Lomax Cemetery

Located between Yukon and English, McDowell Co WV. Coming from Welch down Coalwood Mountain, just before Tennessee Ave., Lomax Cemetery is on a dirt road going up the mountain. The cemetery sits to the right-hand side of the road. There was a ballfield on the left (which may no longer be there). Dip turn right onto Pruitt;s Branch/Old Susanna Road--this is Lomax WV. The cemetery sits in a U-turn with houses on the sides and back.

The Yukon Church of the Living God

Built by William Elliott Spears, son of John Spears


Contributors: Larry and Dianna D. Spears Lassan

Name Birth Death Comments
Luther Clyde Adams 4/13/24 3/25/26 Son of Dave Adams and Tillda Higgenbotham Adams.
Burel Akers Unknown 11/7/1935 About 78 years old at death.
Belvia A Beavers Unknown 2/7/36 Wife of Augustus Beavers. Thather, Jack Allen, Mother Rachel Lambert Allen. About 75 years old at death.
Dock William Beavers Unknown 2/24/37 Husband of Lillie M Tunnell. Son of Preston Beaers and Ellen Blankenship Beavers. About 50 years old at death.
George Beavers June 1899 10/20/1935 Husband of Rosie Asburry.
James Vernon Beavers 4/18/1936 4/19/1936 Son of JV Beavers and Carie Wheeler Beavers.
Rosie Asburry Beavers June 1899 10/20/1935 Wife of John Wallace Blankenship.
John Wallace Blankenship April 1885 9/27/1954 Son of Tice Blankenship and Louise Deskings Blankenship. Husband of Rosie Asburry.
Cynthia Christian Unknown 6/14/1916 Born in Yukon WV.
George R Christian 9/18/1862 5/24/1946 Son of Mathies Christian.
Barry Lynn Handshoe 04/30/1957 05/1/1957 s/o Oakley Handshoe & Lettie Delcine Wright.
Baby Hicks (female) 07/31/1931 07/31/1931 s/o Joh Hicks (TN) & Leona Collins (TN); pre-eclampsia.
Baby Hockett 8/28/1934 8/28/1934 Son of Sam Hockett and Naida Allison.
Joe Hughes      
Baby Johnson (male) 3/15/1928 3/15/1928 s/o Jas Johnson (WV) & Belle (VA); stillborne.
Wivana Marie Lawson 6/11/1932 6/11/1932 child of William Lawson (VA) and Emma Young (KY); stillborn.
Mary Alice McElroy 3/3/1930 8/25/1932 d/o Harold & Mable McElroy
Bennie Gerald Rudisill 9/24/1935 05/11/1936 Son of I Rudisill and Lucille Wheatly.
Lara Della Sparks 9/8/1883 10/11/1936 Wife of Earnest Sparks. Daughter of Noah McCoy and Mary Mays.
Babley Gene Spears 6/30/1935 12/15/1955 Son of George Spears and Laura Harman.
Hettie Hamilton Spears 04/16/1865 10/19/1933 w/o John M Spears
John Morgan Spears 4/16/1865 12/7/1954 d/o Mose Spears and Sarah Crider Spears
Ida Robinson 12/?/1888 (KY) 10/14/1965 child of Lilbern Robinson & Dulcina White; cardiac respiratory failure.
William Elliott Spears 05/04/1888 09/20/1946 s/o John M Spears and Hettie Spears
C W Steel 4/14/1914 8/30/1936 Son of Wallace Steele and Bessie Miller.
John Robert Vest Unknown 3/4/1943 Husband of Fanny Vest. Father William Vest, mother Mary Watson.
Caster Dorcis Way 9/18/1928 9/18/1928 child of William Way (TN) and Doris (TN); premature.

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