Harrison Woody Cemetery

Contributor: Loretta Woody Collins

The Harrison Woody Family Cemetery started in 1950 with the burial of Harrison Woodys, grandson of Roger Dale Hicks. It is located on Bradshaw Mountain at the head of Beebranch. To get there from Bradshaw, take Hwy 83 through Jolo, up the mountain on 83 to top. Turn right at the Plateau Orchard, follow the road around, and turn right again at the Charlie Vance residence. Stop at Joshua Hicks 3rd or 4th house on right) and get his permission to go on his property (to get to the cemetery and get final directions). The cemetery sits on a high knoll, and can be seen from other cemeteries near there.

Harrison Woody 10-14-1898 3-31-1981 s/o Alex and Leah Hicks Woody and Husband. of Annie Underwood Woody; complications of old age
Darcus Annie Underwood Woody 10-9-1898 7-18-1969 w/o Harrison Woody, d/o Henry and Mary N Brewster Underwood; heart problems
Jeff Willard Woody 6-10-1933 3-16-1958 s/o Harrison and AnnieWoody, Husband of Edna Keene Woody, Father of 3 children: Darrell, Wanda and, Elizabeth; Auto Accident
Amos David Hicks 2-19-1924 12-2-1983 s/o John Hicks and Clara Woody Hicks
Henry Underwood 5-26-1873 4-1-1953 s/o Peter and Darcus Annie Rakes Underwood; complications of old age
Rosie Leona Woody Blakley 3-24-1922 12-30-1959 d/o Harrison and AnnieWoody, w/o David Blakley, Mother of 4 children: Virgie, Harvey, Wilburn, Nellie
Nellie Luvicy Blakley Still d/o David and Rosie Woody Blakley
Wesley Skylor Hicks 10-23-1954 1-15-1955 s/o Clyde and Loretta Woody Hicks; heart problems and sids
Ellis Byrd Hicks 11-17-1908 11-24-1957 s/o Bud and Cora Baker Hicks Husband of Verna Woody Hicks; murdered shot in back of head, in Welch WV by stranger as he walked down the street.
Opal Beatrice Hicks 1-12 1932 11-3-1957 d/o Byrd and Verna Woody Hicks; complications of asthma
Raynond Hicks 12-11-1919 12-31-1996 s/o John and Clara Woody Hicks, Husband of Carmie Arnold Hicks; flu and parkinson desease
Roger Dale Hicks 7-23-1943 11-11-1950 s/o Earl and Dossie Woody Hicks; polio
Leah Hicks Woody 2-25-1872 7-13-1957 w/o Alex Woody, d/o Harrison and Lilly Harris Hicks; complication of old age
Vicey Woody Osborne 4-21-1904 w/o Harry Osborne, d/o Alex and Leah Hicks Woody
Harry Osborne 6-4-1903 1957 husband of Vicey Woody Osborne, s/o Dave and Mary Osborne
Clara Osborne Payne 4-11-1923 10-2-1992 w/o Claude W, Payne, d/o Harry and Vicey Woody Osborne
Claude William Payne 10-30-1911 2-13-1973 husband of Clara Osborne Payne s/o Jim and Lydia Payne
Claude Riley Payne 10-4-1948 7-15-1983 husband of Fronie M Hicks Payne, s/o Claude W and Clara Osborne Payne; mining accident
Betty Payne 12-26-1955 11 29-1958 d/o Claude and Clara Payne
Edward Payne 1962 1963 s/o Claude and Clara Payne

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