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Haywood Family

Haywood family Charley Ward
June Haywood, Vista Belle Auville Haywood, Ethyl Haywood Ward, Waldo Haywood, Leslie Haywood

Charley Ward


Leslie A Haywood, Ethyl Haywood Ward, June Haywood Wheeler, Evelyn Price (wife of Waldo Haywood) Evelyn Haywood, June Haywood Wheeler, Ethyl Haywood Ward, Leslie Haywood
Isaih Haywood
Isaih Beethoven Haywood
First wife: Vista Belle Auville Haywood
Second wife: Virginia Prater Haywood

Waldo Haywood
Wife: Evelyn Ruth Ferrel Haywood

Mary Ann Roberts, Frances Marie Ward

Photos submitted by Frances Ward Brammer Seltz
Parents: Charley Ward and Ethyl Haywood Ward
Grandparents: Isaih Beethoven Haywood and Vistie Belle Auville Haywood

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