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McDowell County Queries - 1998

Linda M. Fesperman - submom@hotmail.com - Does anyone have any death records for ca 1890? I have a James STUMP that died ca 1890 in this county. Thanks.

Melissa Wills - mmwills@visuallink.com - I am still looking for information regarding the WHITT and MULLINS families as mentioned in a query from early summer 1997. I didn't have email for quite a while, so if anyone tried to contact me, I didn't receive the message. I appologise for this. If you have any information on the above families, please contact me at my new e mail address. Thanks.

Ronald S. Cava - rhbc@interpath.com - Searching for information on Ethel GREENE who married Phillip CAVA. Children included Roy John, Frank, Peter, Paul and Raymond CAVA. She was born late 1800's of Scotch-Irish descent. Lived and died in or near War, WV during early 1900's.

L.T. Williamson - lowellw@camden.net - Looking for anyone related to Lucinda NEAL or H.H. CECIL. These folks may have lived near or in a community known as Premier. Anyone having info on these people please contact L.T. Williamson at lowellw@camden.net

Ronald S. Cava - rhbc@interpath.com - I am searching for McDowell County information regarding the CAVA family, particularly my grandfather Philip CAVA, ca. 1900 and my father, Roy John CAVA ca. 1915, and my uncles, Raymond, Peter or Paul CAVA. Philip was miner and Ethel died when boys were young. Philip placed them in an orphanage run by the Roman Catholic Church, I believe in War, WV. Any information you can provide on the CAVA or about the orphanage would be greatly appreciated.

grose@swva.net - ROSE/HARPER: I am looking for information regarding John A. ROSE, Sr. who married Mary HARPER. John had a brother named Thomas, however, I have no information on parents at this point. John died sometime before 1930 and is buried somewhere in Welch, McDowell Co., WV. Mary and John had six children: Lizzie ROSE, George ROSE, William ROSE, John ROSE, Jr., Flora ROSE, and Thomas Wesley ROSE (b 1881-1888). This family may have come from the KY or TN area to McDowell Co. Does anyone have any information regarding this elusive family? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Jameson D. Woodard - JAMSTY@aol.com - Looking for any type of records for Lewis Emmanual MITCHUM and his wife Janey Mitchum. One child Emmanual Lewis MITCHUM married Suzzanah DAY Dec. 4 or 14, 1890 in Mercer Co. (San Lych) or McDowell Co. (Sand Lich). Their children included Daniel DAY (1808), Ester DAY (1812?), James DAY (1812), And Daniel DAY (?). Daniel DAY married Ester "Hatfield" DAY. Had six children Mary Penny (1871), James DAY (1870), Daniel DAY (1868), Edmony Janey DAY (1865), Margaret Suzzanah DAY (?), and George DAY (?). One of these boys married a Cherokee woman who would be my great great grandmother. I am desperatley searching for her place of birth so that I might be able to get a birth certificate and/or proof that she was full blood cherokee.Thank you.

James D. Birchfield - klijdb@pop.uky.edu
Mastin CHRISTIAN of Tazewell Co. VA (b. ca. 1799 d. ca. 1854) married (2) Margaret Maria ROBINET, mother of my ancestor Nancy CHRISTIAN, who married Noah BIRCHFIELD. Welcome any information concerning parents of Maria ROBINET, whose family were probably in McDowell Co. area. Children's names include Daniel and Hiram CHRISTIAN, and there are Daniel and Hiram ROBINET on 1840 Tazewell Co. Census. Information welcome.

Marlene WEST Perry - PPerry9426@aol.com - I am researching the CRABTREE line and we tie into the James ROBERTS Jr.line through his offspring by Henrietta CRABTREE. These children are all illegitimate.Would you care to help on this if you have any knowledge. ?? She had 11 children all by James ROBERTS Jr. James ROBERTS Sr. helped raise these children from records we have come across. Thank you in advance any and all info.

<MCarr86001 - I was born in Squire, WV in 1936. Never knew much about my family. My last name was RUSS, my Father was Isaac J. RUSS and my mothers name was Ruby COLLIER. I would like to know where the RUSS'S came from. Jewel Ridge is another town also Valscreek where my father was working in the mines. Any information would be appreciated.

