Thomas Coleman Cemetery


Located off US 52 below Panther State park in Bull Creek,
go to Isam Branch Road and travel about a mile cemetery is
on right of road

Thomas Paul Coleman b. Sept 23-1865 d. Jan. 02-1931 h/o Mary Mounts

Mary [Mounts] Coleman b. Oct. 26-1870 d. Jan. 1947 w/o Thomas Coleman

Stark Coleman, Sr. b. Jul. 25-1893 d. Dec. 27-1935 s/o Thomas h/o Ida

Ida [Hunt] Coleman b. Feb. 15-1892 d. Dec. 12-1981 w/o Stark Coleman Sr.

Jessie B. Coleman b. May 09-1912 d. Jul. 26-1973 s/o Stark Coleman Sr.

Eligha Coleman b. Jul. 06-1916 d. Mar. 01-1976 s/o Stark Coleman Sr.

Mack Coleman b. Sept. 08-1918 d. Jun. 06-1976 s/o Stark Coleman Sr.

Buddy Willard Coleman b. Dec. 11-1926 d. Aug. 20-1988 s/o Stark Coleman Sr.

Alifare [Coleman] Dotson b. Jun. 11-1930 d. Apr. 03-1987 d/o Stark Coleman Sr

Hannval Dotson b. h/o Alifare Coleman

Pricy Coleman b. 1933 d. Unknown d/o Stark Coleman Sr

George Coleman b. Mar. 11-1933 d. Mar. 04-1954 s/o Stark Coleman. Sr.

William McKinley Coleman b Dec. 07-1896 d. May 18-1978 s/o Thomas Coleman

Violet [Smith] Coleman b. Oct. 22- 1902 d. Sept. 22-1933 w/o William M. Coleman

James Mack Coleman b. Jul. 04-1919 d. Apr. 01-1931 s/o William M. Coleman

Thomas Jefferson Coleman b. Sept. 30-1921 d. Apr. 30-1934 s/o William M. Coleman

Clark Kincaid b. Oct. 28-1946 d..Feb 08-1947 g/s/o William M. Coleman
s/o Leon Kincaid & Sonia [Coleman] Kincaid

Roye [Coleman] Hunt b. May 22-1901 d. May 19-1964 w/o Grant Lee Hunt

Grant Lee Hunt b. Jan. 11-1903 d. Dec. 28-1975 h/o Roye Coleman

Pricy Jane Coleman b. Jun. 24-1903 d. Sept. 30-1922 d/o Thomas Coleman

Rosie [Coleman] Cline b. Feb. 22-1914 d. Apr. 08-1994 d/o Stark Coleman Sr.

Mable [Coleman] Keaton b. 1920 d. 1971 d/o Stark Coleman, Sr.

Daniel Coleman b. Dec. 19-1964 d. June 02-1996 s/o Stark Coleman Jr

Lewis Bailey b. Unknown d. Unknown Unknown Relationship


Several more stones I could not make out.


Mr Stark Coleman Jr. is caretaker for cemetery.

All information was submitted by Toney E. Kincaid


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