Johnson Cemetery

The cemetery is located up the right hand hollow of Bug Hurley hollow. The cemetery was started by the family of Andrew and Anne Johnson. Andrew was the first to be buried in the cemetery. The last burial in the cemetery was Andrews widow Anne who had remarried to Wiley Justus before passing away in 1946. Andrew Johnson and Anne Johnson Justus were the grandparents of my dad Charlie E. Johnson The hollow where the cemetery is located is now called Johnson Hollow Johnson Cemetery

Contributor: Troy Johnson

1)  Field stone marked grave of Andrew Johnson    
2)  Anne Justus  1870-1946   
3)  Clarence O. Johnson  Jan. 28, 1916-Jan. 12, 1918   
4)  William R. Johnson  Feb. 9, 1914-Dec. 9, 1920    
5)  Freddie Johnson b. 1907 d. 1929
6)  3 small graves marked with fieldstones

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