Mary Anne Sutphin - MASUTPHI@VT.EDU - I am a researcher of the SUTPHIN family. In 1920 census Joseph R and Senah SUTPHIN were in McDowell Co. with 5 children, Juanita 14, Theodore 11, Helen 7, Thomas 3 and John L 1. I am looking for information on this family, marriage records, b&d records, cemetary records. I would be delighted to know if some of this family is still in your area. I appreciate any help.

tootsie@tnaccess.com - I am looking for information on the GRAGG family of McDowell Co. I am trying to find the parents of James SHELBY GRAGG born 20 August 1874 in Mitchell Co. to a Robert F. GRAGG and a Mary GRAGG HARVIL GRAGG MAYFIELD. James SHELBYGRAGG grandmother on his mother side was belived to be a Mary '' Polly '' ( OLLIS ) GRAGG he was living with her in the 1880 Mitchell Co. Census Mary GRAGG 55 - Shelby GRAGG 21 a son ( Blind ) and James S GRAGG 7 ( grandson ) Mary GRAGG daughter family Susan E. ( GRAGG ) MACE 35 was next to her in the census Mary GRAGG born 1825 - died 1892 buried in Greenvalley Cemetery Avery Co. James SHELBY GRAGG grandfather was Major GRAGG born 27 October 1816 son of John GRAGG and ELIZABETH ( MAJOR ) GRAGG. I don't know James SHELBY GRAGG fathers parents. James SHELBY GRAGG did have one brother Robert GRAGG born 1872 and two sisters Mary Jane GRAGG born 1870 and Roxie Bell GRAGG born 1876. All born belive to be in MITCHELL Co.N.C. ROBERT F. GRAGG mother or his grandmother was a Cherokee Indian. The last were about of this family was in Marion, McDowell Co. N.C. If anyone has any information please Email at tootsie@tnaccess.com

Roger Beach - RCBeach@aol.com - I am looking for information on my grandfather, Lyle T. (TILLET?) BEACH, b 1891 in WV, d 1925 in Black River Falls, WI. Wife was Hazelle M. ACHENBACH. TILLET is believed to be Lyle's mother's maiden name. My father was 10 when Lyle died, and has little recollection of his father or that side of the family. Any information you may have is appreciated.

Betty - Bee870@aol.com - My father was born in McDowell County June 19,1906 his name was Jesse James SAYERS.

Billy Marshall - MarshallWR@aol.com - I am writing with a query about any existing family history information on my father's descendents. The information that I have on him is provided below. I am particularly interested in his mother's name, date/place of birth, father's name confirmation, date/place of birth, and any known local relatives. Thank you for taking the time to respond to this request and for your dedicated volunteer service in this worthwhile project. If I can provide you any information that may help please feel free to contact me. You may, of course, feel free to share any of the information below with any interested parties.
BIRTH: October 18, 1933
PLACE: Welch, WV (in the local hospital, as the story goes)
DEATH: December 25, 1997, Akron, OH
MARRIAGE: June 9, 1956, Akron, OH to Janis Mary KISSEL
FATHER: Roy Marshall (I believe that this is correct)
MOTHER: Unknown
CHILDREN: 1. Billy Ray Marshall Jr. ( Name changed legally to William R. Marshall), 2. Kimberly Ann Marshall (Turnbull), 3. Erik Christopher Marshall, all born in Akron, OH.
MILITARY: U.S. Marine Corps, 1951-1957

Ron Dailey - RonDailey@bigfoot.com - Please add my e-mail address (RonDailey@bigfoot.com) to your surname listing for McDowell County for GOODSON. My great grandfather was James Tazewell GOODSON who owned J. T. Goodson & Son grocery store in Davy. He is buried in Roderfield. I'm interested in searching any of his descendants/ancestors. He originally came from Floyd County Virginia. Thanks.

