Tom Sparks Cemetery


Contributor: Joyce Reed

Corrections and Additions for the Tom Sparks Cemetery

Lewis Howard Payne	death date 07-03-1984 not 01-16-1984

Elmer Estep	birth 10-13-1922 not 10-12-1922

James Donald Rose 	add T SGT. US AIR FORCE-VIETNAM 
name appears twice double stone with Zora Pauline Rose

George W. Robinson	PFC US ARMY WV II   was left off

Martha Ann Lester     	double stone was left off

Theresa Mullins	birth 01-05-1911 not 04-14-1979

James Elliott	PFC US ARMY WWI left off

Tabitha Ruthann Kennedy  birth 10-04-1993 instead of 19?? 
   	daughter of Donald and Sarah Kennedy

Randolph D. Kennedy death date 09-14-1994 not 09-24-1994
US ARMY WWII was left off

Lonnie E. Wyatt	PFC US ARMY WWII left off

Robert Mullins	death date 1976 not 1946

Rev. Noah Blankenship	09-17-1929	10-19-1985	double 
Madjie Jones
Blankshenship	01-18-1934
	Married 01-26-1950

Thomas Allen Reed	birth date 06-24-1973 not 06-14-1973

Rufus N. Fletcher	PCF HQ CO 326 Infantry WWII BSM  left out

Pearl G. Roberts 	double stone  left off
Clara A. Vermillion 	death date 06-02-1963

T.W. (Tom) Sparks 	not Tom (TW) Sparks

Alice B. Cooper   	not Simmons 
	08-04-1925	07-23-1998 stone has 
	been put up instead of funeral home marker

Fredrick Leon Asbury	birth date 06-28-1938 not 03-12-1948
	death date 03-12-1948 not 06-28-1948

George Payne	PVT US ARMY WWII left off

Ruby J. Stapleton 	not Ruby J. Shelton

Mazy Thornsbury	married 03-13-1923 left off

Robert E. Keller	AB US AIR FORCE KOREA  left off

Lois Puckett	death date 10-08-1979 not 10-08-1978

Virginia Fife	married 09-23-1950 not 23-19-1950

John Marshall 	02-02-1898	08-02-1984

Maude G. Baker	death date 1998

Ernest E. Rippeth	double stone with 
Mildred Rippeth	1922	2000

Flecie Sliger 	married 10-11-1947 left off

Howard Sliger Jr. 	US NAVY  left off

Bonnie L. Mullins	Three on same stone in same grave
	12-13-1947	08-24-1978
Dwayne H. Bishop	1968	1978
Jr. Mullins	1974	1978

Jr. Mullins 	should be Jimmy Canellas

Edna T. Shelton	married 01-17-1956 not 01-07-1956

Sylvia J. Puckett	married 08-05-1941 left off

G. Virgil Baker 	not Virgil G. Baker

Wallace E. Brandon	PFC US ARMY AIR CORPS WWII left off
Della Brandon	death date 03-06-1997 not 03-06-1998

Hasel Blankenship 	son not father

Jackie Cantrell 	married 03-03-1956 left off

Ada E. Hagerman	married 05-22-1947 left off

Cora L. Pruitt 	death date 08-29-1999

Estel Keene	married 08-05-1987 left off

James H. Pruitt	married 10-18-1948 left off

Blanch I. Ashworth	death date 1999

Belva Fain	married 02-15-1936

William Henry Dawson Jr.  WWII left off

Claudine Jones Dawson	married 03-13-1947 left off

David C. Jones 	David C. (Carl) Jones

Lawrence E. Christian	death date 04-24-1980 not 04-24-1990

Elmer R. Adams Sr. 	two on stone one grave
	08-01-1953	10-06-1976
Ralph D. Adams	10-08-1954	10-06-1976

Sophia A. Prichard 	death date 09-15-1985 not 09-15-1935

Laura Payne B. Jefferson 	should be Laura Payne Butcher Jefferson

C. Alfred Nelson	married 05-10-1931 left off


William Sweeney Jr. not William Sweeney Sr.

Charles Hughes Kennedy	 PVT. US ARMY 	left offf

Thomas Lee Burgess	DEATH DATE 10-24-1993 not 12-24-1993

Clabe Hicks	married 08-13-1929

Lawrence M. (Buddy)
Rhodes	date of birth 03-09-1913 not 1913
	date of death 08-08-1983 not 1983
S 1 US NAVY WWII  left off

Billy Ray Underwood 	date of birth 05-31-1956 not 05-13-1956

James Wiley Poore III	10-12-1998	10-13-1998
	changed from funeral home marker to stone

Connie L. Stacy 	changed to double stone from funeral home marker
	01-23-1957	04-03-1999

Tom E. Stacy 	09-22-1952					married 01-19-1974

Norma “Betty Mullins	05-06-1934	11-09-1999
	funeral home marker

Bertha Mae Blankenship	1904	1999	
	funeral home marker

Elizabeth Sarah Elliott	1906	1999 funeral home marker

Donnie Blankenship	1959	1999
	funeral home marker

Verna Brewster	06-12-1928

Elmer M. Baker 	06-03-1926	04-10-1999 	double
Stella L. Baker	04-25-1930

David E. Canellas 	02-02-1960	08-03-1999

Lewis Reed	03-29-1916	03-25-1985	double
	Tech 5 US ARMY WWII		stone

Marie Reed	02-02-1926
	married 12-29-1949

Albert Reed 	1895	1981	double
Octavia Reed	1894	1973		
	married 07-22-1913

Shelvin Reed 	06-20-1914	06-01-1975

David Lee Lundy	08-05-1939	11-22-1992

Peggy J. Powell	04-19-1936	12-08-1993  
	married 07-20-1984

Franklin D. Church	04-14-1935	08-11-1994	double
Mary E. Church	03-16-1941
Frances Ann Gross	1936	1994
	funeral home marker

Janet Averil Lockhart	01-08-1939	02-29-1998

Rosetta Sweeney Fain	03-13-1951		double
Lula B. Sweeney	09-01-1908	05-20-2000	

Robin Baker	03-07-1959		double 				stone

(Bud) Cowan S. Baker	10-22-1961	12-07-1999

Diana Ruth Baker 	07-15-1952	07-26-1999

Nicholas Ryan Hall	08-28-1982	07-24-1999

Polly Blakely	04-16-1937		double
Floyd I. Blakely	07-09-1925	07-10-1999	double

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