Help Name This WV Town!

The panoramic photograph (below), which was taken in remarkable detail, was handed down from my grandparents. I was born in Welch in Feb 1941 at "Grace" Hospital. I know little about the area other than the frequent references to nearby towns and cities...Hemphill, Gary, War etc. We moved from Welch to Texas after the war.

I live in San Antonio, Texas and all family members who would have been able to identify the picture are no longer with us. I have been particularly enthralled by the detail and quality of the picture taken so many years ago--I would guess circa 1930's. It was taken before the birth of my oldest brother who was born in 1936. There is no identification of the photographer and it is obviously one taken commercially, perhaps by the coal company itself.

Any help identifying this photograph would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance,
Jack G Wilson, Colonel, USAF Retired (Jack G Wilson)
Jul 5


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