Mullins Family 1915-1920, Big Four, McDowell Co WV

The photo was made 1915-1920 in Big Four, WV. The couple standing to the left of the steps is Nancy Alafair Whitt Mullins (later m. John Barnett) and Richard Lewis Mullins. The children on and near the steps are their children, but the only one I am certain of is the little boy with the hat and no shoes. This is my grandfather, Lewis Edley Mullins. There were 8 children in this family, only six are seen here, but Alafair appears to be with child in the picture.

The other children's names were: Hannah (married Bert Short), William C. "Elmo" (married Arretta Peyatte). Nora Beatrice (married Gaythor Johnson). Thurman (died young), Avon, Sally, and Ida. It is believed that the elderly lady on the far left in the back is Hannah Sarah Smith Whitt, Alafair's mother. Hannah Smith was the daughter of Isaiah Smith and Betsy Elizabeth Fletcher. She married Edley Whitt that was killed in the Civil War in Wyoming County about 1862.

The other people are relatives\boarders according to my grandfather, but he could not say with certainty who they were. I would very much like to find out.

Contributed by: Deb Mullins Kirsch

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