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Picture, Location Route 80 Town of Garland, McDowell County Wv . Mose Myers was Born in Tenn 2/14/1893 died 1/22/1965. was a Expert wood carver: it is a form of working wood by means of a cutting tool held in the hand (Knife) e.c.t resulting in a wooden figure or figurine. he also was a Coal minner: Mary Ellen Cazzell Myers was Born in Carter Co. KY. 5/16/1900 or 1897- died 1981. was a Midwife the term traditionally used to describe the art of assisting women through childbirth, she was also a Medicine Woman who used healing plants, trees, roots, berries and wild herbs to treat the sick. both had Native american indian blood in them. Husband and Wife was Married 1915 in Mingo Co, West Virginia.

Contributed by. John Myers


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