Photos from the 1977 Flood
Bradshaw, McDowell Co WV

At the old elementary school [now Town Hall]
Middle of Bradshaw [taken from (now) Ameribank parking lot]
Middle of Bradshaw, at the red light
Across the river from the coal camp
Looking down through Bradshaw [taken from the red light]
D & T Chevrolet, at the end of Bradshaw, onĘStringtown End
D & T Chevrolet in front. You can see the new yellow car in the showroom.
At the Coal Camp bridge after the flood
Jones Ford on Raysal End
Shell Station which the Jeffrey's owned across the river from the Coal Camp.
This is how people crossed the river after the flood took out the bridge at Coal Camp.Ę This is at a place we called a swimming hole (Big Rock).
The swinging bridge in Bradshaw
At the old Elementary School after the flood
Contributed by: Pat Bowman


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