Harve Rowe Cemetery
Rockridge, WV


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Harve Rowe Cemetery is located about a half of a mile from the Primitive Baptist Church at the head of Oosley, abov ethe road on the right-hand side. Harve Rowe donated this land for this family cemetery.


Harve Rowe Cemetery


Harve Rowe Cemetery

Brian K Rowe
1973 to 1973

Virgie Jane Payne
10-7-1904 to 1-14-1985

Lois V & R Hassel Rowe
Lois: 1933 to 1980
R Hassel: 1927 to 1997

W Harve & Betty E Rowe
W Harve 6-23-1891 to 11-1-1967
Betty E: 7-15-1895 to 3-31-1979

Elmer H & Louise Rowe
Elmer H: 9-20-1922 to 3-17-1991
LouisE: 3-29-1930
Married 1946

Elmer H Rowe PFC,
9-20-1922 to 3-17-1991

Elizabeth Janie & Jimmy J Webb
Elizabeth J: 8-30-1950
Jimmy J: 5-21-1957 to 10-17-1990

Linda Ratliff Rowe
wife of Johhnny Burgess Rowe
buried 12/2001

Danny and Lola Miller
Danny: 1951 to 1980
Lola: 1952

Katherine Miller
born 5-17-1929

Kenny Miller
1948 to 1976

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