McDowell County Queries - 2002

Updated 27 December 2002

I am looking for a Frank Boyd born about 1897. I am also looking for his wife Sabina Donley. He could have had another wife previous to Sabina. Thanks, M. Neal

Does anyone remember the case of a John Cameron, thought to have been murdered near Welch, WV, about 1966 ? He was found in a field one morning because the land owner saw Buzzards, and when he checked, he found John Cameron dead. The story goes that John was out with some buddies on a big drunk, in the back seat of his car because he could not drive. His buddies saw he was dead, and feared they would be blamed, so they dumped John in this field, and drove off in his car. I have been told that John's buddies were arrested, and tried for John's murder, but were found NOT GUILTY. I would very much appreciate any information about this case. Thank you very much. Joe

I would like more info on Mary C. Milam age 36 who married James Day age 31 on Nov. 14, 1899 in McDowell Co. WV. She may have been married to a Combs or an Adkins prior. Or her maiden name could have been Adkins. Any info would help. Thanks Peggy

I'm looking for a George Peters . I understand he was killed in a mining accident in McDowell Co. in the early 1900s. He was married to Nancy Edna Anders(Andrews). George and Nancy had two children Harvey and Mae. Nancy later married Walter Butler .I have no other information. This is my brick wall. Thanks Mary Neal

I'm looking for any information on the Feb. 4, 1957 gas explosion in coal #35 in Bishop, for Pocahontas Fuel Co. I hope any one can help I know 37 or 39 men died in this explosion. One of them was my grandfather. I don't know anything about him. I have been looking for 2 months on the computer for information but have not come across anything more but what I have stated here. Thank you for any information anyone can give and God Bless. Sherry

I was wondering if anyone would know in which enumeration district Ennis is located in the 1910 US Census. Many thanks! Timothy

My wife and I are interested in visitng the Welch, WV area this summer. My maternal ancestors are from Gary and I've always wanted to visit. Can you suggest a source where I might get the names of local motels, tourist accomodations, restauruants, etc? Thanks, in advance, for your help. Gene Deverick

Im looking for Alexander Rasnick and wife Lucy Warrick (Warrix) they had a son named William(Doc)Rasnick. William was born 5-6-1899. They lived in McDowell County. Iaeger W.V. If someone can help me find some information on this family it would be a big help. I no that Alexander moved to Kentucky and died their. Can't find wife Lucy. William died in Iager in 1969. Thanks for any help ahead of time.

I'm looking for any info on Joseph Short that is listed on the 1860 McDowell Co., WV census, decendant or ancestors. Any help would be appreciated! Rodney

I am searching for my Great Aunt Mae Ward Hall. I think her husband's name was Norman but I'm not sure. She was born in Johnson Co KY and moved to McDowell Co, West Virginia early in the century - 1920s/30s/40s maybe. Her sister, Trinnie, also lived in McDowell Co. If anyone has access to death records in the 70s and 80s, I would appreciate that or any information anyone has on her. I would really like to find her children. Thanks. Christine

I am looking for the Stewart side of my family. The names I'm looking for are Captain Ralph Stewart ,his son George P. Stewart, his son Andrew Rice Stewart, [ his son Okey Stewart] my grandfather knew nothing about him his son, my dad Marvin Audry Stewart he was just 11 when he died. He is gone now but he never knew what happened or where he is laid to rest. we know all his brothers and sisters but no one knows what happened to them, we cant fine them either, hope you can help. Please Email me at this address I dont get to the Queries very often. Phyllis Stewart Hall

I'm trying to find information on some of the old songs about McDowell County subjects. If you have some of these recordings or know where I can obtain a them, please let me know. Thanks, David

This is to let everyone know that I finally found a copy of "The Heritage of McDowell County, West Virginia 1858-1995." This book was published by the McDowell County Historical Society. Thanks to all of you who responded to my request. I really appreciate it. Betty Fimiani

Looking for info. on Opel Hicks from McDowell. Earl J. Lawson

I'm looking for any info regarding this family: 1930 McDowell Co WV Census Dist 27 Sheet 11A Line 1 Cline, Dan H. 48, WV, Father WV Mother WV, Coal Loader; Helen V. 53,Ky, Father KY Mother KY; Sylvia 15, Alabama, Father WV Mother KY; Mildred 12, WV, Father WV Mother KY; Dollie 9, WV, Father WV Mother KY. Thanks for any help.

I am seeking info regarding this family. All are from the Hensley area as far as I know. Descendants of George Ernest Darby 1 George Ernest Darby .. +Helen Virginia Thomas ........ 2 Sarah Darby ............ +Dock England ........ 2 Earl William Darby ............ +Brady Mae Mitchell ........ *2nd Wife of Earl William Darby: ............ +Unknown Unknown ........ 2 Earnest George Darby,Sr ............ +Bessie May Collins ........ 2 Sherman Darby ............ +Margaret Collins ........ 2 May Darby ............ +Roland Campbell ........ 2 John Curtis Darby ............ +Bessie Inez Smith ........ 2 Claude Darby ........ 2 Pearl Darby ........ 2 James T. Darby. Thanks for any help.

Wanted to see if anyone knew of any indian reservations in mcdowell co area in 1920-30s thanks David Steele

I am looking for information about my Grandmother & Grandfather, Louis And Rozal Barta. They came to McDowell County around 1912 from Hungary and lived in Thorpe. My Grandmother Rozal Barta is buried in Thorpe Cemetery. I can't find any information on Louis (Lajos) I know he worked in the mines and during the war he returned toWest Virginia from Michigan and was killed in a coal mine, I would like to find where he is buried. Can somebody point me in the right direction. L.E. Barta

Family notes and stories tell me, 1905 - About 35 families leave Hensley Hollow, McDowell Co, bound for Washington State, by passenger train. WHY? Families included (but not limited to): England, Blakely, Lambert, Mullins. Towns mentioned in Washington State, Riffe, Mossyrock, Mt. St. Helens, Chehalis (where they bought supplies) May have worked in the timber cutting industry. My ancestor, Joseph England and wife Martha Blakely were aboard, with most of their children. Their youngest, Lloyd England, while on the train ride, learned to walk. Some of these families had land - homesteaded, land grant, purchased, etc. But, they all abandoned their homes and land, to go west. Some stayed. Most returned withing a few years. We're told Joseph and Martha "managed" the poor farm in McDowell Co., when they returned. Probably the only place to go when they returned! ANYONE KNOW WHY THEY WENT WEST? Or any details? Connie in VA

LUCINDA BISHOP. I am seeking death info on Lucinda Bishop found in the 1900 McDowell County Census at the poor farm at Hemphill. She was the widow of Henry Bishop who died 1880. I have not been able to locate her after the 1900 census. Reply to

POOR FARM AT HEMPHILL IN MCDOWELL COUNTY. I am seeking information on the poor farm at Hemphill in McDowell County. In the 1900 census it lists a J. M. Duggers as owner or manager. I need to find out if the poor farm had a cemetary and if anyone can tell me the location. Please reply to

I am looking for any information about Henry Rakes. I know he was married to Cosby Day, daughter of Isaac Day and Nancy Arnold. His father was Lewis Rakes. Any information would be a great help. Thanks in advance. Sharon Wilson

I am looking for descendants of Clyde Walters who lived in or near Hemphill WVA. in the 1930's. Mr. Walters was a supervisor with a coal company. The Walters family adopted newborn twin boys in 1934. The twins are brothers to a very good friend of mine . Would appreciate any information.

My Grandmother ( Elizabeth Davis) was born in the city of Welch and moved to Ceredo W.V. , her parents Stanford (Sanders) and Augusta (Gusta Fuller) Davis are buried in Crescent Hill Cemetary. Would you have any information about this Davis family? Sanders father is William G. Davis and his mother is MaryAnn Rutherford. Sanders was born June 3, 1846 and died Dec. 19, 1935. He was married four times. Rev. G. W. Ferguson married Sanders to my great grandmother on May 23, 1895. Would you have any information on previous generations to this line of Davis family ? Also I am trying to find information on Jennings Leonard Morrison. He is my paternal grandfather, born in Wayne County. He married Elizabeth Davis. They lived at 1051 C Street in Ceredo. They had 5 children: Leonard, Betty, Robert, James (my father), and Penny(Rose). My grandfather, &#x0093Leonard&#x0094 was a proofreader for the Huntington Gazette. If you could tell me any information which might aid me in where to search It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much, Patty Kline

Does anyone remember a Dr. Welch George that was a doctor in the McDowell County area in the late 1920 or early 1930&#x0094s. Sheila

I have a James Daniel Day bd 1868 in my tree. He married Mary Magdaline Adkins on July 24, 1904 in McDowell Co., WV. I can't find their marriage. I need info on Mary. If anyone knows her or can find their marriage (maybe her parents are there), I would appreciate an e-mail. Thanks Peggy Day

looking for frank hayes born about 1902-3 (my gfather) dont know much about him he was a miner . had a child with minnie gibson/saler who lived around mohawk any info would be appreciated thanks david s

I am seeking information on the salaries of Coal miners in McDowell county, WV before and after they joined the union any help will be appreciated.

