World War II Memorial,
Premier, McDowell Co WV

WWII Plane Crash in 1942

This Monument is located on Rt. 52 beside the road, about 500 yards to the right of the Premier Methodist Church at Premier WV.

On July 1, 1942, at Premier WV, on the right-hand side of the mountain going up Number Four Hollow, there was a terrible tragedy: a U.S. military transport airplane crashed killing 21 men.

Later this monument was erected by the employees and management of the Premier Pocahontas Collieries Coal Company, of Premier, in humble tribute to all those who gave all that we might be free.

Dedicated to the memory of the officers and men of the U.S. Army who sacrificed their lives adjacent to this site.

The men were as follows:

2nd. Lt. Walter L. Faught, Jr., Paris, TN. 
2nd Lt. Edwin A. Harness, Laporte, IN.
2nd Lt. Harry E. Haney, Selma, KY.
Stf. Sgt. Archie W. Chamberlin, Leaverworth, KS.
Stf. Sgt. Russell A. Carter, Topeka, KS
Stf. Sgt. Salvatore T. Barone, Mt. Morris, NY
Stf. Sgt. Joseph C. Cholerva, Racine, WI.
Stf. Sgt. Leon A. Olin, Big Timber, MO.
Stf. Sgt. Horace M. Dickerson, Hannibal, MO.
Stf. Sgt. George R. Eversull, Stuart, IO.
Stf. Sgt. Leo T. Colburn, Tuscaloosa, AL.
Stf. Sgt. Anthony W. Belcher, South Point, OH.
Corp. Bartola P. Purura, Watertown, NY.
Corp. Kermit S. Masters,  Sheldon, MO.
Corp. Clandins W. Haywood, Amber, PA.
PFC. Denver W. Koeppe, Bryan, OH.
PFC. Lester S. Erickson, Superior, WI.
PVT. Edward Carr, Philadelphia, PA.
PVT. Chester F. Petrowski, Auburn, NY.
PVT. Elmer J. Campbell, Stanley, VA.
PVT. Elmo G. Edmonds, Payson, IL.


Contributed by: Geneva Steele

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