Number 8 Mine Cemetery

Above Cucumber Creek, Newhall
McDowell Co WV

Old Number 8 Mine Cemetery above Cucumber Creek, Newhall

After several tries, I found this cemetery today, October 18, 2009. It may have another name but all the locals call it the #8 Mine Cemetery, as it lies beside the Old # Mine Road (abandoned) that takes off from Cucumber Creek Road in Newhall, WV.

To reach it, take HWY 16 out of Tazewell and through Bishop until you reach Newhall and go right on Cucumber Creek Road. Go 0.7 miles east on Cucumber Creek Road. You'll probably have to get an older local resident to show you when the #8 Road is because it is little more than a path now, and unless you are in good shoape it would be advisable to use a 4 wheeler on the old road. You would also be well advised to use a GPS meter, also. You will need to go about 1/3 of a mile north on the *8 road and the cemetery will be on a fairly steep face to the left of the road, west of a mine pond. My meter recorded the cemetery coordinates at 31 degrees 21.112N, 109 degrees 31.847 W. There appear to be at least 50 to 60 graves here, possibly more, marked by field stones, sunken graves and nine marked graves.

There is no visible path to this cemetery from the old mine road, and you must bushwhack your way around the mine pond and up the hill behind it. You should see a rusting wire fence that surrounds the cemetery as you go up the hill. The 9 marked graves I found are listed below.

Contributor: Dan Roberts

Additional contributor: April Uhl Brooks

M B Asbury Infant daughter Boothe AM Bruster K L Lyons J Shrader
Moses B Asbury
Infant daughter of Bird Boothe
A M Bruster
Kenneth Lee Lyons
Pvt US Army Korea
Jennie Shrader
R Vanover
M E Woolridge
Elizabeth Young
Robert Vanover
Mark Woods
Mary Ellen Woolridge
Elizabeth Young

Moses B Asbury Feb 16, 1894 June 9, 1916  
Infant daughter of Bird Boothe 12/27/1920 12/27/1920  
A.M. Bruster 07/10/1853 07/06/1914  
Kenneth Lee Lyons 08/15/1931 12/15/1979 PVT US Army Korea
To My Wife
Jenny Shrader
06/04/1897 03/05/1920  
Robert Vanover 02/08/1933 03/02/1959  

Mark Woods

04/23/1916 09/27/1960  
Mary Ellen Woolridge 03/31/1889 03/21/1921
Elizabeth Young 11/14/1920 04/05/1924 Daughter of C.L. and A.
William "Bill" Woods Approx 1874 Approx. 1933 William and Mollie Woods are the parents of Thomas Lee, Maggie Elizabeth, James Robert Bob, William Vestel, Jesse, Ina Watson, Dovie Eunice May Aleen, and Mark.
Mollie Ellen Combs Woods Approx 1878   Wife of William Woods
Maggie Elizabeth Woods Pruitt 20 Aug 1900 4 Jun 1940 Wife of James Monroe Pruitt; approx. 43 years old at death. Died in June 1940.

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