1890 Special Census for War Veterans and Widows Applying For Pension


Copied July 7, 1982 At National Archives

By. June Green


Name & where they lived when applying for pension


William Coleman       Bradshaw

Allen Mullins         Bradshaw

Hiram Lambert         Iaeger

William Hagerman Sr Bradshaw

William Hagerman Jr. Bradshaw

Mathes Pucket         Bradshaw

John Hagerman         Bradshaw

Elijah Vanover        Bradshaw

John D. Payne              Bradshaw

Curtis Coleman           Bradshaw

Daniel Justice              Iaeger

Jacob W. B-----           Bradshaw

Archibald Muncy        Bradshaw

Samuel M. Goff          Bradshaw

Samuel Dale                Bradshaw

William Payne            Bradshaw

Edward Spence           Bradshaw

Abner Lester               Bradshaw

Issac Lambert             Bradshaw

William Malone         Maybeury

Adam Roberts            Elkhorn District

Alfred Barlow            Elkhorn   "

John Woodcock         Elkhorn   "

John Totten                Elkhorn   "

John F. Belcher         Elkhorn    "

John D. Yates            Elkhorn    "

William C. Kelly       Elkhorn    "

Mark K. Shumate      Elkhorn    "

Henry Sherry             Elkhorn    "

Daniel S. Belcher     Elkhorn    "

William L. Simpson Elkhorn   "

Andrew Belcher        Elkhorn   "

Eli B. Rose                Tug River         old and needy

Hiriam Blakley          Tug River

George W. Hood       Tug River

John Murphy              Abbs Valley, Va

Leonard Green           Dial rock            wounded in hand, rheumatism , failed

to get discharge

John Rowe                 Belcher

Joseph Lambert          Belcher

Louis Levidere           Belcher

Gabriel A. Fields        Powhatan

John C. Walhoway     Elkhorn

James W. Simmons   Roanoke, Va

Benjamin Woosley    Perryville

Harrison Hicks          Perryville

James C. Dillon         Squirljine


I did not have time to copy all the information, for reason for requesting pension or

the Company orRegiment

anyone desiring this information can obtain it from the National Archives,

Washington, DC


McDowell County



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