I am trying to follow the ancestory of Archibald Bailey,My Maternal greatgrandfather through Nancy Bailey Roberts Married to Neal Jackson Roberts April 4, 1898. My phone number 229-247-4273.Can You help? Bill Fornes

I'm searching for info on thomas Manley "TM" Laxton B in Wyoming Co,WV,april 17,1892 d in McDowell Co.WV. in Davy in a slate fall on Oct.11,1951.Married Ells Lockhart died married Bessie Collins, daughter of George Collins and Maggie Fairchild.I'm one of his grandaughters.of Eve. Thanks for any help.We left here in 1952.Grew up in Wilmington,DE. I live in the home TM and Bessie built in Asco,WV. W. Ann Morris

I am looking for a frank hayes b around 1902-3 he had a child with my grandmother minnie gibson/saler in 1925 on the birth cert it had his occupation as a miner . any info on him or minnie saler would be appreciated . ps the birth cert stated mohawk as residence. thanks david steele

I am looking for pictures of the schools at Mohegan, Davy, Baileysville, Wolf Pen, and Fanny (Fanrock) in the '20's or '30's. Also mines at Premier, Twin Branch, Hemphill, Red Jacket Jr., and Robinson Phillips. If anyone has copies of these photos that they would share with me, please contact me. Thank you.

looking for anyone related to my grandparents Thomas Manley 'TM" Laxton b April 17,1892 in wyoming co.wv died Oct.11,1951 in mining accident in Davy,WV. md Bessie Collins b Dec.18,1908 in Johnson CO. kY.TM"s first wife was Ella Lockhart.died.they had 3 children Amanda Laxton,Patrick George Laxton Thomas Manley "Chalk" Laxton and 4 girls by my Gram Willie Laxton,Hudson Eve Zetta Laxton,Carter(my mother Junatia Leatha Laxton, Beavers Edna Sue Laxton, Schafferman W. Ann Morris

I'm looking for anything about my grandmothers folks Bessie Collins md Thomas Manley "TM"Laxton, b Dec.18,1908 (she said Free Burn,Ky.) Birth record says father George Collins 35 Maggie Fairchild 20 Johnson CO.Ky. an aunt Martha Collins.Gram has 3 sisters and one brother Vergie Collins,Grubb May Collins,Wooten Cuba Collins,Mann Fred Collins My mother was Eve Laxton,Carter I'm W. Ann Morris of Asco/Davy,WV. can't find anything on Gram's side, Collins or Fairchild

If anyone knows where I could buy a copy of the following book, please let me know: "The Heritage of McDowell County, West Virginia 1858-1995." This book was published by the McDowell County Historical Society. Thanks, Betty Fimiani

I am looking for information about how the town of Bradshaw was settled. What is the history of the land and who were the key players in the settlement. If you have any ideas on how to begin my research, please contact me via email at Thanks.

I am looking for information on a Robert Clinton Spraker who was Deputy Sheriff in McDowell County probably after 1919. Please reply to

I am Jonathan Buchs-Hammonds, I am looking for any information anyone might have about my great grandparents Calvin Russell and Nell Lieonard Broyles. I know everything from them on but I am finding it difficult to find their parents... any information would be gladly accepted. They at one point lived in Coalwood.... thank you very much... my e-mail is

McGuire - Seeking information for Robert McGuire, son of Augustus McGuire and Mary Leonard. Robert died in Marion, Va in 1936. Could have lived in McDowell County sometime between 1900 and 1936. He was my g-grandfather. Any info appreciated. Please reply to Barb

I am looking for information about my grandfather who lived in Anawalt WV in the early 1900s His name was Pete Santy and his wife was named Mary They had thirteen cchildren Their names were Jim, John, Johnnie Frank, Sam Pat , Julia ,Susie and Anne Please e-mail me if you have any info on any of them My grandfather owned a bowling alley,a theater ,a pool hall all in Anawalt Thank you Please e-mail me at

I am interested in tracing my family tree on my Father's side. Their family was from PANTHER, WV and owned and operated a grocery and gas station there in the 50's and 60's. My Grandfather was Raymond E. JOHNSON and my Grandmother was Ada Pearl Justice. Her father was Matt Justice . and remember hearing of his mother(Lottie Fox) anyone with any info please contact me ASAP thanks Kathryn Stough(JOHNSON)

I have the Nunnally/Nunley tree back to 1740. They are from Virginia, West Virginia and Prince Edward County Virginia. It seem that most of the Nunley's in this part of Virginia are related. If I can answer any questions email me at Shirley

I am trying to find information about Crane Creek. My best guess is that it may be near the VA, state line. Reference is made to a baptism in the Saint Elizabeth Catholic Church, Pocahontas VA. There is also a chance that the original reference may have meant a coal mine. Any ideas or suggestions would be most appreciated.
Anthony Dzimitrowicz

I am looking for any old picture's of mine's in Mcdowell County, WVa, like Welch, Raysal, War, Warriormines, Bradshaw, Ieager, and also mining town's and boarding house's, if anyone has any old picture's of the class picture's of these school's, or the school's could you please send me copy's of them, Thank You so much, Please send them to this email address

Seeking information on the Nicholson-Evans family.They were from Pageton, McDowell County area. Thank you. Bill

I am looking for any and all information anyone may have on my family. My name is Danielle STANLEY. My grandfather is HOWARD "SONNY" STANLEY. His parents were ZEB & OLLIE (HICKS) STANLEY. Beyond knowing 2 of his brothers names, which are, MITCHEL & JACK STANLEY, I know nothing more except for 2 sisters names, OMA "LEE" & BECKY. My father is ROCKY HOWARD STANLEY. His brother and sister are MICKEY "MICK" & TRACEY STANLEY. My grandfather was married to VIRGINIA "GINGER" (ANTRUP) STANLEY, whom passed away 12/10/89. If there is anyone at all who has any information that you think may help me at all please let me know. I thank you for any information you may send me. The only other thing I know is I believe my Great Grandpa Zeb died around or on Christmas although I am not sure of the year. Once again thank you!!!!! Sincerely, Danielle Rena Stanley

Could anyone please tell me, which cemetaries in McDowell county may have been used by people who worked in the coal mines and which of the cemetaries are Catholic. Also, do you know of any that were used primarily by Hungarians? Thanks for your help Chris Hegyi

Do you have any information on the Mahaffey family. HV. Mahaffey, William Ranny Mahaffey? Joseph P. Mahaffey

Would like any info on the following two families, lived in the area in the 1800's, I have extensive info to share on both, would like more. CRAWFORD and McKINNEY(McKENNEY). Thanks, Janice

I am trying to locate information about my Mother, Bertha Mae Barlow, and her parents: Alfred Barlow and Mary Elizabeth Dodson Barlow. Bertha was born in Marytown, WV, McDowell County, West Virginia, 08/09/1901. She and her parents moved from West Virginia to Kentucky sometime between 1901 and 1904. Do you know if 1900 census data for McDowell county is available online? If you have any suggestions please feel free to send them. With appreciation, I am James F. Keller

I'm looking for anything about A. C. linkenhoker and Maggie Mclaughlin, from Eckman W.V. my grandmother was Thelma Linkenhoker born in Eckman in 1901, who had a twin sister named Elma or Alma. Thelma went on to marry a man by the last name of Chasteen. (my grandfather), I'm looking for him too, I don't know the first name or where he was from. He either died, or was divorced from Thelma. I think my grandparents were in Parkersburg W.V. along with my mother Jeanne lorraine Chasteen in I think, 1937 During the flood. This is all I know. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Gary

I have been searching everywhere to try to locate any information about Helen Maxine Powers and/or her family from Pineville area. I would so appreciate any information to locate any information about her and/or her family.

