McDowell County, WV Photo Album

McDowell Residents

Family on Buda Car (need help to identify)

Adams, John Quincy - Wilcoe, WV

Mary Melvina Estep Atwell

Bailey and Cline families 2

Bailey, Beckley

Bailey, Eli & Hanna Lester

Bailey, Simeon Peter & Siggabertha (Lockhart)

Bailey, Simeon Peter & Siggabertha (Lockhart) homeplace

Baldwin-Felts Agents

Bean, Artemus

Bean, Art - 1920

Bean - Collins

Bean Family

Beavers, George

Bean, Jesse

Beavers, Jean

Beavers, Zella and Kissinger, Daisy (1)

Beavers, Zella and Kissinger, Daisy (2)

Blackwell, Stonewall Jackson- 1921

Blevins, Charles Oscar & Sons

Broomfield Family at mines

Broomfield, Ida Naomi

Broomfield, James John

Broomfield, Lena and Luther

Broomfield, Robert Morley

Broomfield, Sarah Ardelia Profitt

Carpenter Family (Caretta-1918)

Carpenter, Fred (Caretta)

Carpenter, Homer (Caretta-1927)

Christian, John D. & Nancy

Collins, Buck & wife

Collins, John (1827 - 1898)

Collins, Mary Polly Rife (1834)

Collins, Richard & wife

Collins, William

Dale, Ressie Mussel White

Dawson, Bob (Family)

Dawson Family

Day, Dewey & Florence - 1921

Deskins, Annabelle

Deskins, Betty

Deskins, Betty Jean - Iaeger

England, Dewey F. - Capels Mine (1938)

Estep, Clara

Estep, Elmer

Estep, Isaac & Nancy

Estep, Sampson Columbus

French, Buddy and Betty Jean

Godfrey, Armour Lawson & Louisa Collins Godfrey

Godfrey, Armour Lawson & family

Harris, Sam

Harris, Sam

Harris, Sam & Irene

Hawks Family

Haywood Family

Hicks, Etta & Virgil

Hicks, John Logan

Hicks, Mack & Della, Marytown (1930's)

Hicks, Lora Etta & Wilson, Quentin (1960)

Hicks, Lucindy Keene & Lillie Keene Poore - 1920's

Hyatt, Luther and Anna (Horn) & Family (Havaco 1930)

Hughes, Debbie & Link

Kirk, Laben

Layne, Preacher (Caretta)

Martin Family

Mitchem Family (Hayride)

Mitchem, Dewey and Children

Mullins, Harvey & Olie Blankenship Mullins

Mullins Family 1915-1920

Muncy, Arch and Mary - 1900

Muncy, Malachi (Mac) Malcolm (1864 - 1947)

Muncy, Rosa Ellen

Muncy, Rosa & Mary Asbury

Muncy, Sam and Lou Emma - late 1940's

Myers, Mose and Mary Ellen Cazzell Myers

Payne, Irvin & Rhoda

Roberts, Sharon

Short, Noah (Family)

Smith, John Wilson

Thornquest, Bertha's Mother

Thornquest, Sarah Dale

Tunnell, James P and Family

Underwood, Jess & Jim

Underwood, Jess & Harrison Woody with wives

Unknown Ladies, Welch, WV - 1920's

Vance, Dan and Laura - 1932

Vance Family - 1923

Wade, Nora & Irene Harris

Wedding Photograph

Williams, Robert at Blackwolf Store - late 1920's or early 1930's

Woody Family Homestead

Woody, Loretta Collins Birthplace




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McDowell County


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