Roberts Cemetery

McDowell Co WV.

Contributor: Bill Fornes

Name Birth Death Comments
Enos Roberts 2/10/1908 2/10/1908 One of triplets born to Neal and Nancy Roberts
Bertha May Roberts 1/17/1900 3/23/1916 Daughter of NJ and Nancy, died in childbirth
Madge Justice unknown unknown Daughter of Cynthia & G. Justice
John Henry Roberts 5/23/1915 3/17/1917 Son of Neal & Nancy, died at age 2
Everett Clarence Roberts 10/1/1912 12/29/1936 Son of Neal & Nancy, died in mine accident at Caretta
William Jennings Roberts 5/24/1920 1/5/1945 Son of Neal & Nancy, died of TB in Prescott, AZ
Rachel Ann Roberts 6/27/1901 2/8/1953 Daughter of Neal & Nancy, wife of Mander Roberts
Blanch Roberts unknown unknown Daughter of Rachel & Alamander Roberts
Nancy Bailey Roberts 11/17/1882 12/14/1955 Wife of N. J. Roberts
Neal Jackson Roberts 7/13/1879 6/15/1959 Son of Riley Roberts

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