I would like to find out about my brother-in-law, Glen Lester. He came over to Welch W. Va. from Virginia sometime after 1949 and the family never heard from im again. He liked to preach and was a God fearing man and we heard he had been befriended by a preacher there. What I would like to find out is how and when he died and where he is buried. I would so like to lay this to rest after all these years if at all possible. Thanking you in advance for any help or advice on how to do this . I will appreciate any help anyone can give me on this matter. Lois M. Lester

Would the SHARON WEAVER STENQUIST , who posted a query in 2001 for Mcdowell County re: John Murphy and Maria of McDowell county, ...please contact me.... we are connected . thank you

I am looking for some old photos of War, West Virgina, especially the schools in War. If possible, would you please email them to me. Thank you. Jerry Domi

I am trying to find information on Thomas Gaultney. He lived in Eckman, W.Va.. I also would like some information on Arthur and Annie Rash. I think they are buried on the mountain in Gaultney cemetery at Eckman. Any information would be helpful. Thank you. B. Michael

I am serching for any Ratliff family members. My Great Grandfather James Ira Ratliff was believed to have died in West Virginia. Was born in Virginia in 1848 and lived in Tennessee and North Carolina, and after marital poblems returned to the West Virginia area after 1903. Help appreciated H. Hollifield

Do anyone have any old photo's or web addresses' of anything to do with Ashland and Crumpler that I might be able to get a copy of or address on the web that might have a copy? Thanks for any help that you might be able to give me. Sincerely, Jackie Persiani

I am trying to reach Annette Cook Monday. I would like to exchange information on Betty Huffman, Robert Scott Cook, Andrew Jackson Huffman and more. The email address that I found from a 1997 query is not deliverable. Please email me direct at Thanks, Tracy McCann

Hi I am Sherry and my grandma's name is Vina Workman (Lane) My grandpa's name is Flavel Woekman....trying to track down info on her side of is her obit: She was born in Welch W.V. to James E. Lane and Mary Emilky (Green) Lane on April 6th 1917. "Salkum---A 55-year Salkum resident, Vina ESther Workman died at her home Thursday, Dec. 26. She was 79. Workman was born April 6, 1917, in Welch, W.Va., to James E. and Mary Emilky (Green) Lane. She married Flavel Edward Workman, also of Welch, on Dec 1, 1933. The couple relocated to Riffe in 1941, later moving to Pe Ell, Chehalis and then to Salkum in the early 1970's. Vina Workman was a homemaker who loved gardening and crocheting. She was a member of the Western Union Babtist Church in Silver Creek, Wash. Workman was preceded in death by her husband, Flavel, in 1994; her son Roger E.; granddaughter Rhonda Looney in 1987; and her grandson, Jason Johnson, in 1989. She is survived by two sons, Don G. of Spanaway and Tony A. of Hebo, Ore.; three daughters, Shirley Looney of Salkum, Patricia Ann Creson of Port Orford, Ore., Barbara Carol Workman of Fife; a brother, Clinton Lane of Salkum; a sister, Lou Burnside of Toledo; 15 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews. Arrangements were under the care of Brown Morturary Service." * * * "A graveside service for Vina Esther Workman will be held Monday at 1 pm at the Doss Cemetery in Mossyrock with the Rev. Luther Pendleton and the Rev. Cecil Workman co-officiating." Any info on her parents or hstory would be WONDERFUL!!!! Thanks, Sherry Parmentier

Can anyone tell me where a person might find death certificates for McDowell county prior to 1917? Thank you, Aimee McDonald.

My grandmother, Athleen Cregger passed away this past spring. I came to Welch for her funeral a week before the flood. It's the first time I had been there in several years. It was then that I realized I know very little about my family. I stayed many summers with my grandparents in Elkhorn as a child. I love the area. I want to start my research here. My name is Christy Royster. I am interested in the names Wyatt and Cregger. My e-mail address is: Thank you.

I am researching the following family: Amici, Amedeo Armando b- Italy Jan 1,1909 died March 24, 1987. married- Virginia Marinelli Feb. 29, 1936 dau of Vincenzo Marinelli and Nelfa Virgilli b- May 6, 1911. Children; James Angelo Amici b- Mar. 17,1941 Amedeo Armando Amici, Jr b- Feb 23, 1943 Jerry Anthony Amici b- July 10, 1944 I would like to find info on the parents of Amedeo, Sr. and Virginia. Ruth Kidd/Amici

My greatgrandparents are from Trap Fork, They own both sides of ,can someone tell any thing about this area ,Where is it? What is is like today?Thank you .Virginia (Cline) Blair

Looking for information about my ggrandfather, Charles Winton Mallory who was killed in a mining accident in McDowell County. The accident happened in or around 1925 I believe.The mine was in the town of Pageton. His wife's name was Huldah Mallory(Low/Lowe) Thank you, Don Mallory

Looking for information on Coal or Slate mine accident, in Nov-15-1912 Woody Tackett about 24 yrs old injured and Died; American Man, Occ Machine Helper, at Panther Mine, he was married to my GranMother Lula and they had
little girl then, any info on this please send by E Mail and i thank you so much, if you can get Pictures and old Newspaper Clippings send that info by a Letter to me about that Mine Accident at PANTHER MINE Slate fall in mine,
and any info anyone has, God Bless, thank you

Does anyone have any information on a Sabra (Sabray) Huffman Wimmer b. 1830 and lived in West Virginia sometime after 1860? Thanks, Rae

Need info on William and Penelope Baker both b 1797 and 1794 in nc married in NC 1825, had some children in nc and moved to wva, children's names, Elizabeth, Margaret (peggy), Olivia (olly), Priscia (Pricy), william and henry. Olly's son Dimmon was my ggrandfather, please any help would be qreatly appreceiated...Sandy

I am looking for information on my great-greatgrandfather, Joseph Bunik. He died in a mine accident in West Virginia. unknown and city unknown. My name is Madeline Mlawsky My e-mail address is

Looking for information about Thomas McCarthy. He had a sister, Mildred Smith/Underwood. They would have lived in Welch, McDowell County, around 1920. Lisa

Please help me with the following.... 1945, Jan., marriage of Wilbur mason carr and Maxine annadale browning. 1944? divorce of lee hatfield and Maxine annadale browning. This was in iaeger, mcdowell county. Maxine was my mother. thank you very much, Patricia Carr Steele

Would appreciate it if someone could look up the death of my grandfather william 'bill' wallace in the 1920's, I believe in Welch, Wva. He was killed by a train on his way to work. Was married to Elvira Badger. Lois Wallace Becker

I am seeking info on McDowell and Tazewell Coopers. Thx Brenda

Does anyone have infomation about the parents of Nannie Geneva Myers. She is my grandmother, and I am just beginning my search. Her mother died in 1900 and she was raised by her grandmother. Granny lived in Gary for many years until her death in 1999. Any information would assist me. Thank you. Donna (Myers) Culp

I need someone to look up a will in Welch. Email me at Sheila Anderson-Lewis

Anyone who knew Alice Marie Blevins from Thorpe, WV in September 1946, could you please advise me if she was in the Washington, D.C. area at that time.

I am looking for some trace of Alonzo FERGUSON, born about 1862 in Wayne County, WV, son of James and Sarah FERGUSON. Alonzo married Sarah OSBORN in 1894 in Wayne County, and I find his family on the census of Mingo County in 1900, McDowell County in 1910 and 1920. In McDowell County he was apparently located at Browns Creek Precinct (Davy Post Office) working as a coal miner. I'd like to find descendants of Alonzo and Sarah SBORN FERGUSON to correspond with them on family topics. There are some daughters who may have married and stayed in the area: Nevada FERGUSON was born about 1907 or 1908 in West Virginia; Nola FERGUSON was born about 1913 in West Virginia; Myrtle FERGUSON was born about 1916 in West Virginia. At least six other children were born, but all seem to have died and might be buried in the area: child born after 1894, deceased by 1900; child born after 1896, deceased by 1900; Georgia L. FERGUSON born January 1900 in Kentucky, died by 1910; child born after 1903, deceased by 1910; child born after 1905, deceased by 1910; Hazel FERGUSON born about January 1910 in West Virginia, presumed to have died before the 1920 census. Contact me at: or David J Webb

I am searching for info on my WALDRON side of the family. My father Edwin H Waldron was born in 1919 in Welch to Grace Hunt and Edwin H Waldron Sr. Other family names are BEAVERS, CROCKETT,BELCHER, LAMBERT, HARMAN, SKAGGS, MORGAN, MILAM, and DOUGHTON. I would greatly appreciate any info on these families who have lived in the McDowell Co., Wyoming Co. Mercer Co. and Tazewell Co. areas since the late 1700's. Patti Waldron


Does anyone know if a list of people buried in #10 Cemetery exist. If so where. Marvin Leo Jessee

Looking for info on Ida Mae Pruitt. She was married to Richard Brewster Earl J. Lawson

Cemeteries in War, W.Va. I'm trying to locate the grave of John Anderson Brown, a miner killed in a mine explosion ca 1927 and supposedly buried in War. Could someone provide the names of cemeteries in the War area. Thanks very much.

