Dewey Lynwood Bromfield

Dewey Lynwood Bromfield joined the Navy on June 06, 1944.


Dewey Bromfield

Dewey Lynwood Bromfield

Navy 1944

U. S. Naval Taining Center, Sampson, New York.  August 16, 1944, Company 234.  My uncle Dewey L Bromfield, age 17.  He in the ( from top down the fifth roll, seventh man in).

Dewey Lynwood Bromfield, son of Luther Jennings and Lena Williams Bromfield, was born Jan 03, 1927 in Hemphill, McDowell Co., West Virginia, and died July 17, 2012 in Helena, Montana.  His first marrage was to Irene Violet Hammer, they had five children: Michael, Conrad, Jody, Linda, and Tammy.  His second wife was Lou Routzahn, no children.

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McDowell County


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