Sturgill Cemetery

Contributor: Phyllis A. Coburn Griffith

DIRECTIONS: This cemetery may be reached from the Big Creek road or from the Gary side. The Gary side is much easier.

1. From Gary go south on Rt. 13 to Ream. At Ream turn right from Rt. 13 onto Rt. 13/2, go about 4.5 miles and turn right onto a rough dirt road. Go about .7 miles on this road to a 3-way intersection. Take the middle road about 200 yards to the cemetery.

2. Between Rift and Cucumber on Rt. 16, turn onto Big Creek Road (Rt. 12/5). Go about 2.9 miles on 12/5 to where 12/5 goes up Mountain Fork. Turn right onto 13/2 (Big Creek). Go about 4.6 miles on 13/2 (to the top of the hill). At the top of the hill, turn left onto a rough dirt road. Go about .7 miles to a 3 way intersection. Take the middle road about 200 yards to the cemetery.

Latitude---370 19.130N Longitude---810 35.950W

Several of the stones on this cemetery were made in a similar manner. They only have names on them. There are several unmarked field stones on this cemetery.

(Graves 1, 2, and 3 have been moved here from another location--probably about 1994--because of surface mining.)

1. Cora M. Lockhart Died 1926

2. William Lockhart Died 1941

3. Edgar Lockhart Died 1935

4. Baby Charles

5. Baby Parker

6. Tom Rose

7. Baby Charles

8. R. Rose

9. Herbert Parker

10. Betty Griffith 1858-1929 (Note: Sister to Reuben R. Hicks and wife of Jim Griffith)

11. Cindy Charles

12. Sally Charles

13. Henry William Rasnick U.S. Army World War II Dec. 21, 1924 June 11, 1977

14. Paul Sturgill

15. Wm. Charles (This is as was on the stone--William was not written in full)

16. Wm. Charles (This one is apparently for the same person as

#15--small metal marker)

17. Joseph W. Sturgill PFC US Marine Corps Nov. 10, 1929 Sept. 17, 1994

18. Faney Brewster (Field Stone)

19. ______P______G __________1938 Darret (????)

20. ____________ Was born 1843

21. Henry Lee Blakley Nov. 29, 1982 Nov. 29, 1982

22. Stacy Lee Blakley Born April 1, 1977 Died June 26, 1978

23. James W. Blakley Born 1871

24. This is a nice stone with a typed inscription behind glass. The only thing that can be read is: Mrs. Mack _______

25. John Charles / Sarah Charles April 10, 1877-April 20, 1903 Nov. 6, 1958-Jan. 3, 1974 (One large stone)

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