Would appreciate any knowledge of the parents to my ggrandpa Flave Newton Asbury b.1894 at Brewsterdale, son of James Harvey and Emmorine Marrs. He was a coal miner, and lastly a foreman at NR & P Coal company. UMWA member No.6023. Sisters include Delia Asbury Sizemore and Nora Asbury Stewart. Both he and his wife are buried at Hartwell Cemetary and had last lived in Havaco. Flave died 1979. Delia died 1981. He married Delia Jane Holbrook. She was b. 1899 at Canebrake. I believe her mothers name was Sarah. Her brother and sisters were Tom Holbrook, Maggie Holbrook Hicks, Nell Holbrook Cooper. They had a son James Otis Asbury b.1918 at Berwind. James married Margie E. Walls of Welch and had 4 children, Rita, David, Linda, and Janet. I am Janet's daughter and used to visit my ggrandparents frequently at Havaco. James Otis Asbury died 1978 in Beckley. My main wish is to establish the marriage and birth of Flaves and Delia's parents. The only birth I can find for a James Harvey Asbury is 1830. Far too early to have been Flaves father. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Lisa King

I am looking for info on Jess Burton B: abt. 1870 M:Martha Ellen Camerion abt. 1895 Around the Elkhorn dis. thanks, David Hylton

I am looking for obituaries or cemetery records for Theodore Spencer who died in Hemphill, W. Va. in September 1973 according to SS Records. I am also looking for his wife, Mabel, who died in June of 1977. They lived in Hemphill accordin to SS Records. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Terry Morgan

Deb Mullins Kirsch - contact regarding the Duncan Family - 8/5/02

I am searching for a Adams or Maggard familys. My husband's grandmother was Allie Adams (she went by Allie) and married a Maggard. We estimate her time of birth around 1914, and she was married in WVA. I know she has relatives buried at the Bradshaw Mtn. cementary, but they are unmarked. If you could please help us, we would greatly appreciated. kristen hearn

I was wondering if there is a list of coal miner's working in McDowell County. My grandfather was a coal miner and died in 1966. I am unsure of where he was buried. I know I have some relatives buried on Bradshaw Mountain. Robert Hearn

I am looking for information about John and Mildred Smith from Welch, McDowell County, WV. He died in 1921 and later she married Isaac Underwood. They were then divorced in 1930.

Trying to find information on Sue Robinette, who lived in Iaeger and was born in 1944. She went to live in Chicago IL around 1960. Any information would be really appreciated. R. Moran

My name is Bobby L. Elkins. Looking for any information on the Elkins family from Roderfield WVa. Grandfather's name Millard Franklin Elkins, need to find out where he is buried. Possibly somewhere toward Logan county. Grandmother's name Grace Jones Elkins I know she is buried at Roderfield. My grandfather had a son in Logan county, his name was Homer Elkins. He had several children, one named Homer Jr., one named Hazel, cannot remember the rest of their names. Also my maternal grandfather Carnie Spratt from Roderfield, I know he is buried in Roderfield. Grandmother's name was Thelma Spratt she is buried in Baileysville WVa. do not know her maiden name, but would like to find out. Any one with information on the Elkins or Spratt family will be greatly appreciated. Or anyone that I grew up with please email me would love to hear from you. Email me @


Looking for info on Vance Bennett....he was married to Lucy Bennett....they had William,Eston,Jess,Grace and Maude.....Eston is buried in Christian-Roberts Cemetary....Vance is in Iaeger Memorial....Maude,Grace,Jess are all at Pecks Mill....any info on this family is greatfully appreciated... Helen & Jerry

I'm trying to trace any descendants of Nathan Schofield and his wife Alice. They emigrated from Lancashire, England to McDowell County in 1919. Nathan worked in the mines for at least 20+ years in WV, last known to be with The United Pocahontas Coal Co. around 1940. They had at least one child, Billie, who was born in 1923. If anyone has any idea where any descendants are I would be very grateful for the information. I'm over in England, my email is

I'm looking for information on Hugh H. Lucas (or H. Hugh Lucas) , a Baldwin-Felts detective who reportedly was killed in Bluefield or Montcalm in 1932. Would like to locate any descendants.

looking for any info.on a DAVE OSBORNE who was born in pocahontas va to HENRY ELIZAH OSBORNE -PHEABE JANE FARMER or anything on OSBORNE FAMILY from pocahontas va. Houston Bell

I was born in Ream # 6, was wondering IF anyone could name the McDowell County, Gary, WV " COAL CAMP HOLLERS " and in order by number. I've been told there was 10, then another said 12, and another 14 ....... which is there. Thanks ----- Nina HOUCK Lang

I am searching for my Grandmother's death record and burial place. I have written to Charleston and McDowell & Wyoming Co clerks but I am not sure of the name that would have been on the death record since there was a disagreement about her name among her children. Her stone reads Trinnia Steel. She died at our house in Hensley, WV (April 1, 1951) and my Mom said her name was Irene Trinville Ward Steel. Since she died at our house, would my Mom have given the death information found on the death record or would my Uncle have given that death information since he was the one who handled the final arrangements? I have lost $15 so far sending to vital records. I don't mind the money if I can get the record. Can someone check for me and see if there is a record for Irene Trinville Ward Steel/ Irene Steel/ Irene T. Steel/ Irene Trinville Steel so I can write to the clerk and request the correct name? I would really appreciate it. I live in WA State and there is no hope of getting back there since my husband is disabled and medically fragile. The clerks told me to get just a photo copy of the death record, I would have to come in myself. They only send out certified copies of actual certificates which has no family origin information on it. But I would be happy with that if that is all they will send me if I could just know what name they have the information under. Thanks for any help. christine hayes

I was wondering if anyone on this list is familiar with Martin Cemetery ??? My father says that his grand father, Stanley Chafin/Chaffin is buried there. He brought me a picture of the sign that says, Martin Cemetery with an arrow underneath. My father's health at the time wouldn't allow him to climb any higher to actually get to the cemetery itself. Are there any future plans for transcribing this cemetery ??? Thanks, Susan (Chaffin) Ryntz

I would appreciate any information on the Jewell families that lived in or around the Bradshaw area Bud, Thomas or George or any of their families thank you Edith (Jewell) Kennedy

My name is Juliana De Conti and I am searching for relativs of Antonino Biasi or Vincenzo and Antonio Saraceno. My maiden name is Biasi and I believe that Antonino could be my Grandfathers brother. I have found out that he travelled to the US from Italy in 1910 to settle at 55 box, Eckman West Virginia. If anyone has any info or can give me an idea on ho to search archives in the US I would appreciate it. I am living in Australia....

I am researching the name Edward Campbell Long born 7-8-1873, Hansonville, VA. He married Margaret Alafair Rasnick 1898. Edward died 11-28-1964 and is buried in the Tom Sparks Cemetery, McDowell Co., WV. My grandfather George Washington Long was Edward's brother. I would like to locate a family member concerning family history on this person. If you can help please email me at

I am looking for any information on the Rippeth family. My grandfather was Ernest Edward Rippeth of the Bradshaw area. He was born Nov. 29, 1914. (I am not sure of the location of his birth). He was the second son of Earnest Rippeth of Jackson Co., OH. My grandfather had a brother called "Byrd" or "Bird." If anyone has information on the Rippeth family, please contact me at

I have an old picture of two young ladies that was taken in Welsh, West Virginia. The photographer was S. K. Davis. I'm guessing this picture was taken about 1920 and maybe later. There is no name on it! But was hoping I could find someone that could identify it. It was in a photo collection of Osborn and Cox in Nebraska. I would be happy to send a scanned copy to anyone that would like to see it. And would be glad to give anyone a copy of it if they would like. Thanks for any help! Donna

I'm researching a Bill Brosky from McDowell, West Virginia. He was there in the early 40's. I would appreciate any information. Thanks. Evelyn L. Nash

Tracing the ALLEN family of McDowell County. Most lived in the Iaeger, Isaban and Mohawk area. Rev. Dan Gates

I am trying to find out the town closest to the Krollits mine in McDowell County..My Grandfather died ther working for the Kroll-litz Coal Company...I have no idea were he is buried .....His name was John Jack he died nov. 12, 1925 at the age of 44. Any info would help---he is my dead-end..Thanks Sandy

I am looking for any info on Martin Hill and wife Eliza. Martin is buried at the old Wyoming Cemetary . I am unsure of the original name of the cemetary but alot of Mullins are buried there. It can be accessed from Burke Mt. now. Any info, pics or etc. would be appreciated. Alicia Brown

I am looking for a family that lived in the Davy or Asco area Say in the years between 1957 & 1967. I am not sure of the correct spelling of the last name. There was a Donnie Flinner and a Bobby Flinner. Also a bus accident coming from the mine. A number of men were killed in this bus wreck. My grandfather was killed I like to find a news paper clipping of this. The year would be after 1945 but before 1957 any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Thelma

I don't remember seeing any class pictures at War school, 1943 and on. Also none ever took pictures at the Yukon school when I attended 1949 to 1954 and at War Jr. High. Other pictures I have. If anyone has any please email me at or better still have them put in this web site. Thanks, Rev. Jim Mullins

I am looking for some trace of Alonzo FERGUSON, born about 1862 in Wayne County, WV, and his wife Sarah OSBORN FERGUSON, found on the census of McDowell County in 1910 and 1920 at Browns Creek Precinct (Davy Post Office) working as a coal miner. There are some daughters listed on the census who may have married and stayed in the area. Nevada FERGUSON was born about 1907; Nola FERGUSON was born about 1913; Myrtle FERGUSON was born about 1916. A number of children seem to have died, and might be buried in the area. Georgia L. FERGUSON was born in January 1900, but is missing on the 1910 census. Hazel FERGUSON was born about January 1910, but is missing from the 1920 census. Four other children were born between 1894 and 1905, but were not named on the census. I'd like to find descendants of Alonzo and Sarah FERGUSON to correspond with them on family topics, or non-descendants who might have some knowledge of this family. David J. Webb

