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May 2, 2002 Flood

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On May 2, 2002 devastating flood waters once again passed through portions of McDowell County, West Virginia, and surrounding areas. These waters, mostly along Elkhorn Fork, Tug Fork and their tributaries cut a much greater path of destruction than the flood of July 8, 2001. Following are scenes from some areas of McDowell County, along with names, addresses and phone numbers of local organizations accepting and distributing contributions for flood victims.

Some of the communities shown in these photos are Welch, Coalwood, Havaco, Bradshaw, Jolo, Premier, Panther, Hemphill, Kimball, Roderfield, Davy, Norwood, Ritter Hollow, Raysal, Oozley Branch, Atwell Branch, Groundhog Branch, Bull Creek, Iaeger, Bee Branch, Beartown Branch, Carswell Hollow, Landgraff, Avondale, Maitland and North Welch.

Please contact the organizations below with your contribution. You can make a difference.

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Local organizations accepting and distributing contributions for flood victims.

McDowell Mission
PO Box 746
Gary, WV 24836
Phone: (304) 448-2227
Mission Ministries
PO Box 1011
Welch, WV 24801
Phone: (304) 436-4092
Highland Education Project (HEP)
PO Box 580
Northfork, WV 24868
Phone: (304) 862-2545
The Council of the Southern Mountains
Box 85
Northfork, WV 24868
Phone: (304) 862-3144
Contact: Randal Johnson or James Eubanks
Mustard Seeds and Mountains
PO Box 686
Northfork, WV 24868
Phone: (304) 862-4643
Contact: Randy Wallace

Five Loaves and Two Fishes Food Bank, Inc.
PO Box 297
Roderfield, WV 24881
Phone: (304) 436-6644

King Pharmaceutical Disaster Services
Phone: (304) 585-7295
Contact: John Reed

Big Creek People in Action
HC 32, Box 541
Caretta, WV 24821
Phone: (304) 875-3418
Fax: (304) 875-3518
Contact: Franki Rutherford
Hensley Assembly of God
P.O. Box 98
Hensley, WV 24843
Contact persons:
Pastor Gene and Sandy Thorn - (304)682-8633
Philip Lucion - (304)656-7314
Cooperative Action Program of Southern McDowell County (CAPS)
PO Box 134
Panther, WV
Phone: (304) 938-3199
Contacts: Ernest Leonard or Teresa Matney

Catholic Community Services
P.O.Box 162
Eckman, WV 24829
Phone: (304) 862-3318


Books for Flooded Appalachia
c/o Rhonda Lane Phillips
P.O. Box 11102
Blacksburg, VA 24062

Flood Relief Auctions

McDowell County Long Term Flood Recovery Task Force



Please contact Jay Wilson at McDowell Mission

(304) 448-2227

(Volunteer groups should contact prior to arrival so housing arrangements can be made.)

Please contact organizations prior to delivery so distribution arrangements can be made


If you wish to contribute photos or additional information on local organizations who are helping the flood victims, please let me know.


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