Caron Withers - cwithers@airmail.net - Seeking information on the parents of John ADAIR who married Mary, they came to this country from Ireland about 1770 - daughter Barbara ADAIR, born Oct. 15, 1793 married Robert PARMLEY. Barbara was born in Knox or Hawkins Co., Tennessee and also lived in Wayne County, Kentucky. Any help will be appreciated-thanks

Judi Toler Jkozlow525@aol.com - I am looking for information on William I TOLER and Margaret SPENCE. They were married in Tazwell County in the mid to late 1800's. They gave birth to twin boys Esau and Jacob in 1889. Other children were Thomas, Chap, and a daughter and I beleive another son. Any information would be appreciated.

shejduk@ncweb.com - Looking for family tree on Mulins-lane-bailey-green-workman all Mcdoweel co. W. Va.

STYARNALL@aol.com - I am searching for information on my father's mother, Anna Elizabeth HYATT, (maiden name HORN). She was married to Luther Theodore HYATT in April 1923 in Welch, WV, and their son (my father) was born in May 1924 in Havaco, WV. The only information I have on her is that she was probably born in 1907 or 1908 in KY, and her parents were Robert and Fannie HORN. She died when my father was young, and I have not been able to locate a death certificate. I believe she lived in McDowell County at the time of her death and is probably buried there. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

Gail Bank - medbank@showme.missouri.edu - I was born in Welch 72 year ago. My family lived in Kimball but the hospital was in Welch.
My grandparents, Harry and Ida BANK, moved to Kimball in 1895 right after their marriage in Baltimore, MD. The opened Bank's Department Store.They prospered and sometime in the 1920's they opened a second store in War. Following the economic crash in 1929, they lost those stores. The moved to Welch and opened a new store that had the same name.This store operated during World War II and for a few years later when they retired and moved to Charleston.
This is the general history that I know.I would like to be more specific about years in which these several years operated. Are there sources of records such as business licenses, or tax records that might be availabe in McDowell County or elsewhere in the state that might be accessed to provide this information? Any information and suggestions you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Kayr363830@aol.com - I would like to get information about the Beulah J. WITT & Arnold B. ROSE family who lived in McDowell Co. in 1956. My husband, Kenneth Richard ROSE was born in Welch and we have been unable to find any information about his mother's family except that her parent's names were Alex & Cynthia or Cordelia? Witt. Anyone having any information about this family please contact me. Thank you.

jimtolbert@worldnet.att.net - Mary Lacy Christley HARDY, born in Elkhorn, West Virginia, Dec. 20, 1907, to Bertha CHRISTLEY c-1874 and John Vincent HARDY c-1870. Bertha CHRISTLEY was the daughter of William Henry CHRISTLEY and Frances Jane WARNER. Mary was raised by her grandparents and never knew her mother. What happened to Bertha CHRISTLEY? Did she die, run away, go crazy or get locked up? For this family I'm researching, this is their biggest question. Can anyone help?

Maggie Phillips - lshockey@emwv.com - I am searching for ancestors of my great grandparents, Rebecca Jane EARLY (related to Gen. Jubal Anderson EARLY) and William Preston YOUNG (an officer in the Confederacy and elected tax assessor for Monroe County). They were born both in Union. They are buried in Green Hill Cemetery. My grandfather, William Branch YOUNG, MD, died in Northfork on Nov 22, 1971. My aunt, Elizabeth Young Stevens Clark, was a long-time teacher at Welch High School. Later, she was an English proffesor at Bluefield. Her son is Richard CLARK. He was president and CEO of Basuch & Lomb. His grandfather was co-founder of Stevens Clinic. It was named for his grandfather. My aunt, Elizabeth, was later married to James Donald CLARK, an owner of car dealerships, state representative, and policatical appointee. I would certainly appreciate any assistance rendered. Thank you

RSeog@aol.com - I am searching for Rufus TOTTEN born 1836 or 1837 Tazewell Co VA. Mary Jane YOST born 1837 or 1838 Tazewell County VA. They were married on July 01, 1852. They moved to Boone County West Virginia and show up there in the 1860 census.