Would the person requesting that I look for ancestors if I ever go to Welch and do research in the English records, please email me again. We had a virus a couple of weeks ago and lost a lot of info. I am posting this on Saturday, June 29, 2002. I will be doing this research on Tuesday, July 2. Waiting to hear from you. Email to

I am Jesse South born in Gary #10. We the SOUTH family have been trying to locate a Richard South. Bartley area was the last anyone knows the location where he may be.this was about 1947. His half Bro. who is 84 would love to talk with him. My E-Mail is I am his half great uncle THANKS

My name is Charles Hall. My father lived in and around Keystone and Northfork in the 40' and 50's. His parents where Raymond Gobbi and Nannie Gobbi. The reason I'm writing I had a sister die when my father was stationed in Germany and her body was buried in Kimball. Is there anyone out there that might help me find here grave. I beleave she was buried in the cemetery on the hill above the tunnel. It sure would mean alot to me to find it. Her name was Theresa Ann Hall. She died in 1966. Please reach me at



I am looking for the marriage of Emma J. Mills and Robert Nathan Echols. It should be around 1887 - 1900. Any help would be truly appreciated. Thank you, Nancy in GA

GUY, Geo. Monroe of War WV died in the Civil War. He was born in England. married Lydia BISHOP in VA. Seeking any information on him such are Unit he served in, etc. His dtr, Virginia Ann GUY, was born in War, West VA about 1859 or 1860. County of McDowell. L.T. Perry

I am trying to find any information on my Great Grandmother Alice "Lester" Anglin. Below is what I know so far. I understand that Alice lived in Panther, WV . Do you have any information and any suggestions as to where I should look. Thanks much, Mike Allison

I am searching for any information that anyone can provide to me concerning a couple of pictures in the photo album. First, can anyone tell me around what time period that the aerial view of English was taken. Second, the photo titled "Green Lantern Restaurant," can anyone identify the people in that picture. My Father's family is from English, but are now all deceased, and I grew up there and lived there until 1999. These 2 photos sparked a real interest and I was just curious. If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it. Thanks Darrell Thompson

Seeking information on PINK MONROE HIGGINS and MARY JANE (WHITT) HIGGINS. They lived in Bandy, VA and later moved to McDowell Co, WV. Bill & Brenda

I have CHRISTIAN'S and AUVIL'S and ADAIR'S and JONES"S and MULLINs'S and STINSON'S and CRIGER and CLINE'S and TRENT'S and more if u would like to trade info please email me at note their is more than one lineage of mullins here mary jane christian mullins married allen mullins who had james, jackson, sampy, sammy, harold, macky, dewey, elizabeth, liza, bertha, ocanna(oleanna), minerva, buella tennessee(m.virgil morgan), ella(m. jake bryant) allen mullins-brother is joe mullins his sisters are minerva and sinda mullins mary jane christian mullins -parents are james christian and minerva mullins their children are mary jane,rutha a,rosa b,samuel,rebecca, james christian -parents are addison and rebecca christian their children are mastin,daniel,hannah,mary a,james,john christian minerva mullins -parents are allen mullins and ruth jones mullins their children are abraham , elizabeth, minerva, mary ann, william bird mullins i have who most are married to and their children if you recognize any please email me so i can help and maybe you can help me i need help on the mullins\stinson side. thank you and have a nice day lucinda

Would like to have any information on my father WALTER BRYANT and his mother LETHA HARMON BRYANT STEELE both lived around War in the 20's but have lost track of Letha. My father ended up un Cincinnati in the 40's but have no information when he left War. Shelby Wood

I am searching for any information on Charles Brewster and his mom, Annie Smith (nee Maddox). Charles came from TN/KY and moved to McDowell Co. in about 1930? His Soc. Security Application shows he worked for US Coal & Poke Co. in Gary and lived in Elbert/Filbert. He was wed to Lula Melvina and had a son, Charles Edward and daughter, Anna Elaine who wed an Ewing Flatt per a source I found online. Charles had two brothers: William Brewster, his twin and Thomas Arthur Smith, his half brother. Charles is supposed to be buried in Princeton, Mercer, WV and Annie is supposed to be buried in Bluefield, WV. Any info, no matter how small would be appreciated. Our family would especially like to know what cemetery Annie is buried in. Our part of the family lost contact with this family and we have little info to go on. If you e-mail me please put Brewster or WV in the subject line so it is not accidentally deleted. Thank you very much for taking time to read this query. B. Brewster


I'm trying to determine the location of the records which would have been kept at English West Virginia around 1870. More to the point, death records. If anyone knows where I might be able to find these records, please email me at Thanks in advance.

Looking for information about a family that lived and worked in Crumpler in the time span of 1910-1938. Family history has E. W. (Ervin Worth) Cornett as photographer with a studio there. The family had several children while living in Crumpler, with one child dying and possibly burried there. Also looking for a source of information on Crumpler history.
Norm Young

I am researching my father, PAUL GANZ or PAOLO GANZ, who worked the WV coal mines in1923. He had just entered the US thru Detroit from Canada and he filed his Declaration of Intent to become a citi\zen of the US in Gary, WV. I do not know which mine he worked for or for how long. I would appreciate any assistance. Paul Ganz

I am looking for information regarding a Nannie Lester, my g-grandmother. She was supposed to have married Wylie Graham on 10, May, 1904, but I don't know if that information is even correct. Does anyone have my Nannie in their lines? Thanks! Carole Farley Eklund

I am interested in knowing the names of any Tacketts who were born or died in McDowell Co. Especially interested in Alexander Tackett or Caroline Tackett and Samuel Ephraim Tackett. Am trying to locate the place of death and burial place for Alexander and Caroline. Thanks so much. Shelby Hand

I am looking for any information on the Jones family from Hensley. My grandfather was Jim H. Jones. His parents were Johnnie and Mary Jones(?). Jim married Aretta England and they lived in Hanover WV. We have almost no info on my grandfather's family. I think he had a brother named Bill and one named Richard. I think they were originally from Carter Co. Kentucky. I would appreciate anything anyone remembers. Thank you, Marsha Bailey

I am looking for records on Matthew and Nora (Earls) Lawson, who had a son born in McDowell Co. on June 5,1911, his name is Roosevelt Lawson. I am interested in finding Matthew's parents and where they were from. My grandpa Lawson was killed in a mining accident about the year of 1918. Anyone who has info, please post a Query. I will check it daily. Thank You, Norma Deaner

I am looking for any information on an Insane Asylum in Mc Dowell County back in the 1920's and 1930's. Possible in the town of Sophia. Thank you. Oneida

would like info on Oscar W. Lester, he was shot and killed on July 1 1957 on Bartley Mountain Wva. cant seem to find his obit or a newspaper article, would greatly appeciate any help i can get. Lynn Delp

Hi, could you please look up Timothy Perkins and he was married to a Laurie Elizabeth Hall, I know they lived in Newhall, West Virginia a long time ago and also in Gary,West Virginia,They are my GrandPa & Grandma, I want to find out anything that I can about them,I think they lived in Gary WV, in 1923 or around thair,they got married in around 1916,and my grandpa said they moved to Newhall,WV.Thank you so much for any information that you can give me,If
possible could you find out where my grandma is buried,I think she died in the 30,s in WV. Thank you, Evelyn

I would like to hear from anyone that lived in Caretta, WVA from 1937 until 1953, when we moved to Ind. We were the Murphys that lived in Shaft Hollow. Lois in Ind

Am searching for Susan Vandalls Married to Randy Vandalls.Four kids,Brandon,Veronica,Christopher,and Nikki Smith.If anyone knows there whereabouts. Thank You Lisa B. Johnston

Looking for information on John Dale Lester date of birth Feb. 27 1889 died Nov 1968 wife Harriett Whitt Lester all of Panther West Virginia. Contact

My name is Debbie Powell Robinette and I would like to hear from anyone with info on the Powell Family of McDowell County thanks.

can anyone tell me this history or namesake for Welch, McDowell Co., WV? Apparently McDowell Co. wasn't established until about 1860 & before that was Tazwell VA & even earlier Wythe & Russell counties of VA. So sad to hear about the terrible flooding but then that is how I became interested in Welch's beginnings. thanks Jane Graettinger

I am looking for any information about John Withrow and Sarah Elizabeth Toler. They are my GGrandparents and I know that he is buried in Roderfield Wv. Any info greatly appreciated. Ramona Tilghman

Hi, I am seeking any information on an Erastus/E.L. Adams believed to have been born in McDowell County around 1861. Married a Rachel Marcum in 1901. Any information would be appreciated. Chuck

I'm looking for the marriage records of John Walter Stacy to Mary Caroline Collins Married ?????? 1877 Thank You Darrell Davis

Looking for info on Ida Mae Hicks also Georga Nunley Earl Lawson

I am looking for any information about George and Nancy (Hatfield) Sullivan. They had a daughter, Rebecca Sullivan Dotson Hurley, she was my great grandmother. I cannot find any information about George and Nancy any where. I would appreciate any help. Thank You. Sharon Hurley

