Restoring Family Photos


Buddy French, a former McDowell resident and contributor to this website has offered to help restore and preserve old photographs, especially landscape photos of schools, churches, stores, coal company houses, tipples, coal mines, etc. Buddy says he can enlarge, repair scratches, brighten, sharpen and even add color to some photographs.

If you have the original photo, scan it at 600 ppi resolution (you might have to change the resolution of your scanner before you begin) and save it in a JPEG format. If you only have a JPEG, send him the largest size you have and he will let you know if he can work with it.

If you would like a photo repaired, just scan it to him at Buddy will return the photo to you in a jpg format that you can download on your computer, email to family and friends, or copy to a CD or flash drive to have copies made.


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Samual and Marietta Sheets, circa 1890.
Photo courtesy of Buddy French.


McDowell County


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