Bartley School Grade 8 (1947-1948), McDowell County

Mr. Carl Mams, teacher


first row, fourth person: Lorraine Johnson third row, far right: Ronald Tickle fourth row, first person: Fred White; first row 5th picture: Billy Deskins; first row 7th picture: Teddy Jones; second roe 1st picture: Charlotte Wheeler; second row 4th picture: Bob Tompert; third row 1st picture: Joe Combs; third row 2nd picture: Clyde Dickenson; third row 3rd picture: Raymond Sheets; third row 7th picture: Skeeter Hyatt; third row 8th picture: Buddie Tickle; fourth row 3rd picture: Harold Jones; fourth row 5th picture: Billy Tompert

Contributed by Jack Tickle

Can you help us identify these people? If so, let us know, and identify the individual(s) top-down and left-to-right. Thanks.

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