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Except for the first two photos, which is by Marion Post Wolcott, these photos of Vivian were obtained from ERCA by Alex Schust, who wrote Gary Hollow and Billion Dollar Coalfield, which are both histories of McDowell County. Both contain a lot of interesting history and photos of McDowell County. Alex Schust scanned these photos at the ERCA offices. Buddy French restored the photos. If you click on the photos, you can open a large picture with much more detail.

Vivian 1900

Vivian, 1904

The Peerless Coal and Coke store is in the background, and if you look at the enlarged photo, you will see coke ovens are to the right of the store.

Vivian 1900

This is the backside view of the Peerless Coal and Coke store in the above photo.

Peerless Company Store

This is the original company store that burned down on Jan. 11, 1921.

Vivian Tipple

This is the original No. 1 Peerless coal tipple.

Vivian 1938

Marion Post Wolcott

Submitted by:Buddy French