Woods Cemetery

Bradshaw, WV

Originally contributed by: Geneva Steele

Update and photos provided by: Roten Cooper
(May 2010)

From Rt. 80 at the mouth of Woosley, go up the hollow about two miles, and stay right. Across from the Benny Rowe home place, turn right and go about a half-mile. The cemetery is on the left-hand side of the road. The Ball Family Cemetery is located slightly further down the road.


Vester Jones

Dakota Jones

Peggy Sue and Vester Jones

Sandra Baker

Callie and Roger Woods

Tina Lynn Woods

Ronnie Woods

OCIE Brewster Woods

Budde Woods

Linda and James Kennedy

Anita C Testerman

Samuel E Rickman

Samuel Eugene Rickman
U.S. Navy

Robert Woods
Outside the fence

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