Can anyone tell me,what was the name of the Cemetery in Twin Branch,Wva ? as i recall it was on the west side on the mt where the tunnel was. Howard Collins

I am looking for info on Andrew Iaeger Day and Myrtle Smith living in Mcdowell Co. He was born in 1899 and she in 1901. I would like to learn the parents of Myrtle and I believe the parents of Andrew to be Samuel Day and Mary Jane Belcher. Any help out there would be of great help......Rita Leise

Can anyone tell me where Abner and Moriah Lester were living when the various censuses were enumerated? I am researching the Beckelhymer family (all spellings, branches and variations). Moriah's mother was Frances Beckelhymer. See my web page at: for further information on this family. John Charles Tippet

I am looking for my moms (Jackie L Myers) dad Herschel Myers he married Velva Cochran and his dad was Tom Myers, do you have any information on Herschel Myers, they all lived in that area in the 40's and 50's, I think Herschel Myers died 1947-51. regards, Mike Shew

I am looking for any information on Sam Scarberry and wife Francis. The appeared in the 1910 McDowell Co WV Census . Children were William, Darrell, Wade, Tenn. Serilda, and John. I can find no record of him after this. Regina

I am doing research for a magazine article and would appreciate any photographs of Wilcoe Yard. I am especially interested in the days of steam engines when the roundhouse was still there. Any Photos used will be attributed to the source. I am also interested in photos of Ream No. 6, Elbert No. 7/8 and Filbert No.9. Any help will be appreciated. Alex Schust

I am searching for any information about Roxie Barrett b: 1898 Sowrds Creek, Russell Co., Virginia d/o Reece Taylor Barrett and Eliza Mae Lester. Father died young and children were placed with relatives when mother remaried (James R. CAUDLE). Roxie and sister Mabel were raised by their grandmother Nancy "Nan" Taylor Barrett on Little River Russell Co. Virginia. Roxie married Gaines Dye 1919-20. They had a child Holland Lester b: 5 Jul 1921 d:22 Jul 1922, buried Plot 470 Center Section, Hankins Cemetery. After baby died she apparently left with another man (last name may have been Agee) to Mcdowell Co. WVA(?). If you have any information or a relative named Roxie, maybe with a questionable past, please contact me. Bruce P. Barrett

I am researching, with little success, James Ben Lockhart (Feb 22, 1888 - Feb 27, 1932) married to Marty Mae Bowling and lived in Hartwell, WV. I am looking for any information, on James' Parents.

I am searching for my Fleeman relatives. They were orginially from Pulaski County Virginia. I could not find any in the 1900 census. Albert Fleeman, Charley Fleeman, John Fleeman, Lee Fleeman Were some of their names. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Terry Lowery

Have three photos of Mr. & Mrs. Bill McMillan and baby. They ran a boarding house, probably in Welch, in 1924 when my father was a painter there. Anyone interested in having these photos.

Looking for ANY info on Sawyers from McDowell County. I'm sure my father was born there, but I can't find any info on the family. Please help if you can. Jane Sawyer

I am looking for any info I can get about my grandmother, her name was Mary Green Mullins, she was married to my grandfather Eugene Mullins either in Wyoming County or in McDowell County. They had 2 children Andy Edward Mullins and Betty Mullins.Betty married Harold Carter. I do know that my grandmother married a 2nd Time to a man with the last name of Carter. Please any info would be apprecated. Thank you. Tammi Mullins-Burgess

I'm searching the surname of Phanelson out of Powhatan, West Virginia sometime around the late 1800's or early 1900's. My email address is Elverda Braxton-Thomas

I am looking for information on Brooks,Hairston,Lipford and Myers families that were African Americans in and around Keystone area.Thank you for any assistance. Jan Teinert

Former Horse Creek resident & Iaeger High graduate wants to come home to McDowell or Mercer Co. to care for my 86 year old mother. Know of any property on the market for a while? Looking for a decent property and a good, affordable deal. Interested in financing by owner or rent to own. West Virginia has always been a part of our hearts. I really want to come home. Eleanor Goebel (Steele)

I am looking for information on Andrew and Martha Auville Kennedy of Horsecreek, also for info on Andrew's parents Ali and Christina Whitt Kennedy. Andrew and Martha lived on Horsecreek. Andrew was my great grandfather. Cheryl Kennedy Gray

I am looking for info on the MULLINS and STINSONS of mcdowell mainly around avondale area my grandparents were WANNIS STINSON married to a LUCINDA or SINDA MULLINS lucinda's parents were ALLEN MULLINS and MARY JANE CHRISTIAN MULLINS and allen's parents were HARVEY AND ARNETTA MULLINS and harvey's parents were JAMES AND MINERVA OR NERVA MULLINS i have brothers and sisters names but not correct spelling WANNIS parents r ELISHA STINSON and ELVARY ROBERTS STINSON elisha's parents were HARVE and ESTER STINSON then i have JOE and CLEMMIE ROBERTS also as grandparents once again not to sure of any spellings please email me at if u can help or need more info

I'm curious to know if there is anyone out there that remembers the "Blue Heaven. " It was located upstairs above the Consolidated Bus terminal in Welch. This was during 1939 and 1942. It was a great place to meet our feiends from Gary, Welch, and surrounding areas. No strong drinks, just cokes,etc. Many of us who were attending Concord College at that time always went to Blue Heaven to meet our friends. Those were the the "good old days." Please post this and see if anyone remembers our "meeting place". Thanks. Louise St.Clair Mann

Looking for any info on William Anderson Dillon. He opened a mine named Itman. Was born sometime around 1854 and lived his whole life in the Tazewell VA., Norfork, WVA. areas. Thanks for any help. C. Dillon Francis

Looking for Henry & Hannah Oaks Burk, out of Lee Co. moving to Cabell Co. WV between 1860 & 1880. My gfather Frank (James Franklin Burks) said he was born Tazewell Co. in abt. 1870??? Thanks David Baumgardner

I have little information about my dad's family. His mother was Matilda Kennedy. She married Alvis Asbury sometime after 1910, as I found her in the McDowell Registry listed under her maiden name. My dad was Adam L. Asbury. Her family are Kennedy's: dad/mom Daniel and Victoria Kennedy. siblings Feril, William, Jake, and Samuel. Sisters were Bessie and Teena. I know Teena married and moved to Pikeville Kentucky because I remember writing to her as a child. I know nothing of my grandad Alvis, except he was killed in a mine sometime between 1924-1928. Please contact me with any information at

My grandparents moved to Yukon about 1935-36. Their names were Claude and Lottie Logan. My father was J.B.Logan. His brothers and sisters are Denver,Nina, Virginia, Kenes, and Plummer. Virginia ran a beauty salon in War. I am looking for any stories or pictures of my fathers family. Thank you.

I am looking for any information from anyone who may have known my GreatAunt Mary Sironko who died around 1917-1920's. She was in her twenties at the time of her death.. Her sister, Julia was my grandmother and she married Lawrence (Lotsie) Barber. They lived in Gary. Mary had a child who was adopted and perhaps grew up in Virginia. The name may have been spelled Sciranka before it was Americanized. Thanks for any info.

Would like information on the history, culture etc. of Jenkinjones, WV. Edna

Payne Family in WVA/VA Would like to contact anyone that has knowledge of existing photographs of David Payne [b. abt 1765-1770 d. aft 1852]and wife(1)Anne Garrison and (2)Betsy Cassiday and his son George Washington Payne [b. 1816 d. 1894] and George's wife Arminda Beavers Payne [b. 1827 d. 1891]. Both David and George W. Payne were prominent men in Tazewell County and later McDowell County, West Virginia. They each performed dozens of marriages in the two counties and were large land holders. I am descended directly from these men and would be willing to pay a fair price for a picture of any of these individuals. I am also interested in exchanging information on any members of these families. William E. Payne

I am looking for information on Reuben Harrison Rowe and Nancy harrietta Muncy's children. I was born and raised in McDowell Co. and it seems that I can't find any information on my great great grandfather and my great grandfather. My great grandfather was Albert Garfield Rowe he was married two or three times. One was too Elizabeth (Lizzie) Stacy, then Cynthia Lou Jewell, then we have a Bitha Rowe named also. My father's name was Johnny Lewey Rowe and he was married to Joann Honaker Rowe. If you have any info please e mail me at Thank you Mary Rowe-Hamrick

I would like any information anyone might have on my father, Dr. Carl T. Clark. He practiced medicine in Iaeger from 1932 until 1960. His clinic (Clark Clinic) was on Hwy 52. I am writing about his life (he died at 96 in 1992), and would appreciate any information anyone can give me. Barbara Clark Curtis

DYE 1915-1920 MARRIAGE LOOKUP REQUEST--I'd like to know if anyone can do a marriage lookup for me in McDowell County? I'm looking for GAINES GRAHAM DYE, and wife ROXIE, who would have married between 1915-1920. Roxie may have been a Barrett, maybe not. My Roxie disappeared from Va, and we don't know what happened to her. We think she married a Dye, and I've found this Gaines and Roxie Dye in the 1920 census, so I'd like to check out the marriage, because the age is right. Thank you. Sue Lester Patterson

