Pond Creek Tipple/No. 1 Mine, 1936, Bartley, McDowell County


On Jan 12, 1940, there was an explosion at the Bartley No. 1 mine. Ninety-two miners lost their lives, most of them married men with families to support. Listed below are the names of the miners. Names of the miners were printed in the Charleston Gazette, Jan. 13, 1940.

ALONZO BARNETT, 37, mine foreman, married, four children, of Bartley.
LEE HALL, 43, mine foreman, married, two children, Bartley.
G. L. SPENCER, 43, mine foreman, five children, English.
CHARLEY MOFFITT (identified), 42, Negro married, four children, Bartley.
ROY EVANS, 41, (identified), married, four children, Bartley.
R. C. HYATT (identified), 32, married, four children, Bartley.
ERN HARLOW, 31, married, five children, Bartley.
VIRGIL MILLS, 28, married, two children, Bartley.
WILL BENJAMIN, 45, Negro, married four children, Bartley.
CLARENCE TAYLOR, 43, married, Bartley.
CLARENCE OATMEAL, 49, Negro, Bartley.
E. W. HOOPS, 41, married, five children, Bartley.
VANE MARCUM, 24, married, Breeden.
P. C. BRANSCOME, 30, married, two children, Jolo.
JAMES H. WINGO, 28, married, War.
GILMER F. MEADE, 25, married, Bartley.
W. P. WHEELING, 25, single, Bartley.
W. R. O'QUINN, 25, single, English.
J. R. UNDERWOOD, 26, married, two children, English.
LEE SMITH, 36, married, four children, Bartley.
C. P. ANDERS, 40, married, five children, Yukon.
M. L. MERCER, War.
WILLIE BUSBEE, 26, married, two children, Glen Rogers.
R. L. VANCE, War.
E. E. WATERS, 26, three children, Bartley.
S. SANCHEZ, 41, married, War.
W. A. CROUSE, Yukon.
DANKLE HOWARD, 29, married, four children, Bartley.
JOHN HESS, 30, married, four children, Bartley.
G. W. GRIFFITH, Paynesville.
J. L. COX, War.
MIKE LAZAR, 53, married, three children, English.
J. D. DICKERSON, Bartley.
M. S. CRISP, 25, single, Bartley.
MILES RAY, 31, married, five children, Bartley.
FLOYD COMBS, 26, married, Bartley.
CLEVE OWENS, 35, married, seven children, Yukon.
J. L. SIGMON, 19, single, Bartley.
ALFRED SPARKS, 29, married, two children, Davy.
C. W. PERKINS, 37, married, Anjean.
JASPER WHITE, 47, married, eight children, Bartley.
HOBART BRANSEOME, 34, married, four children, Jolo.
W. C. SIMPKINS, Portsmouth.
C. G. WYATT, Bartley.
J. R. KESTER, 35, married, one child, Bartley.
J. E. MEGGISON, 31, married, three children, Bartley.
PATRICK MONOGHAN, 23, single, Bartley.
JOE TICKLE, 30, married, four children, Bartley.
KIRBY AYERS, Mount Airy, N. C.
B. M. MARSHALL, 34, single, Caretta.
H. H. HARISTON, 20, single, Bartley.
SAUNDERS FULTZ, 45, Negro, married, two children, Bartley.
ERNEST COLE, 27, married, one child, Bartley.
JOHN LINDSEY, Danville, Va.
J. M. MULLINS, 45, married, four children, Bartley.
TOMMY WALLACE, 30, married, four children, War.
ROBERT FULTZ, 51, single, Bartley.
CHARLES MULLINS, 20, single (son of J. M. MULLINS).
CONCERTO AVANZATO, 63, married, four children, War.
M. L. BEAVERS, 47, married, six children, Bartley.
LUTHER LESTER, 35, married, two children, Paynesville.
C. A. HESS, 27, married, three children, Drill, Va.
CARLOS WHITED, 23, married, two children, Drill, Va.
DEXTER HESS, 21, married, one child, Drill, Va.
ROBERT YORK, 33, married, three children, Lenore.
H. H. SPANGLER, 24, married, War.
M. G. MILLS, 29, married, one child, Cucumber.
WILLIAM HANDY, 39, married, five children, Yukon.
FELIX HARPER, 40, Negro, married, five children, Bartley.
C. C. STAIR, 57, married, seven children, Bartley.
W. A. GARNER, 25, single, English.
T. H. PRUETT, Bartley.
T. E. SIGMON, 39, married, two children, Bartley.
CHESTER DAVIDSON, 29, married, one child, Bartley.
WASH McGLOTHLIN, 27, married, two children, Bartley.
J. H. McGLOTHLIN, Bartley.
ROBERT CRIBB, 32, Negro, single, Bartley.
C. A. STILTNER, 19, single, English.
MALCOLM GARNER, 45, married, eight children, English.
MALCOLM GARNER, JR., 20, single, Bartley.
J. V. MITCHELL, Bartley.
AUTICE LITTLETON, 32, married, two children, English.
P. B. ATWELL, Bartley.
N. J. KEEN, Yukon.
E. G. FLETCHER, 25, married, Bartley.
L. R. FLOOD, 37, Negro, married, two children, Bartley.
H. S. UNDERWOOD, married, Bartley.
L. C. LESTER, 26, single, Paynesville.
L. A. WILT, 32, single, Fairmont.

The Charleston Gazette West Virginia 1940-01-13

Photos Contributed by Jack Tickle; article from the Charleston Gazette was submitted by James Easterling

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