Woody - Mitchell Cemetery

Contributor: Phyllis A. Coburn Griffith

Directions: Go up the Big Creek Road 2.9 miles to the intersection with the Mountain Fork road. Keep left on the Mountain Fork road for 2.7 miles. At the road intersection at the mouth of Split Fork, keep left for .8 miles to a pipe gate. At the gate turn right on a mine road and go .2 miles to an abandoned mine. The cemetery is on the ridge to the right (across from the mine). A jeep trail leads from the mine to the cemetery. The cemetery is located at: Latitude---370 20.685N Longitude---810 37.197W

There are several graves on this cemetery, but most stones are not legible. The cemetery is very over grown, but now has a road build to it that can be used if a person has four wheel drive. Of the large number of graves marked by field stones and other stones, these ten were the only ones we could find that were marked well enough for us to read.

1. Harald D. Hicks Born Feb. Passed away July 194(?)

2. Mamie Woodie Born May 14, 1916 Died 1947

3. Dan Mitchell (Homemade metal marker--this grave is located in an area covered with trees.)

4. Mary Mitchell May 7, 1903 Aug. 16, 1953

5. Hattie Mitchell Born May 1, 1910 Died June 15, 1951

6. Chaturn Hicks (Homemade metal marker)

7. Mary Wanco Woody (Maybe Wingo rather than Wanco) Born Oct. 17, 1840 Died Oct. 17, 1940?

8. Jessie D. Woody Born April 26, 1931 Died July 1932

9. Alex Woody (Maybe Aley Woody) Born April 15, 1862 Dates were hard to read--could be wrong : Death date may have been Died March 30, 1930 on March 20, 1930. Our Father

10. Raymond Hicks Feb. 14, 1924 Oct. 3, 1984

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