McDowell County, WV Photo Album

Here are some photographs of McDowell County subjects contributed by researchers like you.

These visual "time capsules" help give some perspective to the lives and times of our McDowell County people and places.

Need help repairing old photos? Buddy French has offered to help McDowell residents repair their family photos--see Free Photo Service .

Note that we've tried to retain the same size as submitted, and that these photos may be rather large. In some instances, it may be necessary to reduce the size of the original. Please make sure photos shared are of a historical significance and are not protected by copyright.

2002 McDowell County Flood

1936 McDowell County Flood Photo

Family on Buda Car (need help to identify)

John Quincy Adams - Wilcoe, WV

Algoma Coal Company

Algoma Coal Tipple

Algoma Company Store

Algoma Tipple and Tracks

American Memory - 1935-1945, Capels, McDowell County (45)

American Memory - 1935-1945, Mohegan, McDowell County (18)

American Memory - 1935-1945, Welch, McDowell County (16)

American Memory - 1935-1945, Twin Branch, McDowell County (13)

American Memory - 1935-1945, Davy, McDowell County (8)

Anawalt Bank 1920

Anawalt Elementary School

Anawalt Fire Department

Anawalt Funeral 1910

Anawalt - Jeanette 1910

Anawalt Post Office 1910

Arlington Coal and Coke Company

Asco Mine

Atwell Suspension Bridge

Autumn Harvest Festival 2006- McDowell County

Autumn 2006 Trail Photos - McDowell County

Bailey and Cline families 2

Bailey, Beckley

Eli Bailey & Hanna Lester

Simeon Peter & Siggabertha (Lockhart) Bailey

Simeon Peter & Siggabertha (Lockhart) Bailey homeplace

Baldwin-Felts Agents

Baptizing Photos (1953-61)

Bartley Baseball Team

Bartley Girls (Bartley Junior High)(1938-40)

Bartley Grade 5 Class (1947-48)

Bartley Grade 5 & 6 Class (1947-48)

Bartley Grade 8 Class (1947-48)

Bartley Grade 9 Class (1948-49)

Bartley Grade 5 & 6 Class (1948-49)

Bartley Grade 9 Class (1957-58)

Bartley No. 1 Mine Tipple - 2001

Bean, Artemus

Bean, Art - 1920

Bean - Collins

Bean Family

Beavers, George

Bean, Jesse

Beavers, Jean

Beavers, Zella and Kissinger, Daisy (1)

Beavers, Zella and Kissinger, Daisy (2)

Belcher Mountain School Photos

Berwind Lake Photos

Berwind Tipple (1936)

Big Creek High School

Bishop Mines -1

Bishop Mines -2

Bishop Mines Bath House

Blackwell, Stonewall Jackson- 1921

Blackwolf Coal Tipple

Blakely Field

Bradshaw 1966

Bradshaw Coal Company - 1930

Bradshaw Mountain

Bradshaw Town Hall

Bradshaw - Two Views

Broomfield Family Homeplace

Broomfield Family at mines

Browns Creek High School, Welch

Capels Mine Shaft

Caretta (Tense Avenue)

Caretta School

Caretta School children (1946-1947)

Carpenter Family (Caretta-1918)

Carpenter Homer (Caretta-1927)

Carpenter Fred (Caretta)

Carlos Grade School (1949-1950)

Christian, John D. & Nancy

Coal Camp (Bradshaw)

Coal Camp Tipple (Bradshaw)

Coal Miners Memorial (Bartley)

Coal Company Scrip (various)

Coalwood Photos

Coalwood Jr. High - Class of 1947-1948

Coalwood Mountain Highway

Collins, Buck & wife

Collins, John (1827 - 1898)

Collins, Mary Polly Rife (1834)

Collins, Richard & wife

Collins, William

Conklintown Church of God (1951)

Ressie Mussel White Dale

Dawson, Bob (Family)

Davy WV

Davy Railroad Station

Dewey & Florence Day - 1921

Deskins, Annabelle

Deskins, Betty

Deskins, Betty Jean - Iaeger

Dry Fork River Valley near War

Aerial Views of English WV

Eckman WV

Elbert Community Center, early 1900's

Elbert-Filbert Elementary School, 2 & 3 grade class, PTA Play, 1948

Elbert-Filbert Elementary School, 6th grade class 1952-1953

Elbert-Filbert Elementary School, 6th grade class 1954-1955

Elbert #7 Painting (1945)

Elbert Mine Tipple No. 7

Dewey F. England - Capels Mine (1938)

English, WV Grade School - Grades 3-4 - 1949-1950

Isaac & Nancy Estep

Filbert (1910)

Filbert (1942)

Filbert Coal Car Accident (1940's)

Flat Top, English WV homes

Flood of Bradshaw (1957)

Flood of Bradshaw (1977)

Gary WV (1)

Gary WV (2)

Gary WV (3)

Gary #10 Ball Park (1919 - 1920)

Gary #10 Ball Park (1920's)

Gary #10 (1991)

Gary #10 Baseball (1910)

Gary #12 Birth of a Coal Mine (1945)

Gary #12 (1945)

Gary #12 Crew (1945)

Gary #12 First Cut (1945)

Gary Ball Park (1920's)

Gary Catholic Church (1949)

Gary Coalfield Baseball Team (1926)

Scenes from Gary WV

Gary High School Sophomores - 1950-1951

Gary HS Basketball Team (1943)