Desperately Seeking ,West Virginia sometime between the dates of 1909 and 1954. The husband's name was Henry Sopsher and wife's name was Laura Lee Doby according to the 1909 Wise County, VA marriage record. The husband's last name could have been misspelled on the marriage record and could possibly be correctly spelled Shopsher, Shopshire, or Sopshire. They definately lived in McDowell County, WVA in 1943 as Laura Doby had her family bible notarized in McDowell County, WVA during that year. In 1954, it's reported that Laura Doby Hopsher was in Peebles, Ohio with some of her children. Any and all leads or information will be greatly appreciated as none of the known family members have contacts for this couples children or grand children. We want to contact them, please help. Angela Stallard


THOMPSON CEMETERY-My name is Mike Thompson and my ancestors were the Thompsons from around Davy and Roderfield. I am planning a trip to the area and hope to visit the Thompson family Cemetery which I believe is around Davy (maybe near the Church of God). I was there back in 1964 for my grandfather's funeral--I was only 5 at the time --my grandfather was Woodrow Thompson. I don't know where the cemetery is and would love it if someone could give me some directions. Also I would love to see some relatives that i haven't seen for decades or have never met. A name that rings a bell is Greenville Thompson ? Is there anyone out there who can tell me if there are still some Thompsons around and where the Thompson cemetery is? I'd appreciate it immensely. Please contact me at .

Is there anyone who does marriage lookups for McDowell Co between 1915-1920? If so, I would like to make a request. Thank you, Sue Lester Patterson

I am looking for information on A. M. Francisco who died in Bradshaw in 1954. His wife was Missouri Victoria. He was a member of the Bradshaw Methodist Church. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you. Pamela

I am trying to find any descendants of Joseph Arthur Kemp and his wife Margreat"Mrythle' Stanley. They were from Ashe Co., NC Arthur was the son of Jon Henry Kemp and Jerusia Dixon. I know that Arthur died in Mcdowell Co., abt 1977. His mother died their also. Any information on this family will be welcome. Thanks, N.Kemp

My name is Raymond Jaskot and I am researching the family name Jaskot. I am looking for the birth cert. for my Uncle Walter Jaskot born Aug.17,1912 if anybody thinks they might know something about this persons birth cert. please contact me at

I am trying to locate a Ruby Gail Mullins that lived in English as a child. Peggy ( Cyphers ) Schoneweis

I'm a student at SMU in Dallas, Texas looking for information from anyone who may have known Dr. Kermit Hunter, a native of McDowell County, and the most widely produced playwrite in the history of our country. I was fortunate enough to have had a class with Dr. Hunter before his passing, and am currently involved in a research project regarding his background. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much, Robert Chewning

am looking for any info, on walker mcmillion. he married mossie m. rutherford, both were in wva. mom lived in dehue, she was married to john e. estep. thank you. Linda C. Brown

I am looking for any info anyone would have on Peter EPPLY. His wife was named Margaret.(Peter spelled his name EPLY) Also Mary and Susan PARKER. Mary had a daughter named Sally, born in the 1850's. Susan PARKER married A. M. MCQUEEN Jan 9, 1867. They lived 2 miles from the Plesant Grove Baptist Church. Others Churches close by were (this is the way they spelled them) Reads School House, Bethel and Rocky Ford. If any one knows these families or where in McDowell County these places are located contact Riley Henry

I am trying to find out information regarding my grandmother's family in West Virginia. Some basic info. Maude Anglin (Weaver) Husband: Harris Clinton Weaver born in Orange Co. in late 1800s, died in 1955 Lived in Richwood, WV Father-in-law : Rowland Hill Weaver married on 4/25/1862 Mother-in-law : Emma Jane Jones Father : ???? Anglin (1st marriage) Mother : ???? Bailey (2nd marriage) Mother : Alice "Lester" Anglin or Alice "Lester" Bailey Lived in Panther, WV Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Mike Allison

I am looking for my fathers side of the family in McDowell county. My fathers name was Thomas Willard Robertson, from what I can remember he was born at Brown's creek, to John William and Roberta Robertson. Thank you for your help. Thomas W. Robertson

I'm looking for information on my great grandparents Adam & Angeline (Shortridge) Justice. Their son, my grandfather Robert Halsey Justice was born 12-25-06 at Mohawk, WV McDowell Co. WV. Also how can I look up any census records for McDowell Co. in this time frame? Pam Ramey

I am researching my Dad's family in McDowell Co. Robert Smith Stanley 1905/6 ---> Bartley Stanley abt. 1879/Mary Hicks abt. 1878 ---> James Stanley abt 1852/Amanda ? ? The 1870 McDowell Co, Coalwood, Big Creek census lists James at 18 as living at the home of Bartley Rose who I am assuming is his maternal grandfather since James named my Grandpa Bartley Stanley. It lists his birth in VA. Does anyone have any information about James or his wife Amanda or their parents? Thanks for any help. Christine Hayes

My name Is Christy Thacker: maiden name Rowe. I am looking for any information regarding ADAM OR MARY ROWE from McDowell County and also looking for anyone having information on my grandfather ROBERT CHRISTIAN or my grandmother GOLDIE STEELE, who later married ORVILLE STEELE from AVONDALE. There are also CLINES that I would like to find information on. I think my ggrandmothers name was COMFORT CHRISTIAN. ADAM ROWES parents were GEORGE and SARAH ROWE. I still have family all through McDowell. I was born in Williamson, WV and I know that MARY ROWE had seminole indians in her bloodline. Any information will be greatly appreciated and helpful.

I am looking for Martin Mooney died 11/1964. Rita C. Walker

I am looking for any information on John Olen Fitzer who lived in McDowell County, WV from around 1917 to his death in 1953. He was a fire boss and a foreman in various coalmines in McDowell County. He died at Gary No. 6 where he had worked from around 1933. Any information will be appreciated. Please email me at Thank you. Esther Giddings

Looking for James Dale Fannin last known to live in Northfork WV.Father's name Norman Fannin mother's name Helen Blevins.thanks

Searching for BOOKIE BLANKENSHIP married to J. A. Christian in late 1890s or earlier 1900s. I believe her father to be Wallace Blankenship but not sure. Any help would be appreciated. Alice Addair

Looking for information on John Collins m. Mahalla Blankenship, parents of Oliver Collins, b. 11-1-1880 in Panther, McDowell Co., WVA. John and Mahalla (Haley) are my gg grandparents. Thank you for any info you have. I have volumes on Collins, Blankenship, but am having a hard time w/ John & Haley, don't know where they were born or buries. Help! Paul Hickman

Searching for any information on Wilma Lee Franklin Wilson. Wilma lived in the Hensley area of Mcdowell and we attended school at WHS, class of 60. Thank's in advance for any information. Faye Howell Cole

I'm looking for a family member named Roxie. She was born about 1900-1901 in Russell Co, Va to Reese Taylor and Mae Lester Barrett. Her name was Roxie Barrett. She was supposed to have been married to a __?__ Dye while in Russell Co in the 1910's or 1920's. Then she ran off to McDowell Co, WV in the mid 1930's and allegedly found another man. So I might be looking for a Roxie Barrett Dye, Roxie Dye, Roxie Barrett, or Roxie ___?___. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. I know it's not much to go on, but that's all I have. Thank you, Sue Lester Patterson

searching for any info. on james o. & leroy belcher living in monroe & mcdowell co.,west va. in the early 1900`s.thanks in advance.sharon belcher

HUFFMAN---I am searching for a James Huffman born sometime around 1844-1850. I know he married a Polly Cooper when? and had three children as of 1880, Andrew J, David W, and John H. I would appreciate any information. I know for a fact that he was born James Huffman and later was raised by a Wimmer and eventually taking the last name Wimmer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Brenda Wimmer

I am looking for any information on a Henry Addair and wife Lizzie who lived in McDowell County, WV., early 1900's. Henry and wife listed in 1920 McDowell County census as ages 64 and 50, respectively. Children listed as Harrison, Solomon, Katie, Tilda, Maggie and Gracie. Any information appreciated. Charles W. Sturgeon

Looking for ancestors of A. Simmons and Flora Lawson Simmons, born in Stokes Co., NC, settled in Mcdowll Co., and then she moved to Bluefield, buried in Bluewell. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Flora Lawson had brothers Alvis, W.N., Fred etc. A sister Lotia ? married Sam Snyder. Also looking for any information on Thomas (Thomalson) Greathead of Mcdowell Co., Many Thanks, Nell Simmons

I recently posted a notice for Luther Mayberry, thanks to all the help I received, we have found him. Now I'm looking for a member of the Lively Family, she would be in her late 60's, and possibly be named Juanita. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again, you people are all wonderful. Margie