Jni - Wren@aol.com - I am looking for family of my great-uncle Benjamin Harrison SMITH, son of Abner and Ruth Ann Christian SMITH, he was born 9 Mar 1890, died 17 Dec. 1956 in White Sulphur Springs, WV. He was married to Lilly (length of marriage unknown and her last name unknown). We know of 2 children Delbert and Grace Smith GILLESPIE. These were names on his obit, with their address as Hensley, WV. Would like to correspond with any members of this family or does any one know any information that will help fill in the blanks of our family tree.Thanks in advance. Va.

TIM WILLIAMSON - thewilliamsons@bigfoot.com - I'm looking for information on Willie 'Bill' RATLIFF, who married Martha Virginia DOTSON in McDowell. I need dates, parents, etc. Willie was a son of John Wesley and Matilda J. (BLAIR) RATLIFF. John was a son of Richard and Sarilda RATLIFF. Can anyone help? I am also looking for my mother in laws birth record. She is a daughter of Willie and Martha V. (DOTSON) RATLIFF. We have not been able to find her exact birth date.

RSeog@aol.com - I am searching for Rufus TOTTEN born 1836 or 1837 Tazewell Co VA. Mary Jane YOST born 1837 or 1838 Tazewell County VA. They were married on July 01, 1852.
They moved to Boone County West Virginia and show up there in the 1860 census.

Rosemary Francis - rojo@speed1.net - My father, Herbert BLANKENSHIP, was born and raised in Wyoming County. He was one of 13 children of Sarah and Black BLANKENSHIP. After WWII Dad settled with my mom in Wood Cty where she was from. Consequently, we didn't get to spend much time getting to know our family in that area. Mom and Dad are both gone now and I was hoping to run onto someone else who is searching for the same family.

Carrol Blankenship, Jr. - TBlank269@aol.com - My grand father was a BLANKENSHIP, his name was Enos, they lived at Johnny Cake Mt. They also lived at Panther Creek. My other grandfather was Robert HODERFILED. He lived at 3 Way and he owned the gas station. Thanks for any info.

williamjwhite@email.msn.com - I am seeking information about my grandmother; Mary AGEE, She was born in McDowell County at War, on April 30, 1888. She was married to Robert Camel WHITE of Logan County about 1910. She had a son (my father) Harry Douglas WHITE born at Langraffe in McDowell County on June 10, 1917. Mary died in Lee County, Virginia, about 1952. I would like to know; who her parents and siblings were.

Roger Johnson - rlj@dvdol.com - info:John G. ADDAIR Sally ADDAIR from McDowell County wv. Thanks.

okeyl@inetone.net - I am seeking information on Jacob Tazwell PHILLIPS. I do not have any dates or exact locations. However, Jacob Tazwell's life span should be from the late middle 1800s to the early 1900s.

alleylaw@worldnet.att.net - Hello I am trying to see if there are any family member out there working on the same line as mine:Descendants of Thomas MULLENS m. Mary WRIGHT: William (b 1844), Jane (1845), Lidia (1848) and Thomas (1865). There are other names listed on my site too.

Tim Sturgill - medic6@usit.net - I certainly hope you can help me. My Grandfathers' name was John STURGILL, his fathers name was Troy. Troy was born in 1900, and died in 1965. I'm tryin to find out the names of his parents, and siblings. He died in War, WV. Any information would help. Thanks.

tom@intellilink.net - I am looking for information on Theadore BAILEY and his wife Nancy Jane CLINE. Some of their children live around the Iaeger and Panther area. Iaeger is northwest of Welsh. I don't have exact dates of birth, they were probably born around the late 1800's. Their children are Druey, Zink, Elliott, Christian, Jraze, Corona, Stella and Noah who is my grandfather, his wife was Bessie MOUNTS. Noah died at about 37years old.

PalisMaid@aol.com - Glenny Gorman DONITHAN worked in the mines there from 1925 to 1954. He was born in 1911 married Lillie while working in the mines. Came back in 1947 or so after the war and worked in the mines. He married Erle Etna PANNEL during that time and had two children when leaving in approx 1954 for Lubbock, Tx. His father was Saint/Samp DONITHAN born in approximate 1875 in North Carolina, married to Nettie TURNER from Virginia. If you have any information on this family it would be greatly appreciate. E Mail us at this address he is our grandfather, Saint Dontihan and we would love to know any roots available for this person.

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