 to 11/3/2007

Charley W Hagerman
9/5/1891 to 5/19/1976
Cosby L Hagerman
5/7/1901 to 12/18/2001

Baby Hagerman
son of Adam & gladys
Date unknown

Baby hagerman
son of Adam & gladys

Baby Hagerman
son of Adam & gladys

Nancy J Hagerman
1/13/1923 to 3/6/1930

Unknown Grave stone

Emma Zettie Hagerman
6/13/1899 to 3/10/1930

Everette Hall, WV
sgt Army Air Forces

Jane Hagerman Hall
4/6/1892 to 4/5/1982

catherine & Clyde E Jackson
Catherine: 4/1/23 to 3/14/79
Clyde 10/17/26 to 10/14/1984

Charles E Jackson
Son of CLyde & Catherine Jackson
3/21/1956 to 3/22/1956

donald E Jackson
Son of CLyde & Catherine Jackson

tansey muncey
11/13/1919 to 1980

Tansey Muncey

Elizabeth Muncy
8/26/1890 to 5/17/1978

Mary Goodman
5/10/1865 to 2/16/1952

James Goodman
12/21/1871 to 1/14/1935

John P Hagerman
3/8/1889 to 9/28/1925

John P Hagerman

Hobart W Hagerman
tec 5, US Army, wwii
4/10/1917 to 12/10/1942

Unknown grave marker

Roger dean
Son of enoch & Norma Hagerman
10/3/1944 to 11/14/1944

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