Elijah and Floyd (Smokey) Easterling


Elijah and Smokey Easterling

Elijah and Floyd (Smokey) Easterling


Floyd Easterling

Floyd (Smokey) Easterling


Elijah Easterling

Elijah Easterling

Above are pictures of two brothers who served in World War II between 1941-1944.

The first photo is of Elijah and Floyd (Smokey) Easterling. They met in the reunited in the perficate and had this picture taken and sent back to family at home. 

The other two pictures are also of Elijah and of Floyd.  Elijah was in the Marines, Floyd was in the Navy.

Elijah Easterling was born in Carter County, Kentucky, July 26, 1915 to John Corbin Easterling & Georgia Burton Easterling. Died: March 11, 1987 in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  He worked in Coalwood at the company store as an assistant manager. He was married at that time to Nona Alline Ritliff, and they had three children:  Raymond V., Sunnie Bea, and Judith Kaye. 

Elijah divorced Alline and remarried Jeanne M Hardy; they had one daughter, Karlee Jo.

Floyd (Smokey) Easterling was born in Pike County, Kentucky, Feb. 09, 1919 to John Corbin Easterling & Georgia Burton Easterling.  Died: Nov 21, 1997 in Paynesville, WV.  He was working in Hemphill, where he met his wife Margaret G. Bromfield, daughter of Luther and Lena Williams Bromfield.  They had seven children: Floyd, Theodore, James, Luther, Rebecca, Tina, and Bonnie.

Floyd worked at different coal companies and coal mines over his life time, including Island Creek Coal Company, where he spent the most of his life.

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