Martin Cemetery

Sandy Huff, McDowell Co WV

Contributor: Rev. Jim Mullins

Photo Contributed by: Susan Ryntz

The Martin cemetery was named after the Martin family that lived in the first house across the railroad tracks in Sandy Huff, West Virginia.  Originally, the Martin Family cemetery was known as the Steele Family Cemetery.  It was named for Reuben Steele who was the first to settle there in the (circa) 1860's.  He was given a land grant for his service in the Civil War.  His two brothers, also, received similar land grants (160 AC. each).  Arthur Dean Martin married Belle (Steele) Martin, daughter of Rueben Steele.  After Reuben Steele passed away, the cemetery became known as the "Martin Cemetery".  There are no longer any of the original Martin family living in the area or known to be alive.  The original Martin family consisted of: Parents- Arthur Dean Martin, Belle (Steele) Martin;  Children--Myrtle, Shirley, Daisy, Lula, Clifford, Melva, Athline.  Information is by grandson of  A. D. Martin and Belle Martin,  Mel (Mose) Kelley, email:

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Juit Gibson 1910 1965  
Haskel Campbell 1891 1964  
Fred Blankenship 10/15/1911 10/24/1969  
Charlie England 8/4/1968   Aged 58
James Branty Gibson 4/6/1894 4/13/1955  
Joe C. Stumbo 7/15/1895 1/18/1937  
Ocie Stumbo 4/18/1904 9/29/1970  
Matilda Eng___   2/16/194___ Age 67
Wallace "Red" Chaffin   11/20/1955 55 yrs old
Dorsie M. Stumbo 8/31/1936 9/3/1936  
Natchez Joe Stumbo 10/9/1943 3/6/1950  
Morris E. Stumbo 5/3/1937 5/3/1937  
Scott Keen 5/22/1912 3/31/1972 W. Va. PFC CO A 776 TD BN World War II
Gilmer Keen 1/27/1907 1/2/1969  
H. E. Gibson 12/6/1906 8/27/1942  
Glady Steel 1920 2/1953  
Ellen Martin 1911 1975  
Arthur D. Martin 1870 1963 Husband of Belle R Martin
Belle R. Martin 1883 1962  
Melva D. Steele 1917 1981  
Susan B. Steel 1955 1969  
Joan Bennett 2/2/1934 4/12/1935  
Lula Martin Bennett 4/3/1914 4/21/1936  
Daisy Martin 3/25/1917 5/10/1933  
Ruben Steele 1830 1916  
Foster Steele 1905 1930  
Boscoe Gibson 3/6/1904 10/31/1926  
John Fannin   3/14/1943  
Johnny Roger Fannin 6/8/1943 8/26/62  
Mathew James Lester 6/30/1896 3/8/1975  
Elizabeth Frances Blankenship Lester 8/2/1902 5/24/1998  
Ernest Eltrue Stumbo 2/16/1921 9/22/2000  
Athline Martin Kelley Baker (unmarked grave)      
Clifford H Martin (unmarked grave)     Served in WWII under General Patton
Mark Baker (unmarked grave)     Second husband of Athline Martin Kelley Baker

There were approximately 22 other graves either unmarked or rock markers with no names.

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