VANCE/ANDERSON/WILSON My g-grandfather was david alex vance,possibly went by anderson,his mother was elizabeth anderson,his father is unknown. He supposedly killed a man with or over a banjo,changed his last name to vance,which is his fathers last name and moved to VA. He was married to mariah wilson. Some of their children were glado,bud,tom,dale,james worley,aria. Tom Haney Vance was my granddad,Tommy Vancy my daddy.
Any info would be greatly appreciated. Letha

I am looking for a copy of my parents marriage notice that appeared in the Industrial News of Iaeger, WV. They were married on Sat., Dec. 30, 1948 in Pikeville, KY and there was an announcement with a picture of my mother in the Industrial News that following week. Does anyone know if I could request this directly from The Industrial News ? or The Genealogical Society ? Thank you, Susan Ryntz

I'm looking for any info on, the following names,Cline,Lockhart,Bailey.From Panther, or Short Pole Holler,And Neace, Collins, Peters, Kennedy also from Panther area. Virginia (Cline) Blair

Can anyone tell me where the town of Ennis, WV is?...... or way in 1906? My Grandmother was teaching school there that year. Robert Perry

Im trying to find more info on my Great uncle his name was Samuel Sollins. His sister was my Grandmother. I have many articles and pictures of him with President Truman. But any more info you can give me is appriciated as im
trying to find the rest of the Sollins family. Lee

My father who recently passed away, is from Thorpe, WV. His parents migrated there back in the early 1900's to live there. What I am trying to find out is where his parents are laid to rest. At first, I thought they might be in McDowell County somewhere, but later found out that they are believed to be in Bluefield. Is there any way you can find out what cemetary's are in Bluefield and if you know the contact information to each one, would you please send it to me? Your help is greatly appreciated! Sincerly, Derek J. Holak

Does anyone have any information on a James Huffman born sometime around 1855, or a John Henry Huffman born ?1874. They were supposed to have been born in McDowell County, but probably could have been Tazewell County. Brenda Wimmer

Would like information on a furniture company called Lewis Furniture Company in Welch in the 1952/53 year. Where would I find this information. G Bailey

Seeking any information on a Sarah Harman who married Isaiah F. Smith in McDowell County, WV on November 22, 1874. Need confirmation of parents names, date of birth, etc. Also any information on Henry H. Smith who married Rachel Marcum Adams, possibly between 1910 and 1920 in McDowell County, WV. Any help on either of these would be greatly appreciated. Charles W. Sturgeon

HUFFMAN---I am searching for a James Huffman born sometime around 1844-1850. I know he married a Polly Cooper when? and had three children as of 1880, Andrew J, David W, and John H. I would appreciate any information. I know for a fact that he was born James Huffman and later was raised by a Wimmer and eventually taking the last name Wimmer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Brenda Wimmer

I am attempting to obtain information reference a mine explosion in Havaco which occurred sometime in the early 1950's. My dad and grandfather were both coal miners and we lived in Havaco. My Mom worked in the company store and was also injured in the incident. I know it's not much to go on, but any information would be appreciated. My family moved to welch not long after the incident. Thank you for your time. Chuck Blevins

I recently ordered a birth certificate from Vital Registration in Charleston. On receiving my birth certificate I discovered my name was spelled wrong. For the last 61 years I have spelled my name Roy Rogers Bellamy. On the birth certificate my name is spelled Ray Rogers Bellomy. Do You know how I can get this corrected. Thanks, looking forward to hearing from You. Roy Rogers Bellamy

Looking for Bevill Family lived in MCDowell Countie late 1800's early 1900's. Winfield Scott Bevill, George, Mary, Thersie, Pheobe, Richard, all are supose to be in the 1890 Cencus, Mary m. Frank Fulton abt.1912. George was killed in coal mimes. Thanks, Anna Williams

Can you help??? my Grandfather, James Luther Jenkins, died March 16, 1930 in wilcoe, WV.. his only surviving child is now 75 years old.. he says he was buried near Gary, WV way up on top of Scotts Mountain..?? I have searched everywhere and cannot find a "Scotts Mountain".. maybe it has been renamed?? we would like to go there and try and find his grave... we know very little about our Ancestors.. I have tried to find a Death Record for James Luther Jenkins, or a Cemetery... have found nothing.. I found him on he died when our Father was 14.. our Father never talked much about his Family.. can you help??? Thanking you in advance, Sharon Jenkins Bolen

Looking for mother and dad of Harrison Hicks,Also any Brewster's that are kin to Rishard. Lora Etta Hicks Lawson

Seeking information relating to ROSE (ROSIE) GUNNER . Rose lived in McDowell County, near Iaeger/Welch, during 1940 and 1941. During this time she gave birth to a daughter that I believe to be my half sister. Would like to make contact with this lady if at all possible. I have been told that Rose probably moved to Charlestown Wv in 1943. Can anyone out there help. Thanks Roger Cook

My grandparents lived in Filbert along with their 11 children. My mother Shirley Blevins said her father and mother lived there from around 1862 to about 1950. My grandfathers name was Harvey Blevins and My grandmothers name was Carrie Erps Blevins. The children were James, Doug, Charles Ray, Elwood, Fred, Harvey Jr, Bertha,Kitty, Louise, Shirley, Margaret. My Grandmother was buried in Bluefield and my grandfather was buried in Chilhowie VA. If you have any information you could give me I would appreciate it. Thank you, Joanne Smith

Does anyone have any information regarding a Cherokee(?) indian woman who lived in the back woods of Paynesville, WV sometime around 1800-1825. I have heard that she was married to a Lester. Could anyone help??? Brenda Wimmer

We need info on Mac Day the revenuer who was killed in Roderfild...................Thanks, Karen Roberts

i'm looking for info., and relatives, on my fathers' side of the family. his name was raymond hale. he was born november, 1930 and he passed away, march 1993. he was born in havaco, and he is buried in princeton, his mother was june (hale) baldwin, she passed away in february 1998. he also had a brother named donald baldwin who passed away, but i don't know the date of his death. on my fathers' birth certificate, it has etta, (no last name). his father was lincoln or lincon, (no last name). his grandfather was thomas cleveland hale , and sally anderson hale was his grandmother, both on his mothers' side of the family. i have no info. on lincoln (lincon). my parents were divorced, but they got remarried before he passed away. any info. appreciated. thank you jackie

Seeking CANTERBURY\DUNCAN\VERMILLION ancestry;Roderfield\Twin Branch\Mohigan

I have been seeking info on my grandmother's ancestry for years and would appreciate ANY help, tips, or leads.

Mary Murrell CANTERBURY b. 5 Jul 1911, Twin Branch d. 29 Jun 1947, Mohigan buried-Iaeger Memorial Cem., Roderfield m. 18 Apr 1935, McDowell Co, Lewis Edley MULLINS mother-Effie DUNCAN\VERMILLION? (dghtr of Sarah VERMILLION and dghtr\step-dghtr? of Albert "Dick" DUNCAN) father-Unknown CANTERBURY (family rumor is father met her mother to legitimize her birth at the couthouse and was never seen again, should have been late 1910 or early 1911, but have never found a license. I have now nicknamed him, "Grandpa "Brick Wall" CANTERBURY)

Gathered facts on Mary's mother, Effie DUNCAN\VERMILLION (?) b. abt 1880 d. abt 1957-58 -Effie was first married to Lilburn Sidney DESKINS 2 Nov 1899 in Martin Co., KY. So, she may have been a DESKINS when she married ? CANTERBURY. -Effie is not listed on the only census I have found for Albert DUNCAN and Sarah VERMILLION, 1900 (unless Effie is her middle name) -Effie's maiden name is listed as VERMILLION on her marriage license to Lilburn DESKINS, but as DUNCAN on Mary's death certificate. -Effie had sisters (or 1/2 sisters): June M. DUNCAN, July A. DUNCAN, Matilda "Tilda" DUNCAN, Minerva "Minnie" DUNCAN (m. ?WOLF, Sherman GREER), Bessie DUNCAN (m. Pilton GRAY). Aunt Minnie lived to be 100+ years old and died 5 Mar 1995. They lived at Roderfield. -Effie's son, Herbert DESKINS, was raised by his grandparents, John Wesley DESKINS and Elizabeth Ann WILLIAMS. He died 12 Jun 1995 in Johnson Co., KY.

Albert J. "Dick" DUNCAN and Sarah "Sally" "Aunt Sac" VERMILLION m. 28 Jun 1882, Martin Co., KY -Albert b. 31 Aug 1864, KY; d. 6 Apr 1958, buried Justice cemetery, McDowell Co, parents James Madison STARR DUNCAN and Minerva VANNATTER -Sarah b. 18 Jan 1860, Logan Co. (may have died abt 1945-50)

I am curious about my grandmother's middle name, MURRELL. I feel that it is probably another surname that fits into this very confusing puzzle somewhere, perhaps with the CANTERBURY's. If anyone has any clues about the Murrell name, as well as the others, please let me know. Deb Mullins Kirsch


Searching for info reguarding Wimmers, Bakers, Lesters, and Esteps from Bradshaw Mtn. Brenda Wimmer



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