Gary Mine Tipple No. 2

Godfrey, Armour Lawson & Louisa Collins Godfrey

Godfrey, Armour Lawson & family

Green Lantern Restaurant

Grand Theater, War, WV (1952)

Harris, Sam

Harris, Sam

Harris, Sam & Irene

Harvey Mullins & Olie Blankenship Mullins

Havaco Elementary School Class Photo 1948-1949

Havaco Tipple

Havaco Tipple (late 1950's)

Hicks, Etta & Virgil

Hicks, John Logan

Hicks, Mack & Della, Marytown (1930's)

Hicks, Lora Etta & Wilson, Quentin (1960)

Lucindy Keene Hicks & Lillie Keene Poore - 1920's

Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall (across street)

Old Horse Creek School

Luther and Anna (Horn) Hyatt & Family (Havaco 1930)

Downtown Iaeger

"I Like Iaeger" Postcard

Iaeger Grade School 1st Grade Class - 1948-1949

Iaeger High School (2001)

Iaeger HS Football Squad (1927)

Iaeger HS Football Squad (1942-3)

Iaeger HS Basketball Team (1943)

Iaeger High School (1927)

Iaeger High School

Iaeger HS Play

Iaeger Junior High School Football Team (1952-1953)

Iaeger Methodist Church - Junior Choir (1948)

Iaeger Methodist Church Choir - (1951-1952)

Irvin & Rhoda Payne

Jed (1912)

Jed (1912)

Jenkinjones #8 Coal Tipple (1930)

Jenkinjones Company Store (1928)

Jenkinjones Company Store (1930)

Jenkinjones Company Store (2002)

Jenkinjones Elementary School

Jenkinjones Methodist Church

Jenkinjones Payroll Office (1925-1930)

Jenkinjones Union Hall

Jenkinjones Wooden Bridge

Jewell School Big Room Class

Jewell School Little Room Class

Jolo Kindergarden Class 1979-1980

Jolo Elementary

Kailing Store - 1952 (Wilcoe)

Keystone No. 1 Preparation Plant

Laben Kirk

Lake Superior Coal Company

Preacher Layne (Caretta)

Lewis Camp Marker, Iaeger

Loretta Collins Woody Birthplace

Marinari Store, War

McDowell County Baseball Team

McDowell Bus Drivers (1968)

McDowell County Commission on Aging Photos 2002

McDowell Courthouse

McDowell County Drug Free Day 2005 Photos

McDowell County Floods

McDowell Coal Miners Memorial

McDowell Coal Miners Memorial State Marker

McDowell County Postcards

McDowell Sheriff's Department

McDowell Sheriff's Department: New Cruisers (1978)

McDowell Vocational School

Mine Tipple at Beartown

The Mitchems

Mullins Family 1915-1920

Muncy, Arch and Mary - 1900

Muncy, Malachi (Mac) Malcolm (1864 - 1947)

Muncy, Rosa Ellen

Muncy, Rosa & Mary Asbury

Muncy, Sam and Lou Emma - late 1940's

Munson Coal Camp - 1949

Munson Company Store & Office

Munson Man Lift - 1949

Munson Shops & Bath House

Munson Timber Yard

Munson Tipple - 1949

Munson Training Center

Myers, Mose and Mary Ellen Cazzell Myers

New Mines near War

Newhall Elementary School

Northfork Church - 1948

Norfolk & Western No. 1274

Norfolk & Western Miners

Old Belcher Cemetery

Old Theater

Old Theater (another view)

Patton Boarding House, War WV

Pond Creek Baseball Team

Pond Creek Tipple/Mine No. 1 (1936)

Premier Cut on Route 52

Raysal Grade 2 (1950-51)

Roberts, Sharon

Rolf, WV Miners

September 11, 2001 Murial, Jenkinjones, WV

Short, Noah (Family)

Starland Theater (entrance)

Stevens Hospital

Thornquest, Bertha's Mother

Thornquest, Sarah Dale

Thorpe Cemetery

Thorpe Grade School (1935)

Thorpe Grade School Children - Grade 3 (1946-1947)

Thorpe WV

Old Trapfork School - 1925

Second Trapfork School

Tunnell, James P and Family

Superior, WV (link to old photos)

wo Views near Tug Fork

Jess & Jim Underwood

Jess Underwood & Harrison Woody with wives

Unknown Ladies, Welch, WV - 1920's

U.S.Steel's Mine Rescue Team - 1956

Vance, Dan and Laura - 1932

Vance Family - 1923

Virginia Avenue Gas Station, Welch (1930)

View of War WV (1)

View of War WV (2)

War Cafe and Jones & Spry

War Elementary School

War Elementary School Cheerleaders - 1948

War Memorial Building - Welch, WV

War Pharmacy

Warriormines, WV (1932)

Wedding Photograph

Welch Photos

Scenes from Welch WV

Wilcoe School - Grade 6 - 1946-1947

John Wilson Smith

Nora Wade & Irene Harris

War Grade School - 1920's

Welch Basketball Team - 1930

Welch Bypass

Welch Fabulous Fifties

Welch High School

Welch High School and Methodist Church

Welch High School - Class of 1940

Welch High School - Freshman Class 1930

Welch, WV, February 1991

Welch Senators Baseball Team - 1927

Welcome to Coalwood

Robert Williams at Blackwolf Store - late 1920's or early 1930's

Woody Family Homestead

World War II Airplane Crash Memorial

Yukon Grade 5 Class (1) 1937-1938

Yukon Grade 5 Class (2) 1937-1938



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