McDowell County, WV Photo Album

Welch, WV

Baldwin-Felts Agents

Browns Creek High School, Welch

Grace Hospital

Harris, Sam

Harris, Sam

Harris, Sam & Irene

Wade, Nora & Irene Harris



Stevens Hospital

Unknown Ladies, Welch, WV - 1920's

Virginia Avenue Gas Station, Welch (1930)

Welch Basketball Team - 1930

Welch Bypass

Welch Bypass

Welch Court House

Welch Depot

Welch High School and Methodist Church

Welch High School - Class of 1940

Welch High School - Freshman Class 1930

Welch National Bank

Welch, WV, February 1991

Welch Senators Baseball Team - 1927

War Building

Additional Photos of Welch




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McDowell County


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