Names Early Connected With The Land
McDowell County History

Sollins and Jones (1959) - Used with permission.

Land Grants in McDowell County
as noted in Dyer's Index to Land Grants in WV

Name                Description               Year

Bently, James B.     Tug River                  1860
Beavers, Alexander D.Mud Lick Fork              1860
Barnett, James J.    Tug River                  1860
Bagby, Rovert B.     Horse Creek                1860
Bagby, Rovert B.     Meet Camp Br.              1860
Bently, James B.     Harman's Br.               1860
Brittain, Rufus      Tug River                  1861
Beavers, James W.    Dalton Br.                 1861
Beavers, Robert      Bandy Branch               1861
Beavers, James W.    Trace Branch               1861
Brewster, Wm., Sr.   Dry Fork Sandy             1861
Beavers, Alexander D.Tug River                  1862
Bruster, Wm., Sr.    War Creek                  1862
Bruster, Wm., Sr.    Dry Fork Sandy             1862
Brittain, Rufus      Horse Pen                  1861
Cline, Michael       Horse Creek                1860
Collins, Edward      Slate Creek                1860
Cox, Montgomery      Tug River                  1860
Cox, Montgomery      Horse Creek                1860
Cox, Montgomery      George Camp Br.            1860
Cecil, Samuel        Cucumber Creek             1860
Collins, John        Panther                    1860
Collins, William     Crane Creek                1861
Chambers, Joannah    Big Slouch                 1861
Cline, Adam          Greenbrier                 1861
Cline, Michael       Spice,  Laurel             1861
Cline, John A.       Tug River                  1861
Cline, John Sr.      Tug River                  1861
Charles, John        Slate Creek                1861
Collins, Jacob       Sandy                      1861
Cartwright, Moses A. Little Cub                 1861
Cartwright, Moses A. Sugar Camp Br.             1861
Cartwright, Moses A. Sandilick Creek            1861
Cecil, Samuel        Big Creek                  1861
Chapman, Henry       Bluestone                  1857
Cox, James O.        Panther Creek              1861
Dock, James R.       Mudhole Branch             1862
Dock, James R.       Sandy River                1862
Dunlap, Robert John  Bluestone                  1860
Gibson, Sarah        Huff's Branch              1860
George, Harvey       Sandy River                1862
Harrison, John C.    Panther Creek              1860
Harrison, John C.    Woosley Branch             1860
Harman, D.H.         Tug River                  1860
Hicks, John T.       Huff's Branch              1860
Hicks, John T.       Elkhorn                    1860
Harrison, John C.    Big Creek                  1861
Harrison, John C.    2 Twin Branches            1862
Harrison, John C.    Panther Fork               1862
Harrison, John C.    Slate Creek                1862
Hall, David          Little Wolf Cr.            1862
Hall, David          Bush Creek                 1862
Harrison, John C.    Waters of Panther          1860
Harrison, Henry      Kerwee Cr.                 1861
Jackson, Joseph Jr.  Panther Creek              1860
Jackson, Joseph Jr.  Woosley Branch             1860
Justus, Hiram        White Oak Fork             1862
Justus, Hiram        Panther Creek              1862
Justus, Joab Sr.     Panther Creek              1862
King, Franklin       Panther Creek              1861
Lambert, Philip      Day Camp Br.               1861
Lambert, Philip      Tug River                  1861
Lawson, Anthony      Little Cub                 1861
Lawson, Anthony      Sanlick Cr.                1861
Lambert, Philip      Tug River                  1860
Murphy, Juanten A.   Big Creek                  1860
Murphy, Juanten A.   Dry Fork Sandy             1860
Murphy, Juanten A.   Big Creek                  1860
Marrs, David W.      Elkhorn                    1861
Murphy, Juanten A.   Big Creek                  1861
Murphy, Henry        Tug River                  1861
Mitchel, A.P.        Jed Branch                 1861
Mitchel, A.P.        Tug River                  1861
Moore, Isaac I.      Indian Grave Branch        1861
Cdell, Hugh          Tug River                  1861
Payne, George W.     Bartley Creek              1860
Parker, Edwin L.     Crane Creek                1860
Parker, Edwin L.     Horse Creek                1860
Parker, Edwin L.     Meet Camp Br.              1860
Payne, George W.     Tug River                  1861
Peery, Thomas A.     Tug River                  1861
Payne, John D.       Crane Creek                1861
Payne, John D.       Hurricane Branch           1861
Payne, Louis         Bark Camp Branch           1861
Payne, George W.     Tug River                  1861
Perry, Archibald     Sandy & Slate Creek        1861
Parker, Anderson     South Elkhorn              1861
Payne, George W.     Mudhole Branch             1862
Payne, George W.     Sandy River                1862
Payne, George W.     Reedy Spring Branch        1862
Steel, Reuben        Tug River                  1860
Steel, Samuel        Tug River                  1860
Steel, Andrew        Tug River                  1860
Smith, Abraham       North Fork Tug             1861
Smith, Abraham       Spur Elkhorn               1861
Smith, Robert        Big Creek                  1862
Trent, Smith         Tug River                  1861
Williams, Benjamin   Panther Creek              1859
Williams, Benjamin W.Mudlick Creek              1860
Williams, Benjamin   Bartley Creek              1860
Webb, John F.        Crane Creek                1860
White, Benjamin Jr   Big Creek                  1860
Williams, Benjamin W.Day Camp Br.               1861
Wilhite, Alfred      Big Creek                  1861
Walround, John       Tug River                  1861
Walround, John       Bartley Creek              1862
Wallis, Henry T.     John's Branch              1862
Grants of Land Issued by the
State of West Virginia in McDowell County

Name                Description               Year

Belcher, Addison     Between Tug & Elkhorn      1866
Beavers, Alex D.     Low Gap Branch             1866
Beavers, A.D.        Clear Fork of Tug          1867
Blankenship, Elijah  Head Crane Creek           1867
Beavers, A.D.        Waters Panther Creek       1867
Belcher, James A.    Shannon's Ridge            1867
Belcher, Tobias      Low Gap Branch             1867
Belcher, Tobias      Elkhorn Cr.                1867
Belcher, Tobias      Near Dan's Branch          1867
Belcher, Benjamin    Big Branch                 1867
Belcher, Benjamin    South Fork of Elkhorn      1867
Belcher, Isaac       North Fork of Tug          1867
Belcher, Isaac       Waters Tug River           1867
Beavers, Robt.       Head Bandy Branch          1867
Beavers & Harman     Slate Creek                1867
Beavers & Harman     Barrenshee Creek           1867
Blankenship, Presley Waters Panther Creek       1868
Bailey, Eli          Panther Creek              1868
Bishop, David        Between Tug & Guyan        1868
Bailey, Jackson      Rt. Fork of Trap Fork      1868
Bailey, Zachariah    East Fork of Tug           1868
Bailey, Cloyd        Jonacoke Branch            1868
Bentley, James B.    Little War Creek           1868
Bentley, James B.    Head Club Fork             1868
Cline, Michael       Wts. Spice Creek           1868
Cox, James O.        Panther Creek              1866
Cline, Christian     Dry Fork                   1866
Cartwright, James (JoWaters Tug River           1866
Cox, James O.        Elkhorn Creek              1867
Cline, Michael       Right Fork War Creek       1867
Cox, Wellington      Left Fork Mill Creek       1866
Christian & Harman   Adj. Brister               1866
Collins, William     Wats. Clear Fork           1866
Collins, William     Clear Fork of